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It’s August 1983 – You Used To Be A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – Class Of ’63 – Your 20 Year High School Reunion Is In September – You Aren

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Class of ’63. You survived the 60s. You survived your 10 year reunion in ’73 even though it seemed like a competition to see who got the biggest, who became the best and who acquired the most. Everything was busy being bigger, even the Ballroom of the Century Plaza Hotel was busy looking down on anyone with less than a six-figured income. The 1973 class reunion was a gathering of 70s success stories and the people who showed up out of curiosity got an eyeful and an earful and either spent the majority of the evening in the bar, or quietly stole off to a corner to gaze with slightly horrified amazement and take notes. Almost all the women were married – to guys looking a good fifteen years older than you. Some had kids and most everyone looked pretty much identical to their class picture, slapped on their name cards. Time, it seemed, was standing still for a lot of people. Only the ones with kids looked a little thread-worn and probably would have called it an early night had curiosity or the Stoli not gotten the better of everybody. And you left the reunion feeling a notch above Dust Mite but were determined not to let this happen when #20 rolls around, if there was going to be one. So the years tick off and #20 finally rears up and screams. Your body has expanded, your hairline has receded and you have two months to lose 20 pounds, work on a tan and get your teeth fixed. You have it on breathless authority from a few people you’ve stayed in contact with that the totally unapproachable girl from the 11th grade, and who was married from the last reunion is now divorced and will be showing up minus the kids, who are now teenagers. You also found out cosmetic surgery was becoming very big with your graduating class and that nose jobs, boob jobs and tummy tucks were high-priority items. Be prepared for a roomful of the surgically altered, you were slyly warned. But that doesn’t stop you from cutting out all starch, all fried foods, all sugar, anything with fat in it and existing on a diet of boneless Chicken Breasts and Tofu – all to the tune of drinking 5 gallons of purified water a day and riding your Cannondale competition bike between L.A. and San Diego twice a week, decked out in everything a Tour de France wannabe could ask for. It’s gone beyond making an impression, it’s become a quest – you are bound – you are determined. You are hospitalized. Passing out on PCH somewhere near Laguna Beach, suffering from acute dehydration and sunstroke. Falling off your bike, breaking your shoulder, landing on your face and losing all your front teeth, you are being pumped with fluids and patched back together and fitted for new front teeth as your 20th High School Reunion comes and goes and history dances on without you. Well . . .there’s always #30. And to complete the picture, here’s a little-over-two-hour snippet of KNX-FM as it was happening on its last day as a soft-rock station before diving into the world of Hard Rock exactly as you heard it on August 25, 1983.
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I'll be watching Okay tha tha knx FL 33 with Phil Collins. You love me and you need a friend. And he was there at the right time with the right smile. Just a shoulder. Someone tell you work out All right. Don't let him steal your way. No, I don't see your way holding your um Yeah. Yeah. No. Don't let him steal your heart away up. I'll be back strong. No way. Well, my boy think about please don't let it steal your heart away. Don't make my case. FM 93 knx FM. And don't don't let him steal your heart away. That's Phil Collins from. Hello. I must be going then. The police with every breath you take before that Phil Collins. Let my love open the door as the door opens and the door closes. It's 8 38. This is laura. You know, I feel breathless, paul Me too. I just ran down the hallway. This is I thought there was an airplane buzzing down there. Well, as we mentioned earlier that this is uh well for me it's mine and I guess yours too. Final little time here. It can accept them because we'll be going through a few changes this afternoon. You might say that. Yeah, that's right now. I've only been here since january which you've been here a number of years. And I came Here for the very first time when I was 19 years old back in 1972 or three. I guess it was late 72, early 73 and interviewed for a job with hair down to my shoulders in earth shoes and the beard that just wouldn't grow in no matter what I did. Uh it's been a long time and we've seen a lot of fine people come and go, A lot of fine music hit the airwaves and indeed some radio history is going to be made today Lori when KNX FM flips a switch and walks away from a 10 year legacy of mellow music according to station management. And this is my newscast. Now, according to station management at the CBS owned and operated facility in which we sit. The switch over to a Top 40 format will come at approximately three p.m. This afternoon, the station will premiere its new high energy pop format, emphasizing those songs on the