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Kylie Jenner Confirms Pregnancy

From Audio: Kylie Jenner Confirms Pregnancy + Britney Spears Gets a Huge Win

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Us Weekly shares all the details of Kylie Jenner’s reveal of her second pregnancy.
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Us Weekly shares all the details of Kylie Jenner’s reveal of her second pregnancy.
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Kylie Jenner confirmed us Weekly, just dropped us Weekly's news that yes, she is pregnant with baby number two. She gave all of us a first in person, look at her baby bump when she was photographed outside of Carbone in new york, the best restaurant in the world. Try the spicy rigatoni. Gwen can attest, But Travis, she wore all white. Would you risk wearing all white when you can eat when you're eating that rigatoni? Oh boy, I mean at least she's not eating a burrito, you know, I could probably maybe do a rigatoni, just not a burrito, but the all white did scare me an italian restaurant. Me a little bit. Yeah, and she tad Travis scott. So confirmed that the father of her other child is the baby. And of course us Weekly confirmed this, you know, last week you guys were the first to know it got the inside scoop. But she posted a video, a 92nd clip. They showed Kylie and Travis getting the pregnancy test results, sharing their announcement with her mom, Kris Jenner attending a doctor appointment um with Stormy Webster. And we have heard that Stormy is already a source tells us very excited to be a big sister. She's sort of understand and that there's a baby in there, you know how it is when babies are like two or three and they're like baby and belly my sister. So yes, but so for what she knows, she's very excited, she's always wanting to touch Kylie's stomach and Travis is of course thrilled. Now, Gwen, I know you were shocked that someone would wear all white to a delicious italian restaurant. But anything else about this stand out to you? Well, I loved so much that video when Kris Jenner says, Stormy, we're having a baby and you know, it's like, have the opinions that you will about the Kardashians, but, you know, a baby coming is just great news. What I really want to know is like, are these two together in life, or are they only together like before? Like, right before and right after they have a baby because it seems like, you know, they're not always together. So, I just really want to know that's such a good question. When I have this. Well, when it's yeah, I can answer a little bit from a Kardashian source that we've heard, we've run this information before. So, the sources sort of wishy washy on it. Yes, they are together. But yes, they're free to live their own lives. It's not really sure whether live their own lives means be romantic with other people or whether it just means that they're traveling busy celebrities who are all over the place and they're together when they're together. But when I think you hit the nail on the head, that right, when there's a pregnancy or a baby coming there together all the time. And then as soon as that baby is like four or five months. Travis scott is on the road. Kylie is just hanging with her friends and they are not together. Sarah here on what do you think of the Travis scott? Kylie Jenner relationship? Is it just just weird enough to be in Hollywood or is it taking a step too far? No, I think it's just weird enough to be in Hollywood and I also think Kylie has watched her older sister's navigate some pretty tumultuous relationships and she doesn't want to, you know, end up in a Chloe situation. So maybe to protect herself, they, you know, set some boundaries. Um I would love a season two of Life of Kylie to maybe explore this. I don't think it's going to happen since they're on hulu now. Um But either way, I'm just so happy. She's opening up about the pregnancy. This time we've known Kylie is pregnant for a while. Um You know how to triple confirm it and all that, which we did now she's posting about it. We're going to see a baby bump and I'm excited to see Kylie pregnant because the first time, obviously she kept it very under wraps. Yeah. And we heard from a source about, you know, a month and a half ago that she was about two or three months along. So this could be four or five months into the pregnancy. This baby is cooking. She is she or he is, you know already like a little baby size and that bump. Absolutely like prison. And hopefully we will see her at what we're going to definitely here at fashion week and the VMS and the met gala bumping all over the place. Very excited for that. I know y'all will be writing a lot of stories, picked her debut in baby bump shows off baby bump flaunts, baby bump, all baby bottles, baby bump, meghan, Markle style. I'm really excited that we can now have a kylie baby number two bump gallery because we never could show what she looked like before, pregnant. I just can't wait to see her fashion because her bump style is going to be amazing and little Stormy. I'm so happy for Stormy. She has a Birkin bag, she has her own grounds, she has a yellow school bus and now she's gonna have a sister or brother, totally fun. She has a bus, right school, yellow school bus riding companion. So happy for stormy and all of the Weber gender family.
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