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Keanu Reeves is Excellent

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Keanu Reeves is Excellent About the most decent guy in the world Over 65 and Talking
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I had no idea he was so kind!
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Octavia Spencer was on the side of the road way before she was famous and it's, it stopped. So she rolled it under a bridge. I mean she rolled it under a bridge. Yeah, it was filled with those birds that poop on your car. She's sitting in her car is getting covered in this, you know back guano. She's getting covered in bat guano. She got the call to go to this audition so fast. She didn't even dress for it. She didn't even have underwear on. So she's under this bridge. She said I wouldn't have stopped for myself if if I saw me on the side of the road, I look deranged because I was screaming, I've got to get somewhere, motorcycle stops. It's chiana. He talks to her. She says I've got to get to this audition. I want to open my motorcycle. No, no, no, I need to be in my car. I've got all the things I need in my car. He starts pushing her if he tries to jump her car it doesn't work. He starts pushing her car, yelling at her, telling her how to start it. They get the car started started, she just goes away and says thank you a delivery guy I banged into on his moped, really banged into the front of a car. Did a lot of damage to it but I didn't speak english out, pops kino. And he asked the guy if he's okay, helps the guy get up. He's like are you okay? Are you okay? The guy gets up and he says in his broken english, I have business insurance, don't worry, don't worry, don't worry. And Keno just looks at him and he says I just want to make sure you're okay, are you okay? The man says I'm okay. He says I don't care about the car, I just care about you now be safe. That's an amazing guy. He's he's been told that he's like the internet boyfriend. He thinks that's hilarious. He doesn't understand it. He came on stage one day. Somebody said he was breathtaking. He said you're a breathtaking, you're all breathtaking. He's very humble. He's here's another good story. Okay. He was on a plane. Just a regular old plain.