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Putting a Bumper Sticker on a Lamborghini? Ivy Lebelle Says Why Not!

Last Played: October 30, 2021
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Ivy Lebelle describes how the high-definition cameras in porn helped her shift toward embracing all parts of her body, including her curvier figure and her tattoos. Whether you're covered in bumper stickers or not, you'll always be a Lamborghini!
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do you have makeup artists for porn sets? Or do you do your own? We have makeup artists. And is it just exactly the same as like film sets kind of. I mean, you know you the first people to set the makeup artists and the talent and the crew and then you get your makeup done and then usually you do this thing called Pretty Girls and Pretty Girls are the name. Okay, I'm so you're already, it's freaking you when they first said it to me, I was like what time to go to Pretty Girl? I know it felt so bizarre, but it's just so low photos. So it's like the stuff that used for promo and you start off close, end up naked, end up explicit naked and then that's it and then that's it. You prior to the shoot, that's like the first step that's like all these steps before sex. I'm like uh like I have to pay my Pretty Girl do makeup on your body and stuff like that. No, no. Um I will sometimes if I want to cover up a bruise or something most of time it looks better if you just don't bother because it gets rubbed off anyway. Should make up everywhere. Some girls do crazy full body makeup and a lot of porn is on white couches and then it's just like covered, it's just foundation, foundation messy. Yes. Yeah. So I try to keep it on my face. Um And also it's like everything's in four K. There's no secrets. You know like secrets and check out. Hijack marks, Check out my razor burn. Check out everything that's stressful. It is. I've never been more humbled than when I started pouring. So I thought I was like the hottest person in the world. And then I'm like, no, I'm like, oh look at all that going on. It's really humbling. That same film. Like you like feel like so great because you know, and then you look at yourself through a camera lens and you're like, oh my God. Yeah, No, it's, that's what that side of my face looks like or what, what it's like when I'm talking my nostrils player a lot when I talk and I never knew notice that until I saw myself on film. I'm like, oh, for at some point you just like, let it go. Yeah, I let it go because I have fun doing it. So why am I going to make it harder on myself by obsessing over things that I could make me, me and people seem to like it. So if you like it and I have fun doing it, then let's just keep it simple. Like why, why would I obsess about something I can't change or I don't know. So it's more like the last night, lots of what we do as women, we obsess over things. We cannot change. No. And you know, even like, you know, you know, I know like thick curvy bodies are, you learn right now I'm desired. But it's still hard to see yourself in certain positions. Sure. Like so I just won't look, you know like if people are buying it and they're happy, that's great, but I see a certain image, I will pick it apart forever forever. So it's sometimes you just like whatever. It's complicated but I do think that Porn does spot a lot of body image issues for sure. Like talking to other women in the industry, I think it's the same as mainstream acting, mainstream modeling 100% yeah, it's the same. Yeah, totally. Yeah, I'd probably get a bunch of shit alter like like we're gonna work on that. Yeah, it's hard but I I want to stick by my guns where I'm like body positive and to be the way that I am. So if I go and try to be the norm of what everybody thinks is super hot and I know I'm not I'm not saying that like I'm not the norm, but you know what I mean? Yeah, and then I think it's like completely ass backwards so I'm like totally trying to just own who I am and if I want to get more fit that's on me. But it's nice to have some representation of curves like niche quote curves have even before it became very trendy like on instagram and whatever. Um I feel like porn has always been like kind of like the most body positive place. Like there's always been a genre for every, there is a genre for everything but always considered niche. I feel it's like oh BBW or oh like mel for guilt or whatever, it's like like naughty um where I think still like the standard of beauty is thin, all natural to weirdly enough barn really has a problem with like fake boobs and yeah, so many comments on my stuff is like, she'd be so much hotter if she didn't have fake boobs and the tattoos, the tattoos ruin it. Um The the there's this one phrase that they say constantly, you wouldn't put a bumper sticker on a Lamborghini, I'm like why wouldn't
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