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Joe Biden is Close to Selecting a VP, COVID Vaccine Soon, and Twitter Takes on China.

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Top Snippets - Joe Biden is Close to Selecting a VP, COVID Vaccine Soon, and Twitter Takes on China.
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Back to Top YOU NEED TO KNOW TODAY:Biden closer to finding a VPCOVID Vaccine could hit the market by December And Twitter deleting Chinese propaganda accounts. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN: In the large scheme of things, Social Media companies have immense power and influence. Last week we talked about how Facebook is being called to the world court because of Myanmar Genocide, Zoom is silencing anti-Chinese individuals, and twitter is deleting accounts that promote false information. As social media companies become an outlet for news and the spread of information will there need to be government interference or is that even possible with the way U.S. laws are made.Because what if Twitter allowed China to say whatever they wanted about whatever they wanted, what if Twitter didn’t care what true information was? Think about that. Whether we want to admit it or not social media affects our thought process a lot and it affects what we think and believe. So to a point, we are relying on the companies to make sure foreign powers aren’t trying to divide the nation or shift public opinion.Overall Twitter and Facebook have a lot of power and it will be interesting what level the government holds them to. Will governments take the companies to court, file lawsuits or you name it if propaganda is all over their sites or whatever it may be. I’m not sure, but it is all very interesting. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN: Almost from day one Joe Biden said he was going to select a female Vice President. The current climate may have Biden lean towards a Black woman. African Americans make up a large portion of Bien’s base and with the calls for change and the push from the black community, it may be time for the first African American Vice President. But Joe Biden has been clear he wants someone he really connects with and can have a really strong bond. Bring in Elizabeth Warren, they have been in constant communication and Warren constantly feeds Biden policy plans and ideas. Also, don’t forget Warren while was running for President her pollical views leaned very similar to Bernie Sanders. But when she dropped out, she never endorsed Sanders. That’s interesting, maybe she had the foresight to see this opportunity to be a VP if she beat on Biden.Anyway’s to wrap this up, Biden is expected to pick a VP within the next few weeks. It will be a woman and with everything going on race may play a factor in who he picks. His VP will likely play a massive role in Biden’s potential administration. Remember, if Biden wins, he would be the oldest President ever. Meaning the VP will play a massive role because of Biden’s age. As Biden Closes on a VP, we’ll be there to report on it.Turnips, this is M.R. Shannon and welcome to The Daily Turnup. The podcast where we break down what’s going on in the world today and help you digest it all in 10 minutes or less. Today is Monday June 15th and have an intense episode that covers a lot today. Joe Biden is Close to Selecting a VP, COVID Vaccine Soon, and Twitter Takes on China.