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Joe Musgrove Brings First No-Hitter to San Diego

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Last Played: April 28, 2021
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The final baseball team in the MLB holds the title of a no-hitter as 28-year old pitcher, Joe Musgrove, throws the franchise's first no-hitter in history. The All Star Game is being moved from Atlanta to Denver at Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies. The home runs are going to be out of this world!
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last week we got a little bit of a no no from Must Grove. That was not only his first no hitter but the first no hitter in Padres history. Talk about slam Diego, but it also works the other way from the rubber and even cooler on top of that. Must Grove is a hometown kid went to uh, he grew up in alcohol phone, which is in SAn Diego and now like talk about full circle for the Padres. It was such an electric video if you watched the last out of that, just so cool for him. Yeah, that's what I was going to add is that he was a hometown kid and to bring something so monumental like that to the city of San Diego, which such a cool city. Such a rich baseball city. I think it said it was 43 or 45 years or something. Um, It's just so cool to see that and that was my whole Twitter feed for like the rest of that night. People were just jacked late on a weekday and I mean it just doesn't get better than that. That's the cool moments of baseball like 40 years for an organization without a no hitter. Um That's just a testament to this young kid, He was hungry, he got it done and yeah Musgrove is never going to have to purchase a beer in san Diego again for sure. He should just go out just because like just be just be a guy of the people and just go out slam a couple. Uh Maybe when everything's a little more back to normal like front row an NBA game just pull a who is the linemen that just slammed it? And Aaron Rodgers was like sippy. Oh yeah that was weak. I'm actually looking up though. I don't even know how old Musgrove is. All these pictures these days are like 19 or 20. Okay he's a little bit older. He's 28. Yeah I thought I thought he was a little bit older. Yeah. You never even know half these players. You know whether they come from the Dominican republic or whether they just get drafted right out of high school. Sometimes they can't even have a beer. So. Very true. Oh that is that is good. Uh We don't endorse underage drinking by any means but must groves in the clear on that one. Another san Diego guy um outfielder Wil Myers uh Talk about slam Diego. He had an at bat in the first inning the other day. He had a 32 count on him and he swung and made contact twice. So one swing and two hits and he actually drove in a run off of it. It was a nice base knock into the outfield and I watched the slo mo video of it. Um Oh I don't know if you can find it or not. Uh I think the links on there, but um the end of the video shows us a close up slow mo he made contact and it skipped off of the bat and hit again before it actually went off the bat. So that was pretty cool. Wil Myers is good. He's on my fantasy team which we might get into a little bit later. Um Oh update for those of you who might listen to last week I was playing Clayton for the first matchup in our washed up fantasy League. I did come away with the Wind, had a nice finish up to that series, so hats off to Clayton for a good performance. He had me early but uh what's that football video? They had us early But yeah, coming back. Oh, weird. I'm just watching the slow, I'm gonna see if it'll zoom in a little bit. It was quite the duck of a hit though. Oh yeah, it just kind of died. It was kind of like the brick of baseball. But oh, that's crazy that it didn't launch off the handle it like sat there in the air for a second and it was kind of like a golf swing. Like he just picked it up and win. Yeah, it was almost like a double clutch. But I mean once you decide to swing and actually swing yours. All right, Well moving on to, I can't believe we're already talking about the All Star game. Um, but we are because there's a little bit of drama going down in the city of Atlanta. Um, something that had to do with voters rights, which we don't get the politics here because we're here to talk baseball and baseball only, but something with voting rights passed in Atlanta that the MLB did not agree with, which made them pull the All Star Game out of Atlanta, taking it from the Braves home ball field and moving into course field in Denver colorado. So one thing that I know Jim specifically was excited about on twitter. He tagged us in. He's like, let's get some juice bats and some juice balls and see some baseballs fly out of the park because the air is thin up there. They don't call it mile high for no reason. And so
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