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Kurt Angle discusses his famous WrestleMania 21 match against Shawn Michaels

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Kurt Angle discusses with Conrad Thompson his famous WrestleMania 21 match against Shawn Michaels and all the rumors going on around it.
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just tell me if I take advantage of him, he's going to fight back. And uh, you know, I, I respected that. I was shocked because I've been professional up until then, You know, I was in the company for five years and you know, I, I never did anybody wrong, so I'm not sure why he said it, but uh, you know, it was a shocking, it was, it was the shock factor. It was really crazy that, you know, he was gonna, he said this to me. It was really, you know, blew my mind, help me understand you meant you said something that I've never really heard. I had a reputation for being stepped in the ring, but I had never heard anyone say, oh kurt angle hurt me. You didn't have any sort of reputation for hurting anybody at that point, right? Just bob holly when I moon salted for the first time. And uh, I felt, I went short and my shin hit his arm and broke his arm for I felt so badly for him. I went to the hospital with them and I felt like I needed to spend the night with this guy because it's the only time I injured somebody and it was, it was my fault. But again, that's not for me. I never had, yeah, I didn't have a reputation of hurting anyone or taking advantage of anyone, so I'm not sure why he said it now. You know, I know we're going to tell the story another time. We're just, we're not that many months removed from the Daniel pewter incident, but it's not like backstage, you whip Daniels ass or anything. So I don't know. That always just came out of left field for me that Sean felt the need to tell you. Hey, I'm not scared of you. Yeah, I, I'm not sure why I, you know, I'm not, well what, what was, what would, why would Daniel Peter have to do something would have to, Why is that correlation with Sean? Well, I just think that was the only time that anyone ever even speculated, oh, something got real in the ring with kurt. It wasn't exactly you taking advantage of him, you guys were working and it became a whole, another story and we'll tell it another time. But there was never like, because we've seen guys way back in the day, you know, 25, 30, 40 years ago, there's tape of guys really taking liberties with enhancement talent. You never had that reputation at all. I did when I did the Korengal invitationals because I vince McMahon wanted me to be really stiff, he wanted, he wanted me to lay in, you know, like the slap on the one kid with the ladder match I, you know, I, I laid into these guys. It was, it was uh, it was a bully technique, vince McMahon wanted me to bully everybody during the invitationals and I did that, but that's the only time I ever laid in the talent, so maybe that's it. Well, the result is a fantastic match. The show got 89.4% thumbs up and overwhelmingly check this out on the best match poll, Randy Orton and the undertaker got 23 votes in the Observer, the ladder match, which was the first ever money in the bank ladder match, got 100 and 14 votes, but you and Sean got 607 votes, that's a runaway, You guys have the best match of the night, and I think a lot of people were surprised. I'm curious, were you surprised you got a bigger reaction coming out than Shawn Michaels, This guy's Mr WrestleMania. He's been established for a long time, he's been here for ever. And you get the bigger reaction. Were you surprised by that? Yes and no, I, I, you know, I was getting really over as a, as a pro wrestler. I, the fans started taking a big liking to me, even though I was a hell actually, the fans like me more when I was a hell than when I was a baby face and had a little bit to do with me wrestling Austin when Austin was a hell, and I was a baby face, of course, the fans, you know, Austin was over period, you know, he was by the company, so, you know, it was a little uh, harder for me to shit. What was I talking just talking about the big reactions and how you were getting over here, and even a bigger reaction than Sean. Yeah, and I was getting great reactions from the fans and I was surprised I got a bigger reaction and Sean, but I think they had a lot to do with me getting myself over the past couple of years and being newer, you know, it's, I was a newer fresh talent coming up through the ranks And Sean was established there for what, 15 years at least. So, um, I think that had a little bit to do with it. Let's talk about the match itself. Sean has been known to be a ring, general rick flare, even famously said that he didn't get to call a spot in his final match. It was all Shawn Shawn laid it out and had a vision for what he wanted it to be. How far in advance do you and Sean start talking about the actual match here, Is that something that's a week out day of, or call in the ring? We, we, we structured some of the match, um, I'd say about four days prior to WrestleMania. Uh, we got together, we never locked up, we only rehearsed one move, uh, he had me in an arm bar, I had to lift