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Let's Talk Nutrition Audio Snippet: Dangers of the Keto Diet

Last Played: January 18, 2021
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Audio Snippet of the Let's Talk Nutrition Podcast. In this clip, Dr. Michael Garko argues why the Keto diet is unsustainable beyond the point of weight loss, citing its metabolic impact on the human body.
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There was one story trending about the Keto died, which is very popular these days. There's probably more people practicing that diet. Then I would care Thio to admit. But the question is, Is it good? Is it good for you? Is it sustainable? Ah, one thing I do know people that have practiced it with with great fervor have been able to lose weight. And if you if you view that as the success as a success and you stop there, that might be where the folly is. Uh, yes, you will lose weight on it. But is that way of eating sustainable? Mhm. It is a basically a low carb, high fat eating program, toe white loss, low carb, high fat. And there's a lot of debate about the long term effects off this on a person's health. And uh huh is, I always say, you only have three macronutrients carbohydrates, protein and fat, and your body needs an appreciable and appropriate amount of each. Every day you have what's you know in a cliche, a well balanced diet, you know, a well balanced, healthy diet, Um, low carb diets have you know they've been popular than they have, then they have not been so popular. Ah, since Atkins Atkins. Introduce Dr Atkins. Introduce something into the food culture in our country and into the culture. Generally, that sort of changed the landscape of things. When you think about it, he's had it. He had a profound effect on what people, how people thought about food in their relationship with food. And in many ways, Atkins was misconstrued and misunderstood. Um, you know his ideas? Some of his ideas have validity, but taken to extreme are dangerous. And this now even stricter version of a low carb diet called the ketogenic diet has made its way into the food culture. And and I'm not so sure that it's serving people well. You cannot live on that diet for the rest of your life, and if you think you can then have at it, you're putting yourself in peril When it says low carb diet, we have to be clear about what carbs are we talking about in the first place. Be mindful every plant. Every fruit you eat is a carbohydrate based food. Every legume sees knots or plant based. They have protein in them, but they have carbs them and they all. Some of these foods also have fat in them. So when you started eating a low carb diet, you may eliminate some foods that have protein and fat in them as well. And then we start to eliminate or diminish any one of those macronutrients. You're going to create an imbalance. Now you may think you're tricking biology by doing that, but no, you can't. You're fighting thousands and millions of years of evolution. The body knows what it needs and sometimes can't even communicate that to you. When people have certain kinds of cravings, that's no accident. I'm just sharing this with you because a typical ketogenic diet restricts carbs to less than 10% of calories and limits protein to 20% while fat makes up the rest. Think about that for a second. You think How many? How long do you think you can live like that, where you're restricting carbs to to less than 10% of calories and limit protein to 20% without some consequence without some deficiency, Nutritional deficiency emerging sooner, probably more sooner rather than later, and a lot of what's pivots around and circulate stars or circles around this eating program is a lot of marketing and very effective, persuasive marketing, and you will see people drop weight like nobody's business on that diet. How many people, if I talked to said, I've been on that diet? I lost all the way and I gained it all back? I have yet I have yet now I'm only a sample of one. I'm not saying that person doesn't exist or people don't exist who have been on that diet, lost the weight and kept it off in transitioned over to another way of eating. Uh huh. Losing the weight is part one part two. The more challenging part is keeping it off. And whatever your set point was, if you started to lose weight and you were £250 that's your set point. That's what the body wants to go back to. It thinks it needs to be a to 50. You're now 200. You lost £50 and it's gonna metabolically biologically. It wants to go back to 2 50 and often does and then some. When you gain the weight you regain. I've written about this and again this will come up in my Siris on weight, weight gain and weight loss. So I wanted to just this. This particular article appears in The New York Times and a nod O'Connor. I've mentioned him frequently. He writes for the Times, and he does a good job. He highlights these kinds of issues, and I'm all for people losing weight. Do I think the ketogenic approach has some therapeutic merit? Yes, I do. But you have to know, going into it, you have to be working with somebody who knows what they're doing, how to trans, transition you into that diet and then out of it. Once you lose the weight, if you're looking for a quick way to lose weight, which I'm not all that much of a fan of any.
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