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to use your paid time off which you know when you, when you get hired for a job, your PTO is harder, You're like compensation package and you still need to jump through hoops to use it, which is not a common thing. So like they uh you know if you say, hey I need, I need friday off, what do you need to do? You need to go to your supervisor and they have to approve it and they have to go to their supervisor and they have to prove it and then they could still go nah yeah and you're like, but the paid time off is like part of my benefits, like you could pay me more and take away my PTO, but you can't just not let me use my PTO because y'all are like, well maybe we'll try again later and that's and so like that was one um you know the same thing with like sick leave, like people have a set amount of sick days, It's like are you sick? Well you have already used your sick time, so yes, you're gonna have to suck the funk up and then we wonder why have a pandemic right now because we all suck it up and we don't wear masks because it's a breach of our freedom. You know, with this bunch of assholes over here, that's what freedom is, That's what freedom is showing your mouth, showing, showing your smile your nice as we have microphones up in front of our mouths, this is freedom, this is freedom, okay, okay, I actually have a bunch of sick leave that I can't use, I mean that's one my point. Exactly. You can't use your 60. Do you recommend people get into a career in social media? Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It's horrible. I mean it's such a grind and it's so volatile to put in perspective when I was doing youtube before the pandemic, I was doing fine. I wasn't like, oh my God, I'm the richest person, but I wasn't like strapped for cash. And then the pandemic happened and all of the money that is on Youtube comes from brands and every brand ever was like, oh shoot, there's a pandemic. We can't, we need to like tighten are watching more Youtube right? But watching Youtube isn't what's important. Like it matters. It's a factor. But we have a, we have a trickle down economy here at Youtube, right? For ads and every brand ever goes, wow, we are going to have to make some serious budget cuts. So their marketing budget went down, which means the money going into Youtube went down. But more people had time to post. So the supply demand, there were more videos to go around unless adds to pay for them. So instead of making maybe $2 for 1000 views, everyone's making 30 cents for 1000 views and then your, your revenue because of nothing. You did just gets cut by a lot, it's a great career, I just need um, but yeah, it's a great career. If you are okay with the volatility and you're okay with having um, a lot of overall hate in your DMS. I'm actually like, I don't have any haters and I don't, I don't know. I mean, I feel like there's again, Tiktok specifically right, going back to that because that is like the topic like Tiktok specifically, I feel like has has a lot of good things, right? I think there are a lot of good things with Tiktok. I think it's made a lot of people much more creative and I think that like that's all really awesome. But it also is now making, I think like every day, especially kids be like, I should be a famous like, like being a social media person, a Youtuber, a Tiktoker like 30 years ago. If you asked 10 kids, hey, what do you wanna be the most common answer astronaut? 30 years ago, 30 years ago, astronaut was the most, what was the model for that? They literally would just ask hon tons of kids and I want to be an astronaut who is the astronaut that people were like, that's what I want to be Neil. Armstrong. Like who was the first woman sally ride, right? Actually. She was, she was cool, right? She was presented as as awesome. I remember in like elementary school. Yeah, Well astronauts are fucking awesome. I mean that's the thing. They're really cool do you go into a parking space? Like, like the endless, the endless nothingness around us? They fucking went into that. That's badass. And all I do is I dressed like a Karen and I film a video in my living room and for whatever reason 30 years ago, people wanted to be an astronaut and now I think it's like 50% of kids actually want to be a Tiktok er and they just, because they, here's the issue. Okay. And I guess I always, it's so frustrating because yeah, back in the day when you and I, because we're roughly the same age alright, when you and I were growing up, the celebrities, et cetera. I'm not saying that I am one, but the celebrities that we grew up with, the Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera is whatever the, there was a very, there was a very clear way to become like famous. You would like go on auditions, you would move to Los Angeles, you'd get a manager, you'd, you'd like go down this very common path. Not everyone would make it, but you had to try, you have to actively go and do things to try to become famous now. You don't have to do any of that ship, You just post a video and maybe it goes viral now you're famous. So you think people are famous by accident. So kind of, I mean not by accident cause you still need to keep up with it and you still need to actively post. Is there anybody that just like posted one time and all like that just hit, Yeah, I've seen it happen and, and it just hit right away and then they're like, oh, sh it like, I'm kind of like famous right now. Okay, That's weird. Um, and I feel like now because you know, it's still really small odds. There's a billion people on Tiktok and there's like a handful of people with like over a million followers, right? So like, you know, I mean less than 100,000, right? Like, so you're talking percent less than a percentage because then you just confuse the algorithm and then you're just like, you know, it's, it's also let's not confuse you don't want to use the computers. I mean make them not understand what you want. Um, but yeah, I mean, I feel like now people feel like, because I could, in theory post a video and get famous now. I feel like if I don't post a video and get famous, something's wrong with me because like my friend from two schools, she knows somebody and she got a million views on a video and that means she did something right and I'm doing something wrong. And next thing, you know, now you have all these fucking kids who feel like they should be famous and they should be on Tiktok going viral and because they're not now, they feel like they failed in some way. So I feel like kitchens losing their fucking childhood trying to chase this vier ability, that's really kind of not a good thing for them. They should just fuckingo fucking play Mario Kart girls go outside. And I was listening to someone talk about this recently, like, don't you think it's weird that people seek fame for the sake of fame now? Whereas not too long ago, people wanted to be an actor knowing that that could be a route to fame or like be a comedian. You mean fame for fame's sake now now 100%. Which is like, it takes away the whole yeah, the whole point of it. But I mean it's such a, I think that that kind of goes into what we were just, we were just saying people want to be known by any means necessary and I