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Jason Smith Show Audio Snippet: Kobe Bryant's Final Fox Sports Interview

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Audio Snippet from the Jason Smith Show. In this clip, Smith and Doug Gottlieb interview Kobe in his final Fox Sports Interview from July 2, 2018. They discuss Lebron James' signing with the Los Angeles Lakers and the expectations that come with it.
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in kind of that brotherhood there that, you know, it goes back to our first time playing together the Olympics, right? So, you know, for him now to be a part of this Laker family, You know, it, Z you know, it's big, man. And And look, it's like, you know, once you put on that golden armor, man, it's like you become a part of that of this culture, become a part of the history. And, uh, I couldn't be more excited for the city and for ah, Rob Magic and Jeannie. All right, So what was part of the conversation that you had with LeBron was with some stuff you talked about? I'm just a welcome to the family, bro. You know, um and, uh, you know, just getting together when he gets out here. And, you know, just making sure his kids were good families. Good. And you know that whole bit. Okay, so you're like, we're all reacting Saturday night to the news that Paul George is staying in Oklahoma City, which caused a lot of people think Wait a second. Hold on. Maybe now LeBron won't go. What was your reaction when Paul George didn't even have a meeting with Magic Magic got fined $500,000 for tampering for winking. Didn't have a meeting. He doesn't have me with anybody else. He stays in Oklahoma City. What do you think? When you saw that, I don't have much of a reaction to it. You know, I've you know, Rob Pelinka has been my guy for so long. Yeah, I know how you operate, so I know he has, You know, he's cut the pie million different ways, right? So he has options that falls through. He has this that fall through. He has that. So he has backup plans to backup plan. So I was never really worried about it. I knew he was gonna you know, you had another option. Um, And because that's just how you operate, man, I wasn't tripping at all. Okay, So for a long time in l. A. You know, you're if you're on team Kobe, you can't be on team LeBron, right? Just you can't right now. Now, you guys never got to face each other in the finals like it just never worked. We never got the battle of those two superpowers we got you in the Celtics. We didn't get you versus LeBron. Okay, so I everyone read the tweet. You're You're taking the high road. You're welcome into your city. Welcome into your team. But you you have to tell n ba fans, Laker fans, How do you really feel about LeBron James wearing your team's jersey? I love it, man. Listen, here's the thing. The MBA does better when the Lakers are at their, um, you know, highest potential. And for the City of L. A, it's important for us. Toe have that star power. Now, look, you know Jerry was here. Elgin Baylor was here. Will was here. Magic was here. Cat was here shock myself. And now let's carry it forward again. Right? You got LeBron here and now it's his turn. Now, hopefully he can. You know what you will. We'll take this, uh, franchise back to its prominence, man. So I'm excited. I mean, I believe purple and gold and like since I was, like, three years old, you know what I mean? It cuts real deep with me, man. So I'm really excited. Did you know after your conversation, Did you know when? When the news got tweeted out. When did you know? I can't remember exactly what I knew, but I knew. Um, I'm pretty sure I knew before everybody else on Kobe called clutch sports and clutch sports. But in general, if you read Liz's article, but these articles said that LeBron, you know, like listen, it was it was it felt like a little bit of a script. So maybe it's not exactly how it happened. It said he was getting on his plane to fly to Europe, and he called Rich Paul and said, Call, the Lakers hung up and got on the plane. So that's not really the way it went down. I know that sounds about right. Kobe Bryant joining us here on Fox Boards Radio Jason Smith, Doug Gottlieb in for a Dan, Patrick and the Dan. It's, um okay, so you mentioned You believe that LeBron will take the Lakers back to where they belong to prominence. The top, the MBA. What's this going to be like? You've been a part of the builds the rebuild several times over with the Lakers. How? What should our reasonable expectations be based upon the roster they currently have wearing a purple and gold. Well, yeah. I think the wonderful thing about this is that it it really does, um, speed up the development of the younger players. Um, where you know, they've been growing so much. And now here there are thrust into the spotlight. And, you know, our pressure pressure makes diamonds on. So in this situation, you'll see Bonds will step up. You'll see Cruz must step up more like the young guys were really step up and rise to that challenge and hit their potential a lot faster than it ordinarily would. Do you think they all stay with all the talk about Kawhi Leonard, that's still on the table. He wants to come here That all those players guys like Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Lonzo, they'll still be here. Well, the most important thing is that they have talent here now, right? So you know, the Lakers have put themselves in a beautiful position where you have a myriad of options, right? Um all of which, you know, we'd all be happy with. So if if he doesn't win a championship, is it a failure? No, that will. We'll get back to that level. E understand e his family now, And, um, as a Laker, we will get back to that level. I remember Magic said it when checking our first came on board. And, uh, you know, his, uh, unyielding support for us was, um, with something that we relied on heavily. And we're all going to rally around LeBron to support him just the same man. We'll get this done. Dog. Kobe had no time for that question. Yeah, like you gotta offer up the possibility, right? Like, look, hey, he's in the golden armor. My man, that family. Now I understand. But look, Karl Malone, Gary Payton. They come over here and then Dwight Howard and Steve Nash they came. Others have chased what you have, what you have captured, right? They others have tried to do it and have failed. I just have we offered up the thought I Here's Here's my question. He's 33 he's 33 he's been able toe not be injured. You have beneath you had several different need things. And then, obviously the Achilles, um um, how long can he How long can he continue at this pace? Considering he's a he's a huge man who has never been hurt. Well, here's the beautiful thing about, you know. Besides that he has is that it gives him great versatility. So when he reaches a point where he feels like his game is slowing down, it was. Explosiveness is diminishing. With his size, he can easily and comfortably move to the low block. Right. He can play down low. He can play in the mid post more. You can play on the elbows Mawr. So his size gives him great versatility and, uh, the ability to adapt with age. You. So I had to adapt to age. Might have to adapt to a Certain players had to adapt. But, you know, I was 66 right? So I was trying toe. I was posting up and having to do things with bigger guys. But LeBron Sizes 6 10. I mean, that's a natural evolution for him, so I don't think I would have much of a problem with it. You know, we talked about you talk about evolution, of how things have been going free agency wise for LeBron. He had the decision. Then he had the first person article for players Tribune. Still, this was such a big deal with police helicopters. Following him is he landed in Van Nuys on Saturday, which is so L a. It's so awesome. Do you like the way free agency goes now with players and how things go on, how big of a deal it is like this? Well, you know, I just think it just elevates the game as a whole, right? If if this much attention is being paid to free agency, that means the game is extremely popular and it's really in a good spot, right? And we live in a era now with social media and so many different media outlets that everybody's trying to one up each other, right? So that just raises and heightens, uh, the electricity that surrounds free agency. So I mean, it's all good, man. It's all good. It just does nothing. But, you know, make the game more popular. You chose you, chose thio kind of remove yourself from L. A. You live, you know, you had a helicopter in from where you live to get to staples. And you did that. I would I would guess to kind of get away from some of the noise and have your your own thing. He's chosen at least his two homes. Now that's Brentwood. That's west L A. That's right in the heart beat of it. How challenging do you think that's gonna be for him? Like he?