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Jeremy Prophet on his friendship and long time rivalry with Speedball Mike Bailey

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Last Played: April 22, 2021
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The advocate of Canadian professional wrestling Jeremy Prophet gives a detailed story of his friendship/rivalry with Speedball Mike Bailey, from having their debut match on the same show, to putting on a match of the year contender in Quebec, Canada.
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close to 15 years, almost my entire wrestling career going to be 16 years in a couple of months and he's been wrestling for the same amount of time and we more or less started our careers in the same place. I did two years of training with Jacques Rousseau. And then after I decided to go and try my hand at making a name for myself on the Quebec independent wrestling scene, went to a company called M. W. F. Montreal Wrestling Federation, which was based out of a town called Valley Field here in Quebec and that's where I first met Speedball when he was also just getting started. We may have even both made our actual official in ring debuts on the same show and that was really cool. But what not a lot of people know because they know of our rivalry and our friendship. But the thing is, is that I think the first time we were actually put in a one on one match would have been sometime in either 2000 and seven or 2000 and eight. So even though we both started in like 2000 and five, it still took about 2 to 3 years before the promoters had the clairvoyance to say, hey, we pair up these two guys, what imagine that's going to be and I love the circumstances around it because we had kind of been in uh multi man tags. We had been in six ways, the kind of matches where you don't even get to touch each other and we would be on separate parts of the card. I'd have a match, he'd have a match. Usually we'd be putting on the best matches on the show individually and then they decided to do a taping for. Um, it was actually for a priest who had a tv deal in his community air wrestling. So these were done in front of little to no people. These were done in front of maybe, I'd say I've never really seen more than maybe 20 or 30 people, but usually it was a lot closer to 10. Uh, and this was done before the actual show and he was the first person to say, well I love both of your styles. I'd love to see a match between you two. We were all for it. We did the match and again, this is before the actual show took place. So we had a show That was going to take place in front of maybe 200, 250 people right now there's about 10 people and staff and workers kind of around. We went in, we had a match, The entire locker room more or less emptied slowly to watch what was going on and to see us in there and all the talk was about, Hey, why aren't we doing this on our show? This is such a great match. And it's only being done here in front of 10 people were seeing, you know, dives for 50 splashes, shooting stars, all these kinds of things and it's in front of almost nobody. And you think that would have got the ball rolling on us, maybe doing something, especially at the time that I was, um, I think I was on the verge of starting a heel turn and he was, you know, the top baby face in the company. And so there was definitely a window to do something, but it actually never materialized in that company. Um, and then our matches again became few and far between, um, you know, we wrestled in cornwall Ontario, which is a town about 30 minutes, 40 minutes outside of Montreal had a fantastic match there. It's, I actually have the match. Uh Mike bailey has a copy of the match to, it hasn't really seen the light of day, but maybe maybe all uploaded so people can see it because that was Our first real encounter, one on 1 In front of fans. It was at a festival, a summer festival and it was an outstanding match for where our skills were at that time, which this was maybe around 2010. So it was actually, um, I'd say maybe three years after our first match. It was only when uh, the I. W. S came back in 2014 That we actually got put into more or less in the program. And even at that point, it took till 2016 when I was wrestling as black dynamite and was undefeated and being being built up as a top star in the company. Uh, and Mike bailey was champion. They decided to throw us in there and I really feel they did it more or less because I nagged the promoter, PCP Manny to say, put me in there with Mike bailey and watch, it will be magic with, with where we are right now with the reactions, I'm getting, the reactions he's getting and he was the top heel in the company at that point. So it just made sense that you have, you know, him as the top, heal me as this up and coming undefeated, irresistible force and the two of us meeting and when we did, it was magic, It was the Match of the Year here in Quebec. I'd say it was the Match of the Year in Canada. I would put that up against any match, past, present or future that people would consider Match of the Year here in Canada. And um you know, it's unfortunate that the footage of that match has not to say it's totally gone missing, but it seems that aside from the people who purchase Dvds of the event, it's pretty hard to find. So a few people out there actually have a copy of that DVD I. W. S 2016, it was called First Blood, the name of the show. First Blood 2016. If you can find a copy of that, uh, you know what hell? I'll put a bounty on it. If you find, if you have a copy of that, get in touch with jeremy profit, I'll give you a handsome reward. I'll give you an eight by 10, I'll give you a T shirt. Um, you know, I'll even give you 50 bucks Canadian if you have that. So yeah, I'll put a bounty on that. But more importantly, the footage of that match, like I said, Match of the Year and I would put it up against any match of the Year. Hell I put it up against any match of the year, anywhere in the world. That's how good that match was. And then it led to a string of other matches between us. Um We have one that you can see on the internet where it was a four way where Rey Mysterio and Jack Evans were also involved in the match and I managed to come out on top and win my first of two I. WS World championships. Um And then we had a rematch as well. Um Again, no, no holds barred street fight, I WS style hardcore as it should be. And then we also had a tag match where he teamed with another good wrestler by the name of Benjamin Tal and I teamed with P. C. O. P. R. Car will let on the other side. And so there's definitely a lot of star power in that match and any time I get to get in the ring with speedball it's always fun. Uh it's enlightening, we push each other to the limits. You know, I'm the kind of guy you put me in the ring with somebody. Uh I pretty much tell them hey look bring the best you got. I'm bringing the best I got. Let's put it all together and give the people a great match. Um but I don't melt under pressure either and I think that's what makes our matches special is that I know I'm in there with somebody no matter how hard I'm hitting them they're going to keep hitting me harder and I'm going to keep hitting them harder back and we're going to keep trying to outdo each other in the end, no matter who wins. The important thing is that the fans win and the fans get an outstanding match, they can go home, they can remember, and that's what good business is all about. It's making the people want to come back for more, tell their friends and then more people come to the next show and so on and so on. If it were up to me, you know, I like to use the analogy that my mother was the first time that we stepped in the ring. My mother was there actually not the first time, but I'd say the third time, and we just kind of did a quick little 2-3 minute match just to give people kind of a tease to something bigger. And we were interrupted, we had some heels run in and attack us and ruin the match. But the idea was give them just the most amazing 2-3 minutes and then take it away from them so that they'll pay to see it again the next time we did that my mother happened to be in attendance and she had never really, she'd seen me wrestle a handful handful of time, but she didn't come to a lot of my shows when she saw me wrestle with speedball mike bailey, she had said, really, you should just forget about wrestling. Anyone else just wrestle mike baby. Just the two of you should just wrestle each other every show. And I really feel like a lot of companies missed the ball by not capitalizing on that because I think that we're just perfect rivals for each other. You know, I can match him in the air as best as possible. Uh, Cardio wise, we match up really well. Um, he's very hard hitting, he matches me really well in the hard hitting as well. So, you know, we're just, we're just proper rivals and I think it's great because we're also really good friends outside the ring, and we both have the same mentality of wanting to give the people the best show possible, the best match possible. Well, so, you know, it's not a problem that you talk a lot. That's the dream for every interviewer to have, I guess that can give so much and tell so many stories, but I want to tell to remind the listeners that you've heard it here first. If you have a DVD of I. W. S first blood, uh, there's a bounce in our own it. So just, just let us know, contact me or jeremy and you will be rewarded. Let me be
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