think that it's pretty human. I think it's human. But I think that now more than ever, you know, people are losing connection, like real connection and replacing it with fake connection, right? Because I have a I have a million followers, right? How many of them do you know? None. But even think about if you of my million followers, I would, I would guess that if you walked up to all million of them and said, who's Tyler Regan? I would, I would say less than 1% could say, oh, the guy on Tiktok really? I, I think now maybe I'm wrong, but I think even they even think they know superficially who you are. Like, I think if they show, I think if you showed them my face, I think they'd go, oh yeah, he's on Tiktok. I think that if you said, who's Tyler Regan? No context, I don't, I would think a lot of them, a lot of them would not know new york girl. What? Why Finn right now is showing me a post, You know, this is new york girl. Oh yeah, exactly. You get recognized in new york. So yeah, so I was, I was in new york with him and someone recognized me and, and, but they didn't know who the guy was. They were like, did we go to high school together? Did we do this? I'm like one of those guys I have, I have a face that people recognize, but no one fucking knows why. And that's my point. So like it's not a real connection. It's not like a million people actually feel some sort of connection with me. It's just like a million people passively saw my video and said, uh, funny, I'd like to see more of this guy click, I forgot about them just fine. I mean I'm not that, but that's just the point. That's the connection we have now as opposed to what like knowing being a movie star and being, but we don't know those people anyway. But if I said who's like, but okay, but even though think about identify them, but you still don't know them, I'm not saying, I'm not saying you know them, but I'm saying that, what do you, what's your goal? What do you want? Me personally, I don't think in terms of Tiktoker in general, tick tock, I want to know you want to go on, I want to eventually get a butt crack eventually, but I'm only human, I can't do everything. Um, but I mean, my goal is to continue to make videos that continue to make people laugh in whatever capacity that maybe, and I know it's lame and I was cheesy. So my goal is comedy and laughter. Your goal is not fame. I mean, I think that you have to grow your audience to be able to continue to do that. And I will say one thing that I have noticed that I've tried to actively work on is, you know, I used to get 10,000 views on a video and then 50,000 and then 100,000 and now I'm keep chasing bigger numbers to the fact to the point where I'm not satisfied with like now I get a million views, I'm like, that's fine, That's fine. And I get six 100 views on one of my, but my, that's my point. You should be fucking stoked about that and everyone who posts should be fucking stoked about whatever views they get because I'm sorry if you get 100 views, 100 fucking people choose to watch something that you created. That's awesome. And I need to work on that. And I feel like every creator needs to work on understanding like that. Anyone watching your ship is cool. Imagine I know that you've probably thought about this, but I think about this because I'm removed from it. Imagine if you were live and there was a million people there watching you do your thing, whatever that is. That's insane, right? That's all, That's almost all of philadelphia where we're from. They follow you every single, imagine walking through philadelphia and every single person was like, it's funny because the person of all the people, the person that kind of put it in perspective for me when I hit a million followers was my dad and I think it's always the person that's kind of a little outside of it. I was in boston when I hit a million, he called me, He's like, You have 400,000 more followers than the population of Boston. There you go. I was like holy funk. That's crazy. Like that's insane. And so like, and that's why you like you think about numbers like that and like you kind of lose like that your dad was just refreshing your Tiktok waiting. Oh my dad, okay, my mom and dad real talk on a tangent the most supportive because when I, when I first quit my job to move to Los Angeles to pursue the corporate job, this was the corporate job. I was a project manager at a company. I'm not gonna say which company I did not manager. Just, I did a lot of profitability. I did a lot of chasing fucking emails down and it was not fun. I did not like my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I tried um but I hated it. I just didn't like my day to day and so, but it was a good paying, good job and I told my parents, people would be grateful to have probably 100% 100%. And I told my parents, I was like, I'm going to put my two weeks notice in tomorrow and I'm going to quit. I'm gonna move to Los Angeles and I'm gonna try to be a Youtuber and they said that's the stupidest thing you've ever fucking said. And they were like, we helped you pay and and they, one of the things like we helped pay for college, like you went to a good school, we helped pay for that. Like what are you doing? You're kind of wasting our money here. I mean and and and they, what they were really doing is they were trying to get me to really think about it and I thought about it. I went to the next day at my desk, I typed my letter of my letter of resignation, I printed it out on our printer and I walked into my boss and I hand it to him, I said, hey man, I'm gonna give four weeks now because I'm a really good dude. He said oh awesome, okay thank you. And uh he then texted me about an hour later when I was on my lunch break said don't bother coming back. And he said those of you listening, I don't know what a printer is. It's a thing that you like send words to and it actually puts them out in real into real life and like a tangible piece of paper, which is insane, A nut piece of technology. Um so yeah, so so he said you're not coming back. So then um I had just gotten out of my least. I lived in a little town in man yunque in philadelphia. And then, so I was looking for you lived in many, I did live in Manhattan and I lived in man young for for a brief amount of time, about a year my lease was up. I was looking for a new place. So for that little pocket of time I was living with my parents, I was like, they might start noticing that I'm not going to work every day so I might need to tell them even after this conversation last night didn't go well I might have to be like, hey guys, I'm out of job now, this is happening, was your boss like being a dick. So he, he was like, he he texted me and he, I mean he called me afterwards, I was like, listen, like I almost doesn't listen, I don't know what to call it. It's when somebody actually dials your phone number and you can talk to them like with your voice from a different place. Exactly. Yeah, so he called and he was actually, he was really cool, but he was like, listen like this is not my, this is corporate America. He was like, you are in charge of a lot of profitability, you're in charge of a lot of millions of dollars. They just don't want to hear if you're not going to be committed, don't worry about it.