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Jojje Olsson on China's Abduction of Swedish Citizen Gui Minhai, and Scandinavia's Complicated Relationship with China

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Top Snippets - Jojje Olsson on China's Abduction of Swedish Citizen Gui Minhai, and Scandinavia's Complicated Relationship with China
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With recent developments in Sweden this week, we're releasing our two-part interview with Journalist Jojje Olsson (Twitter:@jojjeols) to discuss the case of Swedish Citizen Gui Minhai, what the case means domestically for Sweden and its relationship to China.

Part one focuses on the background of Gui Minhai and Jojje's reporting on the matter. It was recorded last spring. ( 29 Minutes)

Part two was recorded this week. It focuses on the breaking developments in Sweden regarding charges filed against Sweden's ambassador to China over her handling of Gui Minhai's Case. As well as the ramifications from the case on Swedish society. (from 29:15 onwards)

For more on Jojje, please head to his Twitter. And for Swedish Readers, you can check out his blog here:

Producer's Note from Asia Art Tours:

We deeply value our guest as a journalist and his reporting on these cases. However, we'd like to note that we (at Asia Art Tours) view China, The US and the EU through I.F Stone's philosophy: All governments lie.

We believe in criticizing China, so long as we can hold the mirror to ourselves. When we do as Americans, we see our country is also producing hypocritical, bigoted politics of ethno-nationalism and governance by and for the 1%. When your Leader is Trump (or Johnson) it's hard to criticize other countries.

We roundly reject that Western nations (be it Sweden or America or UK) offers a more utopian or noble alternatives. All current governments are globally entangled in webs of capitalism producing worse and worse oppression, injustice and climate crisis. Whatever model that will save humanity, does not exist yet and will not be brought into existence by any current existing form of government that remains committed to capitalism or power.

Having said that, we're happy to host a variety of viewpoints. So long as those discussions can help us see the better world that's possible. We were very appreciative of Jojje and his dogged reporting on Gui Min Hai. A daughter cries out for her father, a man has disappeared. My politics are not one of parties and nations, but of people, talking to and helping one another. This is why I spoke with Jojje and this why I'll continue to interview guests who want to help others.

(Conversation has been lightly edited for clarity)

(Music from Eskry:

And for a general overview of the case and this week's update's please see various coverage: