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Lily Got SCAMMED via an Online Nanny!!??

From Audio: You Can't Scam Me
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Listen to Lily's first ever scam experience. She shares this wild scam story about her getting scammed via a nanny website. Check out this wild story.
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experiences if we've ever been scammed, if we've ever scammed, you know, on the download, you know, back in the day um um And also read like a scamming experience or a scammed person's experience, So let's open it up. Have you ever been scammed lily that you could think of? Um I mean I feel like the government is scamming us, but like oh okay, go ahead. If we're talking about like I haven't almost almost okay, so I it was a time where I was like I got laid off from my job and then had to look for a job, and as I was looking, I noticed there was a lot of uh I don't know where I was, I think I was on like Monsters dot com, you know like it's like the job uploading where you can post your resume or you could just look for jobs? Yeah. Yeah, I think it was on there, but I noticed there's a lot of uh offers for nannies at the time, I think I remember this. Yes, yes, I love this one. Uh And I was just like, oh well I could always try being nanny, I raised my brother and so like you know I have experience and I downloaded, what was it like nannies, doc. Uh huh. It was another like nanny site. Okay, I made a profile put in my resume and then um you I can't remember if you Yeah, so it easily because you have a profile easily just has you like apply to all of the applications that are in there, if that makes sense like that you qualify for that. Yeah, you qualify for. Um Anyways I ended up communicating with a lady, which I thought at the time he wasn't in Washington state, she was in a different state, but she was wanting a nanny for her disabled, excuse me, disabled child, right? And I think he was about like 10. So she's like, yeah, we're moving from here. Um, it was a single mom. We're moving from this state to Washington in a couple of months and I need someone, I need a nanny and I wanted nanny before I get there. I want to already have her set up uh starting day and all this other information. Right? And it would be a live in nanny. So, so she wanted you like at the house at the crib and all that set up? Yeah. Because while she's at work, she needs someone