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Lily & a friend talk surgery after being sore

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Last Played: July 28, 2021
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Would you rather be sore from a workout? or sore from a surgery?
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seriously, like when I was starting the challenge with my friend the next day, I was like bro, this pain hurts so bad, the soreness, like I can't even do this, do that. And she's like, honestly I'd rather have the soreness of a liposuction at BBl dan. The soreness of this workout. I said Danny you right, because that's quick. That's like a well not quick, quick, but it gets better throughout the days and you look good at the end of it. Like, I mean, immediately, immediately I was just like, girl, you're making me second a challenge there. Shit, fuck working out, I'm trying to lay down on the table, have them knocked me out and wake up with a fat ass out, take it all all, please don't want, I don't want it. I was looking at some videos to the other day on Youtube of Girls, a girl that did a tummy tuck and she looks so so good and she had kids prior, so I was like, oh my gosh. Uh and then I was thinking, I was like, I would love to get a tummy tuck, but that scares me at the same time because I like, that's a lot different than a bbl. Like they actually cut you open. Uh huh. But the girl was saying like, honestly, it's best that if you're going to get a bbl, get a tummy tuck to get it all, do it all in one go. My God. Because why was also saying like, uh what was it once you get? And this is what her doctor told her the surgeon. He's like, once you get a tummy tuck, they don't even think about getting a BBl after because like, the way your tissues and And the fat ends up hardening and like forming, it's going to be 10 times harder to actually like get the shape and get all the fat out. Like it was some kind of like in depth reason that you'd be wasting your money pretty much. That's interest, That's very interesting. Yeah, I was like, because that's what I was thinking, I was like, oh I'll just get a BBl and then if I want to tell me, talk later after having, because I want more kids honestly, and I'm like, if I had never having more kids, don't want to get a tummy tuck, then have more kids and fuck it up and have to redo it again. Yeah, this money in time, so I was like, you know what, I'll just do it once I've done having kids, I'm married and all that good stuff, nope, can't do that, can't do that, I got to do it all in one take damn. Uh so to answer your question, yeah, if I had the money, honestly if I had the money right now or if the money wasn't even a problem yep I was scheduled right now consultation she said a consultation immediately. Yeah immediately because I already know what which doctor girl? Oh yes which doctor, where are you going? Where where would you go? Um who is this Doctor Miami is the doctor dr Miami? Yeah I think yeah um he has a bunch of videos on Youtube of like actual questions that people have about the L. S. Before the surgery after. Like everything. Like I remember oh I was gonna say I remember all of his videos especially when they would be popping on like instagram because this page would always go like viral and then he would just be like you know doing the butt lifts and then the what's it called lipo and shit like that and he was there. I feel like there was something that went like, I forget, I don't have to look it up, but you keep going. Yeah, so I've been watching those on Youtube. Um, it's and then also seeing other people's review on.
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