them up over my head and he would do a sunset flip into a false finish, a roll up, and I wanted to see if I could lift them, That's the only thing we practice, we didn't do anything else, we did talk about to come back and finish. Um, we talked a little bit about how we were going to start at the beginning, but Sean is such a pro, I mean, you know, I would say him undertaker, triple H, it's stone cold are for the best entering workers that can produce, you know, great matches on the fly, they can call it out there and they can, they can do anything, they can call the whole match and part of it, they can just call it in the ring, uh, so, you know what I meant by calling the match, calling the match beforehand or calling the match beforehand, part of the match, or you know, calling the match while you're in the ring is what I met, and they can do all of them, they're just really that talented, that experienced, you know, at that point in my career, you know, I was about five years in maybe six, um I still didn't have the overall ability to call it 100% in the ring, but Sean did Sean was a complete pro, so who was the agent for the match, do you recall? Are they involved in the match at all? Pat Patterson? Oh, wow. Pat usually, you know, structures 80 of the match. I mean, he's that good. He, he would do it, he did it for me and the rock and you know, he had a lot of guys that he favored, but you know, the guys that wanted to work with him and you know, Pat at this WrestleMania was Sean. He said, listen, you guys are both pros, I'm gonna let you guys structure it, I'll just tell you if I don't like something or if you need to change something, but you guys do it and, and Sean and I did it, we structure to come back and finish and talked a little bit about the beginning and uh, it just worked. You know, we, we were, we were both pros and you know, we didn't really need an agent or a producer, whatever you want to call them. But Pat was our producer and he was always involved with stuff. So you know, this time not so much do you get or does Sean get to pick the referee? Is that assigned by the agent or how does that work for a big match like this? I don't know. I mean, you know, I think that the writers and Vince decided the referees and let's arrest her. Really likes referee. Like when I was in T. N. A. I would use bryan Hebner. I love them. I love this style. We work great together when you have a good chemistry with the referee, you want to have them in the ring. So I understand why a lot of rest is want that. But we didn't pick the referee now. Who are your favorite WB referees? Do you recall uh Charles Robinson? Uh, mike yo to uh, and bryan Hebner when he was there. I love brian. Yeah, you're wearing one of our favorite singles are single. It's rather in this match. Uh, Talk to us about how your designs were done. Is that something you're involved in the WB seamstresses handle it? Did you have someone outside do it? How did that happen? I had a seamstress. Her name was Yolanda and she did incredible job structuring my single, It's all I would tell her is make sure it's red, white and blue and a little bit of gold. That's, that's all I would say. I said you go ahead and do the design and uh, you know, I'll wear it. So, she, she had incredible designs that she made for me. And uh, I really enjoyed them. So I didn't have to put a lot of thought into it from the, from the first time she maybe when I was I was wowed by it and I was like, all right, I don't have to put any creativity in this. She's pretty creative herself. So I do have to thank her for some really awesome single, It's pardon the interruption, I hope you're enjoying the kurt angle show. Did you know that there is an official store for the podcast? It's called Boxing Gimmicks dot com is where you can find shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs and more all related to the kurt angle show. It is one of the best ways to support the podcast to check out boxing gimmicks dot com and thank you for listening to the kurt angle show. So let's talk about the match, your face to face, you're smiling at each other and you mouth to him, what's with that smile on your face? It's not gonna be there after this is over and Sean replies, it'll be there, it'll be there and you say, well, see none of this is even really picked up on the microphone. I mean, you can sort of read your mouth and say what you're saying, but does this help, sort of get you in the mentality for the physicality you're about to do or what's the thinking when you're mouthing off to each other? But a microphone is not really present. Well, you know, your adrenaline's pumping, the match is about to begin. Your fired up and you have to act like you want to kick his ass. So you gotta you gotta play it out. You have to say the verb is you've got to have the body language, you got to produce the match, you got to, you know, make make sure everything is intense and believable, especially in a match like this. This was a huge, enormous feature match, and we didn't want to let anybody down. So, you know, the motions were very real and, uh, you know, sean with that smirk on his face.
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