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Introducing Solid Foods

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Our 'bread and butter' (no pun intended!) but as with everything our perspective and advice changes over time so time for an update!

What are the current important messages we should be conveying to parents as they begin to introduce solids to their babies. Why should we not be calling it 'weaning' and what about giving milk alongside solids? What signs of readiness should we look for? What is responsive feeding in terms of solid foods and what key messages about this should we be passing on to parents? What is the current guidance on introducing allergens, including where there is a known allergy in the family?

We put the emphasis on discussing the important messages about food - feeding responsively to the child's cues, building healthy habits for life, satiety and hunger signals, the social aspects of a mealtime and enjoyment of food; rather than on arbitrary rules or lists of requirements.

We would love to hear from you with any thoughts or suggestions, email us at

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