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Let the MLB Offseason Begin and Myles Clifford Joins CTL Highlight

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Listen to Let the MLB Offseason Begin and Myles Clifford Joins CTL Highlight
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I'm excited, Thio. Introduce our special guests and you don't even have to wait till the middle of the episode. Miles Clifford, co founder of Washed Up Network and co host of The Hoppy Meal podcast And I believe, our first recurring guest on the show. How are we doing? Well, I feel great now. Know that I'm the only one that's come back more than once. So either the first one was bad. We need I need to redeem myself or I was so good You guys invited me back, but I'm pumped, man. I'm excited to be here. I'm excited about today's topic because, well, I'm sure we'll get into it. But it's It's one reason for me to be excited, for sure. Yeah, definitely. So, um, as you guys will remember from pretty early on in climbing the ladder, we had Miles Clifford and Clayton pans, eerie the co founders of Washed Up Network, just kind of as we kicked off everything. Um, so Miles is back, and he's back for a particular reason because we're celebrating the Dodgers world. Siri's when with him as a big Dodgers fan. So we oh, I really want to dive in. And I know that we talked about this when we had you on the first time we've talked about it off screen. Um, but just walk me through the feeling I know you've done your entire life rooting for the Dodgers. You've been lucky enough to see them in the world, Siri's. But walk me through the feeling of being a fan of the world champions, you know? Honestly, So you know, sports fan. My whole life, I have never seen one of my teams win a championship. You know, since I've become a sports fan. Utah Jazz, San Francisco 40 Niners L A Dodgers. So I've never seen him win. I've always seen him losing the final watch. The Jazz lose twice, twice in the finals. I've seen the 40 Niners lose twice in the Super Bowl, and I've, you know, had watched the Dodgers lose twice in the world. Siri's and I mean there's a level of anger, disappointment, sadness, like you're so excited about your team before your heart and soul into it, and then you know they don't let you down, but essentially they let you down. And for this it was it was weird and it wasn't like I was pumping, like, bouncing off the walls or anything. But I was just I wasn't upset. I wasn't sad for the first time at the end of the season, ever in my life, and I could just smile like all I could do a smile. My grandpa was a huge Dodgers fan. So was my dad. My grandfather passed away in January, so it's just, like, kind of cool. Like I was like, Oh, man, he's gotta be watching this. I'm sure he is just pumped out his mind, finally seeing a the World Series. But honestly, like I gave one big screen and then I just smiled and sat down and watched the the celebration and the trophy ceremony. And I really like my wife said, Hey, you ready to go? Because I know things doesn't happen ever. So I'm gonna say, until they go away from this on Fox and so I just kind of sat back and literally it was just I just smiled for five hours straight, so eso get in. That's awesome. That actually kind of leads to my follow up question on that. So that's the initial feeling you know just kind of that. Hayes. I mean, we've seen the Seahawks win a championship, but that's all for us. I'm a Sfar, sports fans goes. But once it sets in, I guess two questions here. When did it set in? And what's the feeling now as you look back a couple weeks down the road? You know, I think I think it's still setting in like, you know, I'll be on Social Media or Facebook or, ah, hop on the ESPN and, you know, or Sports Illustrated. You know, those little offers that always used to show up on ESPN or Sports Illustrated like Sign up Now for X and you'll receive a free championship, Dodger's shirt or sign, you know, commemorative baseball. And I see those. I'm like, damn Doctors won the World Series and, you know, you see videos of Clayton Kershaw run out with his arms up out of the bullpen after they want, like dude, they want, Like I keep forgetting at times, Andi, honestly, like, I'll be really, I don't know if it's a weird 2020. We all know is the weirdest year, uh, in history that, like is in record books or history books anywhere. And like as much as it was excited, it's a championship. I'm always like Do other people think it's not a real championship? Because it was 2020 and a short Asterix? Literally. I mean 2020 is the year of Asterix. Was their voter fraud? Was there not voter fraud but during your podcast into a political one? But it's that same question like is, Does this have the same weight and carry and have that same impact as 100 and 62 regular season or 162 regular season games on E? I'll ask you guys like, Do you think it has an Asterix? I would say, Well, let me just start off by saying if the Astros won, yes, it would be an Asterix. We, we kind of. We were kind of tooting that horn for a while, especially even more so because the Astros and the Mariners air in the same division. Um, but I think I would say no Asterix just because all 30 teams had to play the same, you know, they had to play the same schedule. They had to play their opponents just the same amount And so it's not like the Dodgers played 60 games and the Mariners played 50 and the Giants played 45. Like they made up all the games that they needed to, everybody had to compete for the same amount of time other than the postseason. And so I don't think that anybody really had a different sort of advantage or anything. And so I'll give them the full size riel trophy toe. Hold up. Yeah, that's that's good to hear because, like, literally, I feel like imposter syndrome where just like man, I feel good. But do other people think that this doesn't count? So to hear to baseball fans e mean, like, I didn't hear your opinion, but I mean, they feel a little bit. At least one of you know, Yeah, I will definitely echo that, because I think that one. If the Mariners won the world, Siri's, I would 100% claim that as the title and I would not second guess it. And so regardless of who the team is, other than maybe the Astros, I think that it's a very valid when I think that it's you know, when you win the world series title. It's not saying you won the title based on 162 game season, It's saying you are the champions of baseball for this year and I mean, the Dodgers played the best baseball all the way through. It doesn't matter if it was 60 games or 160 or however many postseason games they played. They won the 2020 Siri's and regardless of the length, regardless of the cove it outbreaks and the rules and the competition and no fans in attendance until the end, Um, I think that they wanted fair and square. And like, Hunter said, everyone competed at the same level. Um, even like teams like Miami, who took three weeks off in the middle of the season, they still played 60 games like it was. It was still the MLB season and obviously I want nothing more than a full season next year. But regardless we had a full baseball season. It book ended, we had the postseason. We have a champion and I'm just glad. Regardless of who won that we finished the season. So I think that as a fan you're 100% validated. You could own that title. Okay, that makes me feel a lot better, you know, because it was like, do other people think this counts or not? Count because shorter road to get there? Hey, I'll take it. I'll take whatever you know. I think you guys like you said if the Mariners did it, you claim it, but 900% claim it. So I would say that one thing to your disadvantage in the history books is when people look back at the 2020 Dodgers world. Siri's champions after, you know, the last couple that they got all the way and then didn't didn't when I would say the one disadvantage is not having the stats from the season like the home runs the r B I s the stolen bases. I think all of that is the thing that's gonna be most missed in the short 2020 Asterix season. Yeah, no, I can totally see that. Not, You know, I can't remember. And you guys will probably member station baseball fans. But But you weren't born by then. Anyway, the strike shortened season, um, the marlins win that year. Uh huh. You want here? You know I'm gonna google it. I want to say, check that. I want to say 94 95 because I was gonna say 93 but yeah, maybe 93 94 I was gonna say, because the Mariners had a big part in kind of bringing the revival and more of the attention back to baseball went with the whole Can Griffey Jr rookie season and, um, Joey Cora getting the hit and, you know, scoring the winning run, they go to the ale. I was gonna say that was also after the first time the MJ retired from the Bulls. And I remember that was a big part in him coming into baseball from the MBA. Because he if you watch the last dance documentary, he somehow got in with the White Sox organization. They wanted to keep him in Chicago, and then he ended up getting to double a kind of because of the strike because nobody wanted to play. And so, you know, here we have this MBA star and all of a sudden he gets into really the MLB farm system. And so, yeah, that was right around the time when he took his first break