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Jo De La Rosa Says Gretchen Rossi and Ex Slade Smiley’s Relationship Was ‘Hard to Look At’ – Plus, Would She Ever Return to ‘RHOC?’ (Audio)

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Us Weekly's Getting Real with the Housewives
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Listen to former ‘RHOC’ star Jo De La Rosa open up about her former relationship with Slade Smiley and what it was like seeing him move on with Gretchen Rossi. Plus, she reveals which former castmates she still speaks with and if she would ever make a ‘RHOC’ return.
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Um and I think everybody ended up exactly where they were meant. Toe end up. He's happy. It seems like I'm really happy. And so it all worked out as it should. Yeah. Was it ever weird when you know he got together with Gretchen or when you found out about that? Did you find that to be strange? Definitely. Yeah, I'm sure. I'm sure it would be a weird thing. Yeah, and I've talked about it before. I think that you know, everybody. I don't think anybody likes to see their ex move on in the sense of not that they don't like to see it, but it's always weird when they do when you do right, Like you see it on instagram or you hear about it. And it's kind of like it doesn't matter if you're over the relationship or whatever. It's always weird on DSO, especially on a show that you are also on. But yes, e don't think a lot of people could say that. Yeah, exactly. It was it was very close to home. But But, you know, every everything happens as it should. And so I'm just happy that we're both in the places that we are now and kind of doing our own thing and have built a life since then. So yeah, yeah, I don't wanna help too much on the slave thing, but I know that a story about your engagement ring got a lot of pick up a few months ago about a eyes, has it got so much pickup? Yeah, Yes s. Oh, that was a very innocent moment of me. You know, when you're just caught up in, like, catching up with somebody and telling a story. And like, I hadn't talked about that ever because it wasn't something that was ever meant to come out. That was just between, you know, Slate and I and the two of us. Um, but when I was on the Jeff Lewis interview, we were just, you know, talking and catching up and having a great time. Then all of a sudden, he was like, Well, what did you do with the ring? And then it I was like, Well, I still have it. And it was like, What do you mean? You still have it like you didn't sell it, and it just kind of like came out and the second I said it, I regretted saying it, You know, that, like, punched in the stomach of, like, Oh, I shouldn't have, like, right, Because I had never told anybody other than, like, my family and my close friends, like, later. Right? So, um, but, you know, and I even did say in that interview that it really was the thought. Like it wasn't about the diamond. It wasn't about whatever, however metric cost. It was about the fact that, like what it stood for, it could have been, like out of a 25 cent. You know, candy machines like it's still short event anything. I wasn't into diamonds back then. I was 23 right? Yeah. Your baby. Yeah. And so it was. It was it. Yeah. That story got out, and it wasn't meant to be a story. Um, it was just kind of like a moment of a conversation that popped out. So that happened that happened. You still keep in touch with any of the women? I do, actually. I s O on pop candy. We actually do a life after Housewife Siri's where we invite them people from the cast. So we just did Gina. We had an interview with Gina Kia and with Jeana Keough I three years she's we've always been super close. Um, she's kind of always been like a second mom to me to call her mom and Gina. I still keep in touch with Laurie, um, and Alexis Bellino. Um, and I are super close Lydia McLaughlin. So even though they weren't all my season, I think once a housewife, always a housewife and so going through like the events and stuff, you start to meet the girls and on DSO. I've made a lot of friends along the way and also still keep in touch. I just talk to Vicky as well, and so everyone's doing great. And I still keep in touch with the kids as well. And because we were closer in age, the kids and I was so funny. Yeah, and so, like Ashley's Ireland and Kara Keogh and Colton. And so it's been It's been awesome. That's awesome. Were you surprised, or what are your thoughts on Vicky finally stepping down? You know O G from the O. C. We thought that she would be on forever, and now you know, she kind of after she was kind of demoted to a friend role. She's just like I'm done with it. Yeah. I mean, I think I think that Vicky kind of held it down for all of us, right? In terms of representing for all those years, um, and and she was on it the longest. And so I feel like I think that you do everything for a time, and then at some point, you just decide it's time to move on, and maybe, I mean, I don't want to speak for her, but maybe that's how she felt. And so I completely support you know, her decision to do other things and kind of build her brand and do her thing from there. And so, yeah, I was definitely surprised Thio to see her go. But also, you know, we're all of us first season cast. We all support each other, and we're all a family forever. As many years as it's been. So I definitely stand behind her in in terms of her decision. Good for her. You know, she's doing a lot now. She has a podcast to now and all that. So, yeah, just busy. Yeah. Did you ever want to go back? Did they ever ask you to want to come? Did they ever ask you to come back? Or was that never a conversation? Yeah, eso because I moved to L. A. Um, it was a little bit hard, Teoh, you know you can't. The first question is no, not officially being aspect to be on O. C. Because I had already moved to L. A. And so I was living appear in kind of doing my thing. Um, but coming back, you know, on on season three and season four and still getting opportunities, you know, with Andy and doing the watch, What happens live and all of that. You know, I was still kind of in that world, and so the question would come up a lot of would I would I ever go back on, but I
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