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Jeff the Killer

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Jeff the Killer Story | Chapter 6 | Playing with Fire Randy returns, bringing friends and guns. Randy and Jeff fight their way through the house as the rest of the party watches, frozen in terror. Something inside Jeff snaps and he beats Randy to death before retreating to the bathroom, chased by Randy's friends. The fight knocks a bottle o bleach onto jeff, who clears his eyes just in time to see Keith throw a match at him.
Jeff the Killer Story | Chapter 3 | Meet the Woods Family Jeff Woods and his family move into a fancy new neighborhood and meet some unfriendly people. Jeff gets in a fight with the neighborhood bully and beats him bloody. He spends the rest of the day struggling with dark, worrying feelings.
Jeff the Killer Story | Chapter 1 | Night Terrors In a press interview, a young boy recalls his encounter with a knife-wielding maniac who leapt at him, whispering, "Go to Sleep." The man had been standing in the corner of the boy's room, watching him sleep, when the boy woke from his dream. The man attacked immediately but fled the scene before anyone was killed. The suspect, known as Jeff the Killer remains at large.
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Shhh...just go to sleep... *** Story edited from it's original content for grammar, syntax, and continuity. Original story available at ***Please consider supporting the podcast at or***Sound design by Steve Blizin***Title music by Alex Aldea***Intro/Outro Narration by Joe Stofko 
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