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LadyGang Podcast Audio Snippet: Tan France Interview

From Audio: Tan France
Last Played: December 09, 2021
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Audio Snippet from the LadyGang Podcast. Queer Eye’s Tan France is here to talk about his amazing story of success despite facing incredible odds. Hear about how he almost wanted to leave the show, how he deals with social media haters, and how he finds ways to stay motivated and inspired.
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back to the Lady Gang. Our guest today has French tucked his way into our hearts. Elevating the style and giving back confidence is one of the stars of Netflix's queer Eye. He's the New York Times, bestselling author, a fashion entrepreneur and a bonafide TV host hosting one of my favorite quarantine shows. Next in fashion, rest in peace. Next in fashion, you were great. Um, I brought him here to find out exactly who made the blouse. It's black and white that Dr Ye wore at the end of her episode when she was wearing black skinny jeans and a little hell and a puffy sleeved blouse, but also for other reasons. Just that we love him. Turn up the volume to this podcast to match the volume of our guests. Hair. It's fucking full guys, Please welcome to the Lady Gang and France. Welcome, Tan. We love you. First of all, you're so fabulous. You can think about the blouse. Um it is important to me. I'm not gonna lie. Can get out of the way real quick, though. Jump in. I don't remember it. It was okay. Can I tell you how this works? So when I do that scene in a store, especially if it's in a department store. I go around. I have, like, 20 minutes and picked whatever I want real quick. I have no recollection of what designer section I picked it up from, but it was a very, very fancy store in Philadelphia. So it's definitely designer. I just don't know which I think it was. Carolina Herrera. A. Okay, cool. No, it's good. Like if you were like it was Gap, then I would be like, Oh, I'm going to try to find it online. But e no, there was one episode where you were like she walked in. I don't remember what episode she's like, Oh, maybe it's that one. She's like, There's nothing I could afford in here. And you're like, Yeah, there is. And then you pulled like, adult Che like leopard jacket, and I was like, That's like a $6000 jacket. Okay, To be fair, e, I didn't put her in that. There was a dress there. Was that like blazers blazer Dress like that was hot. Okay. Yeah, that one was $6000 but e put her in that were like 1000. She's a doctor. Yeah. Okay. So before we start the we're just gonna jump right in. Before we started the podcast, Tan was very He was two minutes late. What the, um and he was like, I'm making videos for people. And then we sort of like, mumbled like, Are you on cameo? And we're judging him. But he said no. And then he said, Are you on cameo? And we said, No, we don't like cameo. And now Tan has a public service announcement about cameo. I will run. You can't You're being really sweet because that is not you're trying to protect me. And I really appreciate you for that, and I'll repay the favor in the future. But what really happened was I was very snarky saying, Are you on cameo? Because if you are you because no, I was doing a video. I don't just do videos for everyone. Quite honestly. I'll pick just a few. My assistant goes through my DMS, and every now and then we'll pick a few that were like, this person is going through something like, Let's just say hi. I don't charge because that seems weird. It doesn't not feel like you're taking about so hot. And here's the thing. I feel really bad because we all know people I know we all know people that are on cameo on. I do respect these people outside of cameo. But when they do cameo, I'm like, What on earth has like on so hard for you? And some of the people are that around that I know a Quincy You really need that extra $50 $50. It's like your sex worker, and you're like my blowjob is $75 but the property one knows your price. The problem is, yes, Everyone knows your price. You're basically like showing the world your value in comparison to other people's values, and some of them are like $13. However, as much as I know that may seem really lame, I think if I were on it, which I can't possibly imagine a world, but I would be on it. I would charge a dollar to say, Let's just cover after taxes that's like 33 cents and then tan, your entire life would be recording videos right now. I know, but have you seen, like some people charging literally hundreds for a few second video Christmas. That's how much you respect your fans that I think it's so the Onley time. I think it's okay, is when they do donate a large portion to a charity. I did not know that was the case. If that's the case, absolutely fine. Yeah, And then also here as a dried up old actress myself. Let me just say, You know, everybody you get on a hit show, you make a lot of money and then you don't get on another hit show and you don't make a lot of money. You still have really crazy fans. And there's like these conventions that you'll get paid, you know, $40,000 to show up at to sign autographs and take pictures, which is essentially like a big, broad version of the cameo. Thing to be is very different, but go on our cameo. But then I look at these actors and it's like I know they're probably struggling to make money at this point, but they still have this fan base, so it's like tapping into the fan bases away toe, continue to, like, make a little bit of money. So that's the only time. How dare you make me feel bad? I'm shaming you, tan. I have my opinion on cameo is there's only one type of person that I think belongs on cameo, and it's like, Ah, Gary Busey or like a Mr Bean or I paid a lot of money paying for cameos from Constantine from American Idol and just because he's really been weird. So if it's like these really weird, obscure people, I can see it. But like, I don't need a bachelor person to give me a shout out. Well, that's it is a lot of it is like bachelor people or people from, well, shows his a couple of my bottles. Um uh, I understand that a convention feels like the same thing, but I've done appearances and stuff. It's not where I've charged. Well, if I've done in appearance, I feel like it's less cringe than Hi, guys. I've got this name that I've got to say. I've got this event that I've got to say. Where is Yeah, it's like, Hi. So nice to meet you. Yes, of course. I'll sign that thing. It feels a lot more organic, doesn't. However, if I did not know that some of it goes to charity. I don't know. That's the case for a lot of people. If that is the case. Absolutely. I have full respect for that. If you're donating. If you're not, I do think they're ready. No other options, can we? You mentioned money. Can we also talked about that? I don't know how long we've got, but I've got longer than you think I have. And so what I will say is this e love you, I'll say is this Go, go, go. And that somebody may have been on a hit show and they may have had a lot of money. Um, but for what I say to my castmates, all the time is be careful of how you're spending your money, because this may not last very long. Don't spend money on things that you technically can't afford unless you have that money in your bank account. Otherwise, when this is all over, business is gonna concussion so hard and so make good choices. Make good choices. I was lately last night in the shower. I didn't need to add that part. I was thinking last night about how Maney. More seasons of Queer Eye Can I watch? And I was like, Ah, lot like I'm not keeping coming. We're nowhere near the end Like I know you guys were doing Texas next and then So that's four right? At six. What? Holy shit. Yeah, kind of to be fair, it's kind of getting better. No, no, it's kind of because we have a Japanese season as well. It's a mini season, but we still got on. So it's kind of technically with shooting season seven what we're calling it Season six video like we're definitely going into season 12 before I even think about like, Are we done the run? You know? Oh, yes, it's getting better. It's getting better. It's getting No, I honestly did say, Before Season five came out, I said to my husband, I think we might be over on. He was like I visited just fell modesty, I promise you. I said, I can't imagine people wanna watch the show again. They know it like they know that I'm gonna put money on clothes now they know that junk is gonna get someone that, um however, it was shocking to see the response to season five. I was like, maybe we have got a little bit longer, but I do wonder when people going to think I know tan Now I'm gonna watch the show again. All right? Maybe it is purely the heroes. I hope so. Can I ask you a question? Speaking about being really responsible with money, what's the most expensive, extravagant thing you've bought yourself since this started? Oh, Holmes's property, for sure. Just homes. Hey, said plural guys. He didn't e wanna make this e gonna Let's do really talk is yeah, the point. Yeah. Um So here's the thing on I don't speak is frankly, with most people because a lot of the time it's super uptight on they're always gonna twist my words, whereas be ready for you. Just my word. I'm gonna come for you. Yeah, because I could see eso. Here's the thing with money. I'm really funny about money. Before I got into Queer Eye, I had business. Is that what that struck? That struggled so hard when I first started them in 26. But then, by the time I was done, I sold them and retired. And so money has bean around for a little while, which I'm very grateful for, and it's not lock. It was damn hard work on Ben. I got Queer Eye and then, obviously this industry, if you're on a big show, it pays well on. But it hasn't changed my spending. I don't spend like a crazy person just because I have a lot more money. Every now and then, I will buy something splurging. For example, I will buy property, but that's more of an investment. I was raised in a Muslim household. We don't do credit. Um, it's one of our big sins. And so we don't do credit cards. We don't do overdraft, so I only spend money that I have. And so I treat money very responsibly. So if God forbid, this all goes away, it's not the end of the world. If I have to sell a property to live on that for this in my life, so be it. Eso money has bean important and a topic. I talked about a lot, a lot, a lot. I love this. I already think go ahead. You have a property that the Lady gang could borrow to vacation at anytime soon. L. A home is gonna be done real soon. I know. You know you live in l. A. But it's a really cute vacation. I love it. Tan, what is your speaking of money? What would you charge to rerecord the lady gang audiobook in your voice only. God, that's really good, because it's so much better than us reading it. It's so hard. You guys, you wait. No, not easy. You ready? Do you think? Oh, yeah, I'm just gonna read. And then you start treating you, like, why can't I read English anymore? Especially my own words Beyond Like it tan in our book, Like there weren't many big words like it was all pretty, pretty low level English, and we stumbled and stumbled and stumbled. So the with the weird thing about recording a book, I So I wrote the book with a partner. But it was it was so clearly me. A lot of people in the right book and let I would like your We didn't have a ghostwriter. We couldn't afford it. Okay? I was about to say, Did you write it yourself? And if you didn't write it, Was it did you put in a lot of work because a lot of people in this industry, when they write a book and they have a ghostwriter, they probably have two calls. And then they're like, Okay, bitch, like go write my book. What's in the case of me? I was on the I was on FaceTime six hours minimum every week without a doubt. Then the rest of the time I was editing it s o. I had somebody write. Somebody was writing out like a transcript of what I was talking about. I don't get wrong. This woman is formidable. She did a wonderful job of making it seem like I was much smarter than I am, but it is so, so so me. But then I got into the booth and I started reading it. And even though it couldn't be more me, I couldn't remember how I would say this thing like, Why does that sound like I'm drama performer?
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