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It’s July – It’s 1964 – You’re A Teenager – It’s The Family Road Trip – It’s Seeing America – It’s Seeing Canada – It’s About To Be A Long-D

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Last Played: July 05, 2021
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The family road trip – that thing you’ve done every Summer since before you started walking. Your dad piled on enough sick days and vacation days from work, so every year it was three weeks off and a high speed chase across the country; first going the southerly route and then going the northerly route across Canada. You have visited virtually every national park in the country, have stayed at most of them and have boxes of pictures and home movies to prove it. But you’re fifteen this year and hanging out with your parents doesn’t quite work for you anymore. The idea of spending three weeks with your mom and dad and your little brother, stuck inside the Plymouth Suburban, staring out the window all day doesn’t really appeal. You don’t want to go to Toronto, you want to go to Station 8 and smoke cigarettes and stare at girls and maybe, just maybe meet one. You are ready to go exploring and that doesn’t mean cave dwellings in Mesa Verde. Your mom casually reminds you it’s your dad’s vacation, you’ve done this every year and, to top it off, you’re not old enough to be on your own, capping it with “when you’re eighteen . . .” – so you reluctantly go. Dragging yourself out of bed at 4 in the morning so you can “get an early start”, you pile into the family car and head east. And for the next six days it’s Howard Johnson’s, Travelodge’s and every radio station between Palm Springs and New York City, filling your head with everything from Buck Owens to Millie Small – over and over and over; from one town to the next, fading out of one, fading into the other. Finally you make it to New York, and you jam a week’s worth of World’s Fair into a day before you pile back into the car and head north and west across Canada. Everything is going along fine until that “funny smell” invades the car and everything grinds to a halt just outside London Ontario. You spend more than the usual one day in any town while the car gets a new radiator and you are left with pretty much nothing to do. Your brother managed to make himself sick eating too much licorice, so your mom is busy with him as he takes up residency on the toilet, getting rid of everything he’s eaten for the past week. You remark the timing is good since it was better getting sick in a motel than on the road in the car and you were lucky the funny smell was the radiator and not him. Nobody seems amused so you decide to take a walk and see what life in London Ontario is like. You wind up in the Record Department at Woolco at a place called The Argyle Mall. You have an allowance that’s burning a hole in your pocket and you’ve recently started collecting records. When you arrive at the cash register, holding your copy of A Hard Days Night, the girl behind the counter informs you they don’t take American money. You don’t really hear anything she’s saying because you are mesmerized by her face. It is an amazing face and you have fallen instantly in love with it. And for the next few hours, until the store closes, you are inseparable. She’s your age. She just started this job for the summer and no, she doesn’t have a boyfriend. You are convinced; this is no infatuation, you could seriously spend the rest of your life with her. And you get a sense that she feels the same way. You may explode or at least self-combust from sheer excitement as you wind your way back to your motel. She is a sensational kisser. Your brain is on overdrive. You cannot believe your luck and you can’t wait to tell your friends. And to think; you wanted to stay home and hang out in Santa Monica. You have her number – she has yours. You promise to call each other every night when you get back to L.A. – the world has endless possibilities. At least for now. And as background music – over 2 1/2 hours of Dick Williams Show at CFPL in London, Ontario from July 6, 1964.
