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It's Spring 1959 - You're A Teenager - You Live On The East Coast - You Are Moving To The West Coast - You Are Not Thrilled.

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He couldn’t find another job and stay here. No – that would be too easy. Your dad and his company are moving to Los Angeles. That includes you, your brother, your mom, your records and Huey; the dog that doesn’t look like any other dog. The movers are coming at the end of the week and you’re getting packed into the Plymouth and heading off to some place called Van Nuys. You don’t like the sound of it – you don’t like anything about it. You have friends here – you might possibly have a girlfriend here – everybody knows you. Almost everybody likes you. You like that it’s Spring here – you’ve heard there are no seasons where you’re going, that sometimes you can’t see across the street because of Smog. Worse; you have to start all over. Nobody will know you where you’re going. You’re going to a new school. Everybody will stare at you – nobody will like you. They never do – you’ve heard stories. So you try to scoop up as many reminders as you can. Taking pictures of everybody – taking pictures of your school – taking pictures in every room of your house. You want memories of this place. You talk your dad into letting you borrow his tape recorder. You load up the one reel of tape he let you have and you start cramming as many of your favorite radio stations and as many of your cool tunes as you can. You want something to listen to when you’re stuck in Van Nuys on one of those weird nights you’re convinced will be coming. You’re also convinced there will be no happy times once June rolls around. Unfortunately, with only one reel of tape the most you can get is 2 hours. So you have to be picky and some of the disc jockeys you aren’t too crazy about, but you’ve got to do it. Fifty years from now you’ll listen to this tape and wonder and maybe think back on moving to L.A. And maybe you’ll laugh – or maybe not. Here’s 90 rather frantic and disjointed minutes from a sweep of Top-40 stations in New York from May 1959. Music crammed in – Disc jockeys crammed in – abrupt cuts – choppy starts. But a reminder nonetheless. And you probably made a tape just like this – sitting in a box in a garage someplace. Waiting.
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Yes. Yeah. Mhm. Why are you not? Mhm. Yeah. Why not? Okay. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Why not? No. Yeah. No. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Will be, will be. Yeah, I know. That just was just let Jack was to blame. I met her at the blackjack cake lights were turned down low. I kissed her lips and played her hand and ranked in all the door. Then the game was over because we're put away. I took my honey by the arms and married her that day. Yeah. Mhm. Blackjack was game. Mm hmm. Was too plain. Oh, while she brought me luck, Luck show goes strain. I lost my door in the blackjack game and my darling ran away. I went down to the train platform. Train came a rambling by. I looked in the window, saw the woman I loved and I hung my head and cried. I that Jack was the game. Okay, That was too plain. And then I jumped up for the train and ran right to her side. I threw out my own 44. My filing right? The prison is a cocoa place. But I won't be here long. They're gonna hang me from a cottonwood tree before another day is gone. It was too late. Yeah, that Jack was the game. I'm playing blackjack with the guard. I'm winning all his dough. The funny thing is I never stand it where I'm gonna go. Jack. Jack was the game. Jack. Black Jack was to Tony middleton and black. Well, it's so easy to fall in love. It's so easy to fall in love over and over. I tried to prove my love to you. Mhm. Over and over. What more can I do? Over? And my friend says, I'm a fool, but over I'll over and over. I'll be a move for you over and over. one More. Because you've got so over and over. I'll be a clue for you now. Over and over. What more can I do? Over and over? I said that I love you over and over hunting. It's the true over and over. They still says I'm a fool, but over and over. I'll be a fool for you because you've got to walk with Yeah, So over and all. Well, I'll be a fool for you over and over one more way. Well, bless my son as it happened to me girl, a little heaven. I never felt like this. Well, my face got laying aside, there were chills heaven. I never felt like this to them.
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