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Jonathan Davis | Discovering Church Planters from Within

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For this week’s episode, we will be talking with Jonathan Davis the pastor of Pillar Church of Jacksonville, NC. Jonathan talks with Clint about how he grew in his faith and was drawn into a church planting ministry that now has spanned 15 years and 5 new churches. Clint and Jonathan talk about friendship, ministry, and discovering new church planters from our congregation. If you would like to know more about Jonathan Davis you can follow the link below. Pillar ChurchPraetorian Project TranscriptionALBERT: This is the Church Planting Podcast. Thank you for tuning in!ALBERT: Every week we sit down with leaders who are shaping church planting efforts.ALBERT: Here’s your host Josh Turansky and Clint Clifton.JOSH TURANSKY: Hey welcome to the Church Planting Podcast! My name is Josh Turansky and I’ve got Clint Clifton on the line with me. We’re going to introduce to you this episode of the church planting podcast. We’re in our 8th week of COVID19, the Corona virus. This is got to be like a special series Clint. Like the Corona virus episodes. CLINT CLIFTON: I know man. I wonder later if we’re going to look back on this season and say like, “Oh you remember when Corona virus happened?” Like kind of we’re looking back on Y2K or whatever. I’m just not sure if it’s going to be either that or this bleep on the map or it’s going to be life before Corona, life after Corona.JOSH TURANSKY: Right. Yeah, man. I don’t know. Who knows? Such a surreal experience. It is so so wild! And pastoring in this time too is just bizarre.CLINT CLIFTON: Yeah, it’s creating unique ministry experiences that we’ve never had. Josh you were just telling me about one.JOSH TURANSKY: Yeah, totally! I’ve got older people in my church that can’t figure out how to give online but they’re like older seasoned saints that they have like the discipline of putting aside cash to take out of tithes and offerings on Sunday. And so, two different ladies that live almost on the same block kind of like in the hood of Baltimore are like you know, they both have compromised immune systems, one had pneumonia in the last like 6 months, the other’s had chemo and they’re like, “I need to talk tithe! You need to come and pick up my tithes.” So, this afternoon I hopped into my car, drove up into the hood, jumped out of my car, under the doormat was an envelope with cash in it, jumped back in my car I was just like, “This is so weird.” And then two guys in a pick up truck pulled up next to me. I had my window down. I didn’t make eye contact but they’re like blasting their music and I can hear the one guy say to the other guy, “Yeah, he’s probably here for crack.” It’s just not a neighborhood where they normally see like a white guy rolling around.CLINT CLIFTON: That’s hilarious Josh. Yeah, and grabbing an envelope full of cash doesn’t really help your life.JOSH TURANSKY: No. No. I was like, “Please don’t take my van right now.”CLINT CLIFTON: Yeah. You’re on some surveillance footage of some unmarked van in the neighborhood.JOSH TURANSKY: Exactly. Exactly. Well in this episode we’re going to listen to an interview that you’ve done with Jonathan Davis. And I think we could probable put this under the category of multiplication but also just guys who are getting ready to plant and having the right mindset going into planting are really going to benefit from this interview as well. Tell us a little bit about Jonathan.CLINT CLIFTON: Yeah, well I think you know, when some church planters as me, “What’s the most important piece of church planting advice you could have?” I often say that, “There’s one way to ensure that you won’t fail as a church planter and that’s to refuse to give up.” Church planting is hard. We’ll say it’s hard and dudes who are about to go into church planting will listen to that and be like, “Yeah, it’s going to be hard.” and then they get out there and start to do it and they’re like, “Man, this is really hard.” You know, it’s like they want to quit at that point but those who don’t quit and keep going, even if they’re not particularly like really wildly gifted or you know, they don’t have some kind of like x-factor that makes them really really fruitful off the bat, guys that just put one foot in front of the other everyday are humble and learners and keep growing and don’t give up and they have a hunger for the ministry and the work like aspiration like Timothy describes, those are the guys