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Joe Biden and Vladmir Putin Are Coming to a Head

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President Biden is cranking the pressure on President Putin, but it was Russian dissident Alexei Navalny who scored a victory by refusing his prison food.
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we're coming up in 100 days of Biden in the United States, which means we're coming up in 100 days of having a president who doesn't want to be BFFs with known murderer. Vladimir Putin Biden has been trying to take a different tack with the Russian president, but it's actually Putin's chief opposition leader who has scored the biggest win in recent weeks. Amy Mackinnon is a reporter with foreign policy and has been following Aleksey Navalny for years, Alexey Navalny is Russia's most effective opposition politician, head and shoulders above the rest and he's probably politically in terms of an opposition figure, Putin's biggest challenge. What has made him so popular is that he has made extremely smart use of social media. So instead of writing kind of lengthy, long winded reports, he produces these really cool slick Youtube videos with amazing graphics, like they would not look out of place on prime time tv in the U. S. And they're really, they're really fun, they're really cool, they're kind of tongue in cheek a little bit sarcastic and all the wild just tearing shred after shred off of senior Russian officials for their their wild corruption. We entered the palace from the main entrance, Vladimir Putin fancies himself a Russian emperor and behaves accordingly. An italian architect built his palace in the italian style. So when he was initially poisoned last year everyone was like this, can't have been the Kremlin, That would be so stupid. We're really shooting themselves in the foot and lo and behold, we learned that the Russian security services actually were behind this. Now the german government says, tests carried out in a military laboratory have produced unequivocal proof. The Russian opposition leader was poisoned with a nerve agent Nanticoke and Chancellor Merkel says it was attempted murder, Alexey Navalny Alexey Navalny is the victim of a crime he was meant to be silenced and I condemn this in the sharpest possible manner in the name of the entire german government. Shortly after he was poisoned with Novacek. This potentially lethal soviet nerve agent. He was flown to Berlin where he recovered in hospital there and stay there for a few months and then in january, once he was back in full health, he flew back to Russia with the full knowledge that he was likely going to be arrested when he landed a kiss goodbye. Then he's taken Alexey. Navalny is arrested at passport control just minutes after expressing hope he might go free. I'm not afraid. I'll calmly go through border control, I'll cross the border and go home. I know I'm right. All legal actions against me are Fake. So to understand why he was arrested, you have to go back to 2014. So Navalny, Navalny has been like a real thorn in the side of the Kremlin for over a decade now. And in 2014, he and his brother Oleg were convicted for for defrauding the Russian subsidiary of a, of a French cosmetics company. His brother was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison, which he served and navalny was given a suspended sentence. And this was seen at the time as as a warning shot and as an effort to kind of encourage him to step back from his anti corruption activities. Um and one of the terms of of a suspended sentence was that he had parole term, so he had to show up and check in with the police every so often. I think it was like every two weeks. And their argument was that when he was in Berlin where he was flown while he was in a coma at death's door, that he violated the terms of his probation because he wasn't checking in with the authorities and therefore he now has to serve a portion of that sentence now in prison. So he was arrested in january when he arrived back in Moscow and sent to a penal colony about a couple of hours east of Moscow. How is his arrest received in the Russian public? We begin In Russia, where over 3000 people have been arrested during a second week of nationwide protests in support of opposition figure Alexei Navalny. The greatest number of detentions so far have been reported in the capital Moscow, where many demonstrators gathered near the prison where Navalny is being held protests. So there's two weekends of mass street protests and a huge crackdown in response. It was over 11,000 arrests and in tandem with this kind of outrage that you're seeing amongst the Russian public, you're also seeing an increasingly brutal crackdown on protesters. But Navalny doesn't let any of this silence him. I think Navalny has shown that short of death, which they have tried, nothing will silence him.
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