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Spectators Banned From Tokyo Olympics

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Last Played: August 03, 2021
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Olympic officials have announced that there will be no fans allowed at the games. With thousands of empty seats and no applause or cheering from the stands, the Summer Olympics are going to look a lot different.
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clearly different level but in an international place, Tokyo basically shutting down. But not the olympic Spectators barred from all venues at the olympic games. It's going to look weird. It's gonna feel weird. It's gonna remind us a lot of last summer and into the fall. But here we go. Tokyo a year later. Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. We're going to have the olympics, we're just not going to have fans. I don't know what to think about this other than you know that medically it's going to be locked down as much as is as is humanly possible. So you you just hope that we can get through this and enjoy the spirit of competition and the world coming together at a time when it's pretty damn dangerous still to do so yeah, I think I think all the successful um sporting events last year without fans make me think that they'll be able to pull this off and and and do it safely. Um It's just unfortunate, you know, you don't want you don't ever want to see anything without fans fans or what makes sports great. They are and I don't know I don't know what Japan is supposed to do as a country whose invested all this you know time and money and energy. I don't know if you could delay it again. That's that's sort of unfair to the athletes. So I don't have a real hot take on whether they should do it or not. I do think that they can do it without fans relatively safely. And we know that because we've seen it we've seen it in Major League Baseball. We've seen it in Mhm. In the N. B. A. Although they were bubbled this won't be quite like a bubble I don't think. But but it probably not in the NHL saw it in the NFL yeah so it can be done. It can be done. We know it can be done. It happened in soccer across the world so they'll be able to do it. It's unfortunate that there won't be fans. It will be a reminder of what things were as we're seeing in America fans return because we're very blessed and fortunate to have enough vaccines here to be able to do that. And and unfortunately in Japan, that's just not the case at this point. So, you know, uh, I don't know, I I guess we'll, you know, we'll deal with it, we're used to dealing with stuff now. We'll watch it. I I intend to fully support it as I always would because it's nobody's fault that we can't have what we want to have. It's just going to take a little longer than we thought it would. And you know what, Okay, let's let's just you know, let's have the same pride in the olympics that we would always have and and go get them next time on a normal year and this time we'll just take it for what it is. Yeah. I mean, it's going to be delayed gratification anyway. I mean, this lest we forget was scheduled for last year in Tokyo, Here we are a year later. I guess we're in a little better shape to handle it now, although Mhm. You hate to have to function in a in a health emergency in a city that size. But we'll see. And you're right, the spirit of competition and that the stories will still be compelling. They will be good. They will be heartfelt, the competition will be real. Um It will be uh and and it but you're right, you really miss a the NFL this year. It was really weird being in stadiums with no people or very few people. It was just really weird. And I don't think that the games necessarily suffered, but the way that you felt being in an NFL stadium or a college stadium just was totally different. I think college football will be the big, you know, the big change in the big probably where we feel it the most, because the NFL was able to navigate it slightly, um, especially towards the end of the season. But this fall, you know, if, if we can stay on track and continue to do the things that we need to do to beat this thing down and I hope that that continues to happen, we will be, it'll feel different here. But it's just a reminder for me. It is anyway, reminder of how lucky we are, how fortunate we are to live in this country and not another country because in a lot of places right now we're dealing with the delta variant right now because of that very reason, you know, we we were one of the first countries to get a good supply of vaccines and it absolutely has made a difference here. Life is, you know, seemingly returning to normal other than a variant in some places where some of the measures probably aren't being taken. That need to be. But in other parts of the world, they don't even have the opportunity yet. I don't even have the opportunity to make that choice. And that's that's that's what's tough because in those places, you know, nothing's changed. Like there's there's still in right dead square in the middle of this thing and it's we hit four million people. Four million people. We hit the, you know, die have died now in this pandemic. We hit that number yesterday, unfortunately, four million people I I think sometimes, and look our callous to it is necessary because it's too dark and depressing to think about. But man, we we're at we're at a point now where you're like, oh good, you know, in the state only.
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