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JoAnn Franklin The Raindrop Institute

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THE FATE OF HUMANITY RESTS WITH ONE WOMAN . . . AND HER FOUR RENTERSDart Sommers is 58, divorced, and an assistant professor of psychology at a North Carolina coastal university. She's three months shy of promotion and tenure, down to her last chance to make a career in academe, when her new boss questions her research.Dart isn't a doomsayer. She has evidence to prove that civilization collapse is imminent, and that she can stop it. Dean J. Asher Wright doesn't believe her. He insists she find something more practical to study that will make a difference, and if she doesn’t, she’s out of a job.Should Dart stay and fight for the job she's earned or leave?Before she can act to implement The Raindrop Institute, a think tank that will, she hopes, prevent civilization collapse, her father, a crusty old farmer in Illinois, has an accident and she must go to him. As Will Sommers struggles to defy death, Dart struggles to understand that everything she believed about her relationship with her father might be wrong. Dart confronts her fears, heals old regrets, and finds the courage she needs to risk her tenure bid, her job, and her reputation.Back home in North Carolina, Dart trains four older single women to use insight as a weapon to bring about societal change. These reluctant superheroes aren't cut out for the job, but they're willing to give it their all.If you like engaging, well written dialogue framing change and social upheaval at the core-family level on to the greater society, pick up a copy of The Raindrop Institute today.Experience these odd superheroes and their thought-filled adventures.The author bio:JoAnn Franklin lives near the ocean in North Carolina with her handsome husband, a sandcast of a Labrador puppy and fond memories of a black cat named Baxter. She has a Ph.D. in educational administration, and finished her educational career teaching graduate courses to principals and superintendents who wanted to earn a doctorate and to educators who wanted to become principals. She left academe to write stories that can make a difference.