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and the 12 m yacht Sovereign arrived in new york board the liner and Danny a Today and was hoisted into the Hudson river by crane. The Sovereign is a contender for selection of official british challenger in the America's Cup races in september. It will be told to stamford Connecticut tomorrow for a checkup before resuming the series with Karo five in Newport Rhode island on august 10th After 19 races off the isle of wight, the Karua leads the sovereign 10-9. The winner of the series will be selected to try for the America's Cup in Newport in September. That's sports to the 6 10 hour. Jack Nixon reporting sports again at 11 Tonight, Here comes that music boy with big sounds. Here's the place where flying about show around the day. Williams. Hi there group. It's a monday evening and channel RT for july the 6th, 1964. And the Beatles are here and I should have known better. And I do. Whoa! I never realized what it gets good feet. This could only happen to me. Can't you see? Can't you see? But when I tell you I love you, you're going to say you love me. Oh, and when I ask you to be my you're going to say you love me. So I should have realized a lot of things people, if this is love, you got to give me more. Give me more. Hey, give me more. Yeah. Whoa, what happened to me? Can't you can't you see? But when I tell you that I love you, Oh, you're going to say, oh and when I ask you to be my you're gonna say you love me too. You love me. Do you love me too. Well, this is the Beatles on CFB radio. I should have known better. Nine anytime. About 21 minutes past the six o'clock temperature right now at 79 a low tonight of 60 and tomorrow's high 82. And right now it's the toll when you may not find us on your team way FBL radio wave 90 eight in London. Canada Way. Is there any other way? What about this 1? That's the noise a 1" fault makes when it hits your hard hat from 50 ft up. Remember that sound whenever you're attempted to go on the site without your hard hat? If you hadn't been wearing it, you wouldn't hear anything ever again written time into the car for the drive home and off with a safety hat for another day. Where does it go where most construction men put it on the rear window shelf? That's about the worst place for a hard hand. Yeah, I'm here. Why trying a sudden stop at a crosswalk. Now your hard hats in the front seat, You're lucky it didn't hit you on the way. The best place for a hard hat is on your head. Let it protect you on the job and on the roof. Yes, I I even wear when at work. I got around right now. As a matter of fact, you're beautiful. These hard hats are lovely thing. It's the most happy sound. The A Channel 98. The Holy A so much. But before bake in the sand, what can I do? I can do we use I'm just you're near some clothes Torri I can't resist you. I can see I think holly's from CFB. Audio from monday the sixth of july 1964. It's called. Here I go again. The nine at the time of 25 minutes now. Past six. Orders from what they want us to speed up the program. Well we can do right now. Alright, after all, here's our first pandemonium contest of the week thing. Here's brian give us to give it to us brian, our first winner this week. Dick is Laurie Gunness of 1 94 Wellington Street. Thanks brian, tha tha golden Records next to going nine NATO born on the racetrack bread for the rigorous demands of today's drive and occupied now a great new advance in car tires. The new be a courier with wraparound tread, puts 20% extra tread on the shoulders where you need it. Here's why even in a normal everyday turn a tire actually rides on the shoulder. Ordinary tires wear out first on the shoulders. The Nubia courier puts 20% extra tread on the shoulders where you need it for longer mileage and better road control. And the Nubia courier carries a no limit road hazard guarantee honored by more than six. Oh, be a dealer's clean across Canada get the tire with the wraparound tread, the new via courier Boy. That sounds exciting that it's 27 minutes now. Past six. That's us on. It has been said that all gasolines are the same. Said that if this is true then why do you get more power and better pick up with gasoline? Well, I don't really know as a matter of fact. So who cares shop and save that. Gordon? Gordon. Super. Save opening Wednesday at 10 shop for quality indefinitely. The lowest prices around Gordon. Super save Lamba actions. Super safe. Super. Say that. Gordon? Thanks a lot. Honey Action Central at seven tonight. Why now it's good luck charm. Let's do one. Okay, Time for the fireballs and channel 98. The song is called Bulldog on C. P. A. Most of the bulldogs. Fireballs on CFB already. Oh thanks for nothing there charlie and now it's called, it's called Bulldog, that's what it's called. CFB already a town about 6 39 blah blah's has done it to double your money back guarantee and all fresh meat. That's right. Lock glass is prepared to give you double your money back. If you're not completely satisfied with any fresh meat you buy from any Loblaw store. It's the most amazing meat off were ever made La Blas makes it because the butcher's at Loblaw snow there meets the finest anywhere and they'll guarantee you super tender, top flavor excellence in all fresh meat. Try Canada choice, red brand beef on excelled for flavor. Try any fresh meat at Loblaw cause it's all backed by a double your money back guarantee and blah blah snows there meets our fresh packed with flavor and tops and you were talking about meat right now. The only kind of meat Loblaw cells is the best kind. So sharp permitted la blocks where all fresh meats guaranteed all this and lucky green stamps to wow. We what watch for the exciting Canadian tire sun fun sale flyer in your mailbox. Check every page for unbeatable bargains throughout both Canadian tire stores, Dundas Street East and Warren Cliff Road South. Canadian tire's sun fun sale is now on Temperature is 79° right now. Line 1111 Johnny Memphis. The song is called rivers. It's William show. Thanks for long distance information. Give me Memphis Tennessee help me find a party and tried to get in touch with me. She could not leave a number, but I know a place to call because Monica took the message and he wrote it on the wall. Help me information. Get in touch with my Marie. She's the only one who called it in Memphis Tennessee Health Home is on the south side, High up on the region, just a half a mile from the Mississippi bread. No, wait, after all, call her up right now. You know. Hello there, Johnny Rivers # one from the hit line survey from monday sixth of july 1964. It's called Memphis the Nine at a time of 26 minutes to go before seven o'clock on 98 oh dave. Would it be all right with you if the men from Volkswagen?
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