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Leon Rogers on comedians as actors

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Leon Rogers breaks down why comedians make great actors
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five days a week thing that's kind of like freestyling and rap, you know what I mean? There's there's written and there's freestyle. You guys can freestyle so quickly that it works for dramatic acting. You know, you guys think on several different levels that not all dramatic actors do. So I really like putting you guys in in real situations, you know, real roles because you know, especially you know with with guys like you can just give you the book and I have talked to you anymore. I think it's done. I think comics make great actors because our job is improv. So think about it when the comments on the stage telling jokes, he's telling the story so he has to paint a picture and bring you in there. So he has to act out different things. I mean, let's let's use this for example, I always break it down. Kevin Hart joke about his dad coming to school and jogging pants, you know, as some function and and he said KFC he's sitting there in the next thing, you know? His father walked in. All right. All right. All right. All right. You know, like, he gets into character, he's being his father in that moment. And I think uh you know, no disrespect to regular actors because they practice on their craft, you know, reading monologues and stuff like that. But comics, I think every time we go on stage, we're improving. We were being a character were being the anti that told you to go get a pack of cigarettes, were being a bus driver that tell you to sit your ass down. We emulate characters, which is easy for us to get in character. Now, some comments are better at it than others. You look at Jamie Foxx, who when you saw ray Charles, you saw ray Charles. Like it wasn't like Jamie Foxx playing ray Charles, you was like that's ray Charles, if I had never seen Ray Charles before, you know, and it's just the empire factor of it, I think it is for me and if comments get a little bit of training man with it and enhance that, which I've, you know at one school I've been trying because I literally I literally love being in front of camera, I love being buying the creative side of it too, but I love just testing my limits, like what, what makes me nervous, what's not in my comfort zone that I need to try to conquer, like you know what I'm saying before, I used to be nervous about performing in front of all white crowds so now I just started going up north and doing all the rooms and when I said oh this shit is just as easy as performing for my people and I'm not switching up my material neither and mama, you know, so it's just all about testing yourself man and putting yourself out there, but people got to give you that chance. I think a lot of times comments get put in the box, oh he's a comedian, so everything we put him in, he got to be silly and funny and then you get stuck there and it's like, you know, the checks is good, but I want to branch out, I want to, it's got to be on you as the comedian, you might be okay with doing that and I ain't mad at that, but for me, I want I want to test it, you know, I want to see what I can do is some roles I ain't gonna take, you know, I'm not going to be the gay hairdresser, but that's my own personal reasons. You're saying. There's nothing against nothing against gay hairdressers. Let me put that out there, that's just not something I'm comfortable with doing and I don't want to do and I have my reasons for not doing that and I keep that to myself, but you know, I want to be a paralyzed, A guy that was shot in Afghanistan, paralyzed in the wheelchair. You know, I want to do these different roles. You know, I want to be the man who's about to lose his newspaper stand to big business and he's doing everything to fight it. I want to be the lawyer trying to get this guy for murder charge. You know, I look at all this hodge who's not a comedian, he's an actor, but he went from playing ran an N. W. And now he's like a district attorney right next to Kevin Bacon. Like I want to do that. We you know what that's funny, I knew I have seen that guy before, I could get that he was ready. He was ranting straight out of cowboy and now he's like playing opposite of Kevin Bacon as a district attorney in boston. Like I want the range, I want the range, all Of those guys are going well by the way they did a hell of a job on uh on that and that, you know that's a testament to actors but you know let's keep 100 directors man I think I think F Gary Gray is the best director in Hollywood. He directed uh straight out of conflict. He also did set it off and and uh the negotiator, you know what I mean? And he's behind the scenes kind of sort of a lot of people don't know who he is but he's a brother, he's killing it, you know, I mean every movie he does just about is you know italian job, you know, I like runaway hits. So I like, you know who else? I like, I like antoine Fuqua, I like him too. I mean you think Tears of the Sun, I like that he did the Equaliser two and the equalizer, he did training day, training day and Olympus has fallen. So I like, I like to watch you and and I like Coogler. I think Kugler is gonna be of course, yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I mean just think of what he did with the black panther. I'm gonna tell you what the test is going to be, The test is going to be what they do with black panther too. So you know, you know, they've already said, I'm trying to think of what else Ryan did, he did Fruitvale Station and creed. So he's got like 3, 3 cats and it looks like him and Michael B. Jordan have the relationship, you know what I'm saying? Because he was in all three, Michael B Jordan was increased Fruitvale station and black panther. But I think with black panther already, they said they're not gonna recast t'challa, which I don't have a problem with. My problem was people that were saying that they shouldn't do another black panther was like, no black panther is necessary, that black superhero is necessary. Now I can understand if you don't want to cast anybody has the role of T'challa, but that doesn't stop the legacy of the black panther. The black panther was just the name bestowed on the protector of Wakanda. So that could be anybody, You could have another tournament and somebody could do it, or like in the comic books, his sister could take over like she did for a little while series. But my thing is when they do put this new one out, however they do it. Uh Black panther is necessary because I was, I was having this argument with my boy who said they shouldn't redo it. I said, why not, man, when have you ever had a black superhero that white kids wanted to be a man? Halloween bro, I can't tell you how many little white boys walked up to our door and black panther costume and I didn't get mad because I'm like, you know, our baby's been emulating batman Superman Green Lantern about time we had somebody that they wanted to be and I was okay with that and I said, and think about it out of all of this.
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