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Khloe's affair drama again... this says it all.
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from my fan fiction of writing judges Catherine and she too much like her sister in law, Meghan Markle was a commoner at one time. And that's and therefore she can't be a princess. She's a duchess. Okay, Okay. But she will one day be Queen Queen. That is goddamn right, right. She will be. And she knows it instead of Meghan Markle. But so obviously there was this rumor that he had an affair. And, um, with Rose Hanbury, who's a March N s which What the hell is that? I feel like we're all I mean, the Countess march. There is so many titles under a Countess. Luann de Lesseps is more important than this woman has got it horrifying Checks out, checks out. Well, She was remarried, so she's on account. But she just tried to change her Facebook name back to countless Limited the girl. Ugo your title. But it is a title nonetheless. Okay, I would like to be Princess Gwen's Sington of Gwen's Sington. However, you know we can't wait can if we dream. But our source told us that Kate finds the rumors hurtful, obviously and hates the thought that one day her Children that z, Charlotte, Louis and Torch. We'll be able to read about them online, Um, and that these rumors, this speculation turned out to be a good thing. Our insider said that it forced her and William to sit back and examine their relationship, which they realized I should have been doing more often. The speculation, our source said, didn't go down well with Kate. Well, duh. I can't imagine it would, but they're determined to pull through it. Are doing a great job of getting their marriage back on track again. Travis, your thought. It's so messy. Messy, and I want to comment on the rumors. But it's so sad just because of what happened. Thio William and Harry with their mom. Yeah, it seems very much more like a Prince Charles sort of thing. That's anything that would have anything to do with with William. Absolutely. It seems way more Prince Charles and I