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thing blows over. Yeah, I think I think so, too. I think the crazy thing right now, though, is just like, what is normal. I mean, I can imagine you're probably going through a lot right now because you've had you've had some changes recently. Some big changes. And as we talked about before, babies have come in. Yes, they have. So, um, yeah, I have a new new kiddo. So, um, at the same time as this, um, worldwide pandemic. I brought it. I didn't bring it, but a child was brought into the world, so Yeah, it's kind of double weird because of this. I mean, it's, like, out of my normal routine, but then try to get back in the normal routine. And the normal routine is not normal anymore. No, no, the normal routine is not normal. And I mean, you know, the funny thing is, like, you're you're dealing with a new child. So you're kind of already pre quarantined, you know? And then for me, I'm dealing with knee surgery getting over that too. So I've already been pretty quarantined. So when they were talking about Hey, look, there's all these quarantines and people are gonna have to stay in more. It's like, Well, motel Rachel, you compared to your knee surgery to her giving birth. Oh, I'm not saying that, but you can You can guilty for that later. But that's not not what I'm implying here. Um, but yeah, it's It's been a crazy, crazy, crazy world right now, And, um, it's just it's just insane how quickly things seem to be just escalating and going up and going up. And really, the reason I called you today was just I see what's going on right now with the the local craft beer scene, and it just gave me pause and maybe go. You know, for all the time that we've been podcasting, you know, we don't really all the time get the opportunity to, um, you know, maybe shed all the light on what's going on and how those people could need help right now. So what I wanted to do today was just to talk a little bit more about, um, what's going on with the breweries and, um, how people can really give support to not only the breweries, but the people that are working there. The servers, the Brewers the people that you know, maybe behind the scenes of these breweries and what we can do to help. So I've got a prerecorded thing, which won't be too thrilling for the people on instagram that are that are joining us live to watch. But, um, we do have some video that will hurt some audio that will go through from Zach, where I interviewed him earlier. Um, and some other conversations, too. So, um so yeah, with that said, DJ what what do you What do you think about all this so different than the norm. And I'm such a community focused person and the fact that that I love to be out and about with people, and I'm what they call an extrovert. Uh, I didn't know if you knew that. I I I think Yes, I know that. So I'm so used to be in rubbing, rubbing elbows with, uh, Manchester mates and and at the craft beer bar, talking about the new late, the latest thing going on and and do doing the events and my son David running around the breweries. And and it's such a family, family, communal thing. And basically, I mean to have basically all aspects of that. It's like taking the sports away from me, which is was one big thing then. Then you take the way the craft beer thing, the community of the craft beer way. And it's just like we we talked about just a few minutes ago. I mean, we're taking care of kiddos watching Paul patrol and fighting over whether I get to watch the House route or to watch, um, office reruns or HD TV. I mean, that's I mean, that sounds like like a mini school thing to be complaining about complaining about, but But it's just different. It's like thinking it's just there. There there is no, there is no March Madness right now, Um, I saw where apparently the Premier League has been put on hold. And, you know, I'm sure I'm sure it's not easy for For you are really, really a lot of people right now that you know, if if we're gonna be consigned to our homes, we might as well have something to do to entertain ourselves, and we're we're trying to figure out what that is. Community community is important, right? And if it's the craft beer community that were circling around. Or if it's the sports community that were circle around when you're taking out of that, I mean a lot of people use those two stable, their mental health stable there. I mean, kind of that drives their lives, and also it pays a lot of people's salaries, and it's a lot of people's living is sports business and craft beer. And so it's like a lot of people are hurting in that aspect. And then the social mental health aspect from a lot of people are they don't have their outputs. They don't have their go to use to, um, decompress so they don't know what to do, right? And it's, Yeah, I mean, there's definitely a social gap right now. I mean, honestly, that's part of why we're on Instagram right now is for anybody that's out there. That that's just hanging out, and, um, you know, just wants to have something to listen to other people