national music charts which are selling the most records DJs will talk of pumping and cranking out the hits and they'll be giving away lots of money. Gone will be the days of mellow rock type of music virtually identified for the first time by KNX FM. A decade ago when then program director and my good friend steve marshall put this station on the air and on the map, little by little word has been dribbling out in recent weeks about the change and kind calls of concern have come in, enquiring about the fates of our air staff from what I can tell Laurie, we're pretty much gonna go our separate ways though are warm friendships will remain for a lifetime. I hope anyway. And we'll all do well, I would like to say that I was asked to stay but I declined the kind invitation of KNX FM management on the grounds that my commitment is with KNX FM and the way we share the news with you and not blair it at you as well be the case in my opinion, under the new format. But we are parting friends myself and management and though I have resigned voluntarily, I still feel I'll always have a family here in this big ship of a building on sunset boulevard. A little while ago, I got a call from a listener named Tim who was from La Palma and I thought I'd share it with you and tim. How long have you been a listener of KNX FM? Just about when you switched over to the live, I was kind of off and on before that. But then when you went to your live jocks, that's when I started listening and not to shade any of your feelings. But what are your thoughts as KNX FM prepares to sign itself off for the final time. Little later on today? Well, it seems surprising to me that they're going to switch to a format. It seems like everybody else is doing already anyway. And I was real sad when Kay was changed to because I was into that station. They went to a format like I guess what you're going to be doing And that doesn't seem to work for them. It just seems like it's a saturated market already with the top 40 or hit type radio format. It seems like there's a trying to get too many slices of the pie there. Well, of course we all wish the people who are going to be coming in well because they're good people. But if you had a choice as to an alternative, what would you suggest? Well, I like what you're doing now so I wouldn't change that. That's my thought. Well we're not going to change for a few more hours yet. So we do appreciate your call. Okay. And I also spoke with a young lady named Don who was from La Crescenta and asked her for her thoughts. I'd say for about 4, 4.5 years. And do you have any thoughts you'd like to offer to us as we prepare to make the big change over today? Yeah, I'd like to say that. I think it's a shame to waste something so original because you can turn to any station as far as commercial music goes And find five or 10 of them just like hit radio will be. That's a comment we've just heard from our friend Tim who talked to us from La Palma moments ago. If you could look at any of the positive aspects of the KNX FM. You've known over the years. What would that be? I'd say the uplifting mood. So a lot of people get from it the time you get to relax when you listen to that kind of music. A change basically from most commercial Kane, uh FM radio stations. What are some of your friends saying Don about the change? My friends are saying, what a shame it is. They tuned in so late and didn't get a chance to know you guys good enough. Well, I'm glad that you had a chance to tune in when you did a few years ago and get to know us and that you call so that we could get to know you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on our final day as knx FM. Very much. And good luck to you, don. You too. Bye bye bye. Bye bye. Indeed. In some ways, time is like money. You never seem to know how you spend it and yet it's always slipping away all too soon. It is time to go within hours. The knx FM, you know, will be no more but a memory and by next week it will have a new name. Time is also unlike money because when you spend your money, even when you spend it, well, your pockets are empty, but when you spend your time, well, your heart is full. There's a lot of full hearts today, both out there among our listeners and among our outgoing staff at knX FM. And look at the bright side, the radio waves we have broadcast from day one here. All those fine newscast by Christopher aims bob Madigan dara Welles Brent Salter, tom, McKay, Joanna Heart and I hope yours truly are just reaching out to the stars, literally because as you know, FM waves keep on going into space. They don't stop with the atmospheric layer. So all that mellow music is going out there to and somewhere on some distant planet, someone just now receiving the first shows of I love lucy will in another 20 years or so here, those first tentative signals of the radio station of the decade, the home of the mellow sound. And they'll just be starting out and like the people in this little corner of this mellow rock we call Earth, they'll be better for it just as we're better for our long association with you, our audience. For my money. They're throwing it away. But then again, it ain't my money, it's 16 till nine and I'm paul Crosswhite for FM 93 knx FM.
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