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King Falls AM Pilot

From Audio: King Falls AM - Episode 1 - May 1, 2015

station description King Falls AM centers on a lonely little mountain town's late-night AM talk radio s... read more
King Falls AM
Duration: 06:47
It's Sammy Steven's first day on King Falls AM, and he's getting acquainted to the town's spirits in the forest and roads that aren't what they seem. But it can't be anything weird, right?
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It's Sammy Steven's first day on King Falls AM, and he's getting acquainted to a town spirits in the forest and roads that aren't what they seem. Everyone in town seems to swear by the supernatural occurrences, but it can't be that right? There has to be a reasonable explanation.
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mm, good evening. I'm Sammy stephens. And you're listening to King Falls am That's 6 60 on the radio dial. This is my first show. Hell it's my first day in King Falls. Let's talk about it, shall we? And I think we just set our first record on the show. Ladies and gents getting bleeped in the 1st 30 seconds. Language were family friendly. It's two a.m. Ben. I mean, I think we can probably get hella pass. Mhm. Okay. New rule, if it's part of Carlin's seven or derivatives of bleep away, other than that, let's cool the sensor jets, Ben, for all you listening out there. I love to introduce you to our producer, Benjamin Arnold, That's okay, we're live, Benny. It's Ben. And I just I don't want to ruin the journalistic integrity of this show. Where am late night talk show, as I was saying, I don't want to ruin the journalistic integrity of myself. Sammy. Oh, it's besmirched. It's solidly besmirched. So why don't you just make use of that mike and pull it up and have at it. All right. You're here with Sammy and Ben not Benjamin, not Benny, but Ben. He's my producer. He's our journalist with integrity and professional sensors man. As I was saying, kids. It's my first day on the job here, My first day in town and I'd love to open up the phone lines to. You are lovely King Falls listeners and talk about this beautiful little place. It is nice, isn't it? Nice. Doesn't even begin to describe it. I mean the little shops, the scenery. It's literally in Mountain Mayberry. Oh, you have no idea. We've been voted best small town in America six years straight by the King Falls Chamber of Commerce. The town voted the town best small town in America. Oh yeah, there was a ribbon presentation, a parade down Main Street. Six years running. I'm not sure that's the way it works been. Couldn't imagine being anywhere else in the world. All right now, wait a second. You were talking to me right before the show started and it's your dream job to be one of the great journalists of all time. Cronkite brokaw, Ben Arnold, that's the dream, That's the goal. But you can't imagine being anywhere else. Well, let's be fair, there's there's the King Falls gazette, There's King Falls, am of course Even those clowns over a channel 13, if you knew king falls, you know that everything you ever need to talk about is right here. Uh Well, you know, maybe you've got a point. I mean, worst case scenario, you're gonna have a great perspective on the ribbon cutting ceremonies. Actually, I've had a great perspective for the past three years and last year I got a seat next to Mayor Grisham. I could see that velvety blue ribbon being cut. Alright, alright. Riveting stuff. Ben, but you know what? Before we open up the phone lines tonight to talk to you folks for the first time, I'd like to take one hot minute and just send a special shout out to a new friend of the show. Deputy Troy Kreager Kroger Creek Hauser, that's the one now. Deputy Troy could have dropped an elbow on me with the long arm of the law when he pulled me over this evening, pulled you over, wow, I thought his car was just decoration. What the hell did you do that? He pulled you over? Okay. It was the weirdest thing. So I'm running late and I can't miss the first show. Right? So I'm gunning it over the mountain through the woods. No time for grandma. And uh you know, maybe I'm just not used to the winding roads up here, but I get, I get a little lost and my phone's links out and I got no gps. I got no apple maps. Not that anybody is using it and don't tell me sweets are forest. That is exactly where, how, how did you know that? Oh, it gets everybody, The listeners know that legend has it. There's an apparition of an old general that changes the directions on the side. So he doesn't lead his troops into one of the bloodiest massacres in King Falls history. Cool story bro. But there wasn't a sign That's a new one thinking on his toes. I like it. The ghost. Whoa. They prefer apparition. Like when you call a dwarf, a midget and it's not cool. Okay, so you're telling me that instead of just getting lost up in the hills, a ghost apparition? An apparition was screwing with me. That's one 100% what I'm saying. It gets everybody right. You don't believe me. They don't have apparitions in the big city Sammy. Not that I'm aware of. No, Let's go to the phones. King Falls. Our new pal Sammy doesn't believe in the Sweetzer Forest apparition 4 to 4 to 793858 Okay. Now, I'm not saying phone lines already blowing up. Uh let's see, I don't know. Uh line six. Deputy Troy. Deputy Troy, y'all should have seen him. General Abilene got him good. General Abilene. He has a name now. You never read about the billions last stand. What are they teaching you? Big city kids? Why'd you pull him over Troy? Okay. Obviously I was going a little too fast for my own good. I sure didn't see no speeding Benny. It's been saying it looked like a dog chasing his tail for damn near 20 minutes. Guy was just going in circles, looked like he was lapping the field and the King falls 500. Sound familiar. Sammy circles. No, I mean I took a left here and right there. I couldn't have been more than a minute or two before Deputy Troy throughout the old red and blues. Try 20 minutes if I had to intervene, it's a fact. We'd all be listening to Old Czech blow that horn for another couple hours. You gotta watch out for the general. He's sneaker in the honey badger in the beehive. See hell. I think I just saw one of the Williams boys. Just ding dong, ditch old Miss baker. I gotta go boys. Well, that little mother. Well on that note, boys and girls were going to pay some bills and keep the lights on and our little cabin, we call a radio station. Ben and I will be right back after a message from our sponsors. Oh, have you recently been in an automobile accident? Are you tender over a fender bender? We don't let the insurance company fool you into just unscrew muffin and buff in. Let Rosenberg Rothchild and dirk get you the settlement that you deserve, dirk get you money if you got your car smashed by some jerk call Rosenberg Rothchild and dirk. Thank you folks out there for listening to am 6 60 home of the King Falls am So you heard our story. Now, let's hear yours. Give us a call here at the station. Today's topic. King Falls, What do you love? What should I know as a new resident? Give me your on air yelp. Reviews 4 to 4 to 793858 or tweet us at King Falls am Line three. You're on King Falls AM the producer is right. I'm sorry. You shouldn't make light of the spirits. The spirits down sweets are forest, you just about the spirits, but you'll come to regret it. That's a fact. Big city.
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