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How has Dylan Cease made this leap and how far should he move up the rankings?
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scott? Why don't you get started with your top stand out from Tuesday's action? Well, it's got to be Dylan sees frank has made us all eat our words. Remember a couple weeks ago when Michael Kopeck had that awesome start filling in for Lance Lynn. And we were like, well, if only they'd let Dylan Cisco, not, not sure what more we need to see from him. He's shown us a lot more. He's shown us a lot more his past two outings, nine strikeouts in seven shutout innings last time out against the Tigers was facing the Reds here on on Tuesday night, struck out 11 in six, one hit innings, best to starts of his career, Dylan sees has has now delivered back to back unscored upon in both. So that's very exciting. But really what's underneath it is revealing in its own way. Because if you remember last time when he had that great start against the tigers, I pointed out that the spin rate on his fastball was way up, the spin rate on his fastball remained up and this start against the Reds. Dylan ceases spin rate on the fastball from today and compare it to pitchers who spin rates for the season on the fastball. Dylan sees his fastball today would check in behind only Trevor Bowers and Corbyn Burns is for spin rate. The slider would be behind. Only Corbyn Burns is for spin rate, so lot of action he's getting on those pitches all of a sudden. And that's kind of Ethan cats, the new pitching coach, that that was kind of one of the things he was working toward with with cease and with, with Carlos Rodan using a core velocity belts, reworking the mechanics in a way that was supposed to generate more, more spin. I don't know if that's it taking effect. The only thing I could find from cease after his last start. He was saying that he stopped wearing so much about mechanics and just was I was just trying to focus on executing his pitches and that's if he felt like things started to turn around at that point. So I don't know. I don't know. Uh, I mean, obviously he wasn't very good last year before even cats got there. So something must have clicked for him because suddenly he looks like the dominant power pitcher he was supposed to be all along. I wonder if he's going to be hearing a call from Major League Baseball with all this spin rate increasing. Apparently that was something they were going to try and crack down on from one year to the next. So, uh, there's speculation on my part ahead. Go ahead. The play. The skeptic frank. That's fine. Look, he's been great. There's nothing I can say about it. Um, second trade outing his last two starts, 13 shut out, four hits, three walks, 20 strikeouts on the back of a 21% swinging strike rate. And he's actually been using more breaking off speed stuff as well. I I noticed the change up usage has been up a little bit, the knuckle curve. He was really always just four seam slider. He has all this arm talent in the world, but he's kind of just need to find out how to become a picture. So that is, it looks like what he is doing right now. So I I like that he is including these four pitches into a legit pitch mix. This isn't just, you know, the two star Dylan's uh, to pitch, Dylan sees that we have seen in the past. So he's looked really good. He's 67% rostered on CBS and as of now looks like he has lined up for two starts next week versus Minnesota and versus the Kansas city Royals. He's a must add right scott. Yeah, no way, no way Dc should go on rostered. In fact, I recommend it to somebody on twitter that he dropped Zach Plesac form given the choices he presented me with. I'm not just saying like, blanket statement, drop Zach police act, but that's the first time this year that I've presented I've been presented with, should I drop police act for him, whoever him is. And I said yes, so take that for what it's worth. Someone asked me if they should drop Alex wood and I said yes, I would drop Alex Wood for Dylan sees. But since we're going to talk about rankings so much on today's podcast, let's just try and figure out where we're gonna move. Dylan sees up to scott because we both have them ranked 85th. That starting pitcher by the time you are listening to this on Wednesday, we're probably gonna have him ranked much higher than that. So how far do we think he's moving up? I am currently eyeing the 50 to 55 range at starting pitcher, which starts with Frankie Montas as chris paddock to nelson lament. Who's a mess. Uh Sean Manaea, Danny, Duffy, Cristian Javier here. So that's the group that I'm kind kind of eyeing right now for Dylan sees. What do you think? So? I kind of, because I was, I was updating my rankings doing, doing my weekly audit earlier today before the c start even happened and when I was doing it, I was kind of seeing Cristian Javier here is as the low guy among those. I don't feel like I can drop uh that was kind of the line for me. But I want to put I want to put cease higher in there. Obviously if I was telling somebody drop police act for him. So I guess the starting point is, where do I have police act ranked and I have ranked 38th. So this is where it gets difficult to be consistent. Yeah, I would say I don't want to drop clue before him. I don't want to drop Otani the picture for him. I really wanted to wrap Rodriguez or Nathan Eovaldi. I I think I'm ready to put seats ahead of like chris paddock and Frankie man.
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