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Introducting Xion

From Audio: Xion Praeten
Last Played: July 07, 2021
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Xion is a devoted acolyte to his god and also very gay. He's about to go on a very big adventure- but of the scope, he does not know. After making his escape from his house, he finds an old friend in a tough spot as well. With any luck, he can save himself and his friend.
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you have turmoil chua's dreams. You have dreams of a great storm and being washed out to sea deeper and deeper to see. And every time you reach for land, it just feels like you get pushed further and further out to sea. And as you look up, as you've given up and you're just going to let the sea take you, you're gonna slide beneath the waters. It's probably for the best. The last thing you see as you slide beneath the waters is a giant comet glowing green above you in the sky as you sink to blackness. And as soon as you wake up, your mom's got her hand over your mouth and her eyes look as serious and deadly as they've ever looked. Say nothing. She pulls out your father's secret staff, it's glowing. She pulls it toward you and press it against the side of your face. As she's doing so. It glows brighter and brighter when she touches you with it. It makes a squealing noise as if you press metal against dry ice and she pulls it back. Now, have I ever seen I've seen these rocks. Yes, you have. You know exactly what this is and this has never happened to me before. No, never. So she's still holding her hand over your mouth and she's like, do you understand this? I do not have to explain this to you, gather your things, you must come with me and you must make no noise. Do you understand? I'm not okay. And she pulls it away. I have a bag. Please come. And she basically has a bag ready. She pushes a pouch of gold into your hands. I don't have time to account it. She's tossed close. You said that she's wrapped up some bread and some other food. You know, things that would, yeah, stuff that would make it exactly, you know, things. But she's already planned this out. So you don't know when she figured this out. But she knows just now because otherwise she would have had this the whole thing ready. Exactly. And then she takes you by your hand and she leads you out into the hallway and she looks both ways and she quickly walks you down through the house and around back. Wait, dad, All right. She's gone for about two minutes. Right? Wait quietly and maybe we'll if she's gone for two minutes, I'll look at the money and see how much it looks like There is 48 gold, 17 silver and one platinum. She had gone back around the house. For some reason, she comes back out and she takes her hand. She said, you must go to the docks and you must look for the Montgomery. Was that Oh, sorry. We're talking normal way. We can't see whispers, sorry, podcast. You must go to the docks and find the Montgomery is a small light ash vessel. About two sales, both of ivory with gold trim. Asked for Dubose. He knows you are coming. Cool. Talk to no one. Speak to no one show your face to no one and never ever come back to this house. All right. I embrace her if she'll let me. Of course she does. No, no, no. She's worried. She's not mad. I do. She's being very, very stern. But her eyes clearly betray how scared she is. Alright. She holds you close and she whispers, I Will write get two tails Bay. I will write there will be a letter waiting. I grab my things that she gave me. Yeah, I rush on out as quietly but quickly as I can. So you now basically a backpack. You have a change of, you have a change of clothes, there's money in there. There's food in there, right? There's a couple candles. There's some parchment and some writing and some writing paper. Yeah, absolutely. There's a little vial of ink and a quill. She could have gathered this within your own house though because you guys again being well prepared. It's very mormon. She didn't act like, no, she was calm as shit. So either she figured this out last. She wouldn't have acted so scared around me though. If she had been so calm at dinner, it doesn't, it doesn't, it doesn't add up. So it must have happened sometime after dinner. It's the only explanation of how the hell could she even tell does anything? I would like a perception role as you're rushing down towards the docks Plus 1 18, 18. Okay. So you're rushing down to the docks, you got a lot of thoughts in your head, you're confused, you're scared, you're going to feel what you're gonna do next besides get on this boat. And as you're running up, you realize that there are two ships docked somewhat close to each other and one of them is the Black Water. It's a shit you've seen before. Well, the ship that your brother is going to sign to. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. So, as you're running up, you're kind of looking at the Blackwater is a massive five sailed solid Ironwood vessel. There aren't many of these because Ironwood, while incredibly strong, is very, very difficult to work. And the elves don't really share the secret of how they work because the wood is strong as steel. The tree is strong as steel. They actually use the sap of the tree and some process to weaken the would temporarily so they can work at like wood. But as soon as it dries, it then becomes very hardened again like steel. So the entire ship, even though it's made out of wood and is light as wood and floats like wood is as strong as steel. Do they? Out of curiosity during this time? Do they have like battlements of any sort? At least one catapult on the back deck and two, if not three ballistic is on the front. Okay. Yeah. So heavily armored. Alright, well, I'm gonna try to stay clear of that head towards my boat. Okay. So, I want you to roll a stealth row. All right. Hello? Peace. So plus zero OK. 15. No one's chasing you. So, you know, you keep your cloak up in your head down, but you kind of move quickly, right? Yeah. I won more perception role. Uh 19. Okay, wow. All right. So as you're coming around and you're kind of looking at the at the at the Blackwater as you're moving, you see your brother for a second. You see Phosa Okay. I can't talk to him. No, you can't talk to him. You also notice that he's got prisoners. There are people with that are in line with their heads shaved All in the same brown clothing, all chained together, being marched into the ship. You noticed that one of them is a friend of yours? You've seen her before. She's probably 50's 15 years old. It's a girl that you were in public school with the larger cities have a semblance of public school that every single, you know, person of a certain age has to attend. Right? And the student in the political I would have never got the public it was more of a parochial. Yes, sure. Absolutely. From that religion that public. Right. Well she was in class with you and now she has her head shape and being being marched onto a boat as a slave. Which makes no sense to me whatsoever. Because you haven't heard of any crime she's she's committed. Well unfortunately I'm in no position to help her. You really are barely help myself to survive it. It's a bit of a moral quandary. I see that. Oh sure it's more about what the fuck you gonna do? You gonna charge ecuadorian warship the shit out of me here with a stick with a stick when he wasn't trying. But it wasn't trying to hurt you. Exactly. You know And here I am now blowing. But oh speaking of which do I feel any different? No, nothing at all. You feel absolutely no different whatsoever.
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