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Ioan Hefin

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Interview with Welsh actor Ioan Hefin
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with the Welsh actor. You in heaven on. You may have seen him recently in the Pembrokeshire murders as a defense barrister questioning John Cooper, played by Keith Island. You and welcome to Hannity online. Um, great watching you on that. You are very serious on you've seen in other things as well. I know you were in, uh, the hinterland as well. Four acting at the moment during the pandemic. How is it? You know you're unable to travel, you're unable to get parts. Your you don't have a studio in your home. How are you coping? What are you doing? Yes, it's been a bit of a sort of a big change for everyone, isn't it? And for me, personally, 2020 was going to be one of those years that looked very, very promising. I had five theater contract back in December of 2019. It looked as if 2020 was fall until the following year. Anomaly in acting, you only work three months in advance. So it was an exceptional year on it turned out to be an exceptionally in a different way. Luckily, we finished filming Pembrokeshire murders on the 13th of March. I remember it well, because the final day Waas in the court on then we had a party and I stayed up in Cardiff on walking around candy from the 14th of March, the day that the wheel Scotland rugby matches canceled on it was a little bit like the world has changed. You know this.