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Lamborghini to Invest In EV, Google's Latest Tech Developments

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The luxury car brand, Lamborghini, claims it will invest $2 billion into a fleet of new plug-in hybrid cars. At its annual developer conference, Google announced new video chat tech in development, a new password manager, improvements to Google Maps, and more.
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latest automaker promising to go Green is a luxury sports car brand. Volkswagen owned, Lamborghini says by the end of 2020 for every new model it offers will be a plug in hybrid. This means the new models will combine electric motors and powerful batteries with more traditional engines. Lamborghini plans to spend nearly $2 billion to develop the hybrid fleet and that's the largest investment the company has ever made. But Lamborghini says it will help them reach a goal of cutting emissions in half over the next four years. By the way, Lamborghinis competitor Ferrari offers a plug in hybrid already and another supercar brand, McLaren has one coming suit. Google had a ton of announcements at its big annual developers conference this year. For example, Google showed off something called Project Star Line. It's a high tech video chat booth that makes the person you're talking to appear in front of you in three D. To do that. It uses high resolution cameras and depth sensors to capture a person from different perspectives but that's still just being tested. It's not available to buy just yet. Another one expected to launch this year is a health tool that could help you identify skin hair or nail conditions. You take a picture of the problem like a rash, answer some questions about symptoms and it pulls up a list of things it might be that said, it's not really meant to diagnose the problem. Just give you some ideas. Some of google's existing products are getting upgrades to for example, google photos is adding a feature to let you store some pictures in a password protected folder. And google is adding a way for you to change stored website passwords right in its password manager without having to go to each site. Plus it's making some changes to google maps. It's upgrading its live view tool that can help you navigate the world through augmented reality. The idea is it lets you browse the street or certain businesses, like restaurants, remotely, and those are just a few of the many new announcements from google.