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"Don't Postpone Joy": How Edie Windsor Pioneered The Marriage Equality Movement

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Judith Kasen-Windsor discusses the role her wife, Edie Windsor, played in understanding the importance of the institution of marriage, her passion, and her legacy.
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I think about Edie and I do and I stress this a lot. You know Edie Windsor really started and I think this is how she will go down in history. She really started the movement. She understood that we needed to have, for lack of a better word, the institution of marriage and the institution of marriage was so important to sort of normalize who we were as gay americans and know that we loved and lived as they as they do. That was one of you know, one of the quotes. Um and what is so important is you know, we would this is where I think she started this movement. We wouldn't have had gender laws or trans laws or trans ban while walking or you know trans healthcare. All of these things happen. I mean it's been I mean when you look back on a history from 2013 to 2021 what we have done with the Equality Act and all of that stuff and GT started that movement because we would not have had that movement if we didn't have that foundation of marriage and that's why you know I don't care if your marriage marriage or like do whatever you want to do but just having that foundation really spring boarded all of those other things because there would be no way we would get trans healthcare without having marriage equality. I agree, I agree about it logically, you know, in every picture for sure and and she understood that and as you know, and as we all know, you know, as soon as anyone that case, she celebrated for about a day, you know and then she turned right around and went into LGBT youth and homeless youth and LGBT elders and anything she could do. She worked tirelessly for this community after her case because she and my first said uh most of many times over the last year, I think of it reads quote, don't postpone joy and never was that more relevant than this last year. We've learned anything about being cooped up in the house, not being able to see our family, people losing jobs, losing times and moments with their family is to not postpone that joy. And that's clearly something that was Eddie's motto. Yeah. You know, very early, like I said, I went out to South Hampton in mid March and I joked about this joke. It's not a joke. Um, I would have we would have gone out to Southampton, I would have bubbled the house. I like I would have, you know, she would have been 1991 but she was she was tough. I mean, you know, and that's the interesting thing about tv. It's like, you know, Edie was up, she was on the phone with Michael Adams from stage, she was on the phone with adolescent thing from Trevor. She had things lined up the Tuesday that she passed away. She was supposed to meet, you know, with celestial scene from Trevor on Wednesday, she was supposed to meet Michael Adams on thursday. She wanted them to all come over like he was up. But she just up and then down there was no in between with her. She was always always on the, like in the hospital on the phone, on the phone and phone, coming home tomorrow, coming home tomorrow, ready to go knowing that or work to be done. Yeah, that's uh that's passion, that's not even work ethic, it's just a part of who we are, right, and that's so great to hear. And so sad that we lost her at that time because it was such a shock because as you said, like here it was a heyday in a way of being able to uh take the ball over the top of the mountain and start to really find momentum. And she was such an icon. But it remains that, I mean it's like, you know, we may have lost her physical being, but we have not lost the work in the momentum she's created for sure. Yeah, don't be sorry, don't be sorry. She lived an amazing life. Yeah, this is our legacy and we and it is so important that we carry that.