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Juicing The Numbers Predicts A Dodgers World Series Repeat

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Juicing The Numbers
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Last Played: April 06, 2021
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Juicing The Numbers is a statistics-focused podcast asking practical and hypothetical questions about the world of baseball, football, and hockey. In Episode 232, they make bold predictions for the upcoming 2021 MLB season!
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World Series champions, Actually, Yeah. Give me a World Series champion. Who? You got it. I start. Sorry. Sorry. I start. Sorry. Sorry. I forgot. I forgot. That's not even why I'm shaking my head. But go ahead. I picked the Dodgers. Um, they have Oh, God. We picked the same team. Oh, fuck, No. I'm just upset You picked the Dodgers. I did. I, you know, obviously want to write the Yankees in there, every single season. We do this, however, the Yankees have a lot of problems. Or at least they took a lot of gambles. And that's not to say that won't pay off for them. Because if it pays off even a mild extent, they are good. They are good. Um, but the Dodgers seemed like just such a safe bet. They're pitching Depth is genuinely offensive. They're heading. Depth is stupid. Um, and while they probably won't have necessarily as easy a road into the playoffs as the Yankees almost certainly do, since the Dodgers will have to actually play, you know, very, very good. Other teams in their division and the Yankees kind of don't because the Rays got a lot worse this offseason. um, so the Yankees will probably don't say Coast, but they'll have an easier time getting in. I think that the Dodgers are just so well positioned for I repeat. Um, but root for the Yanks anyway, who'd you pick? Corwin The Padres, man. I don't know how I could not Yeah, no. Definitely picked the Padres. I think they go all the way. I think it's gonna be a serious battle between them and the Dodgers, obviously. Um, but, you know, got to pick my boys to come out on top. I'm with you. I'm with you. It would be fun. I'll tell you. I'll tell you what I tell you what, Uh, all right. So then real quick, I actually, just cause I'm curious, I wanted to hear I didn't prep this. I hope you didn't either. Um, First, take gut reactions on who wins each division. All right, so I'm gonna say the division name division. I'm gonna I'm gonna say the division name. I just want to hear first team that comes to your mind is division winner. Um, so we'll do this in the same order. We always do this, and because it's it's just how it's always presented on baseball reference. A least Yankees, Yankees, Um, and a L. Central White Sox. Yeah, White socks A L. West Athletics. Houston. I'm gonna I'm gonna stick with getting Verlander back for the full season. Even if it doesn't, it doesn't matter. We're doing hot takes or quick takes. I should say that there aren't necessarily hot NL East, uh, Mets. I'm gonna sit with I know because they're going to disappoint you because the Mets had a 1 20 0 PS plus as a team last season and so finished last in their division. So fuck it. Um, NL Central. Oh, Brewers. I'll go Cardinals. But I don't feel good about any team in this division. Um, NL West Padres Dodgers. Alright. So interesting. Very admit that was a fully homer pick, But I don't care. You're allowed to have them. That's the point of being a fan. All right, all right, all right. Let's get into the actual bold predictions. I have one carry over from last year because it's still bold, and I still think it could happen. Um, I started with the awards. Do you want to start with a bold predictions Do you want me to start with the bold predictions as well? I'll start with the bold predictions. Why not? All right, let's hear. What's your first one? This is coming back from my awards predictions, as they usually do. Show high. Otani is a finalist for the Cy Young wins L M V P and the Silver Slugger. Very nice. Uh, my first one is hot. My first one, I'm coming in hot. And the first one, This is bold. This is very bold. Um, Corey, Kluiber and Jameson tie on each pitch for over 100 and 20 innings who I wanted to happen. I don't know how I feel about it, but I want it to happen. I know I had hold on one second. I had something up. Hold on. I had a thing up for this. Damn it, Josh thing. Oh, all right, I got it. So, as it stands right now, I'd look for a full reference. I looked up these after I did my predictions. So there's no confirmation bias. Um, Corey Kluiber per his zips projection is expected to throw 119 innings. So doing 1 20 would be over his projection. James, That's not It's not horribly bold. It's still relatively bold coming back from that elbow injury, but it's it's not. It's not horribly bold. Ah, Jamie's anti own, on the other hand, who has not pitched since 2019, his Zips projection is 106 0.3 106 and a third innings, which he would be exceeding by at least at least two or three starts. Probably more like three starts, Um, so that one could get a little bit more bold, especially since he's going to be starting off a little bit slower. Um, the Yankees implemented a very interesting system, which is Garrett Coal pitches every five days, and everyone else pitches every six days. Um, as a way to spread out the bullpen usage and also, um, Aziz Jamison tie on and by giving him and clubber extra days of rest baked into the season and giving Cole that level extra level of consistency, um, so will be interesting to see. That is a very homework prediction. Um, we'll see. Hey, man, I hope they both do. Well, I'm a fan of both those guys. So my number two is also kind of hot. I don't even know if it's ever even been done before. Both the Dodgers and Padres finished the season with at least 100 winds. Uh, yeah. The Red Sox and Yankees. That's like, two years ago. Three years ago. That fucking sucks. I thought that was cooler. Yeah. Red Sox got 108 wins in the Yankees. Got one. Oh, one. It was Aaron Boone's first season as manager man. I should have done any research whatsoever.
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