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“Inner Peace” Guided Meditation

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Sitting in a quiet room where you’re comfortable and free from distracts, be mindful of your breathing and sink into this mediation for inner peace.
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making sure you're in a comfortable position. Yeah. In the room that's quiet and where you can be free from distractions. Mhm. And settle into it. Take a couple of seconds to settle down and concentrate putting all disturbing thoughts away from now and observe your breathing rhythm. Yeah. Inhale and watch the pattern at which you draw an air through your nose and how it sends its effects to your whole body. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Breathe out, breathe in soft and gentle and soothing and calming. Just observed the way this air flows to your body into your spirit and song. Exhale and relax your jaw. Lower your shoulders, lift your chest up and straighten your back. And if you're comfortable with doing so, bringing your hands to the center and folding them and let us use the power of visualization to grow and maintain inner peace, continue deep breathing, allowing a peaceful feeling to envelope you. And as you release the stress and tension from your body you can feel your mind also relaxing. Picture a door and imagine yourself stepping through it, closing it behind you and stepping foot onto a luxurious beach. The sand is stunningly white, clear blue and the water is glistening as it white caps hit the sand. The softest breeze twitches past you as you enjoy the warmth of the sun upon you. Here you are safe and sound. You've never been more relaxed, continue deep breathing, inhaling and exhaling. You can see a palm tree in the distance. It stands proud, secure and safe, offering shade and comfort. You walk to it, the warm sand massaging your feet as you do so beneath this tree, you find solace as you lean back against its strong trunk. You can hear the chirp of birds in the distance and the soft waves having on the shore, continue deep breathing, inhaling and exhaling. Your mind is clear. Nothing from the outer world can touch you in this serene scene and nothing exists outside of this scene. You are fully focused on your breath, embracing the peace within you. To find serenity, you hear the soft waves of the ocean. They are moving slowly as the whitewash spills over the sand. The water is clear blue and the waves low you into a deep, peaceful calmness. Feel the serenity of this peaceful place wash over you. Your mind is silent and if thoughts try to push through, using your breath to gently push them away and return to the calm serenity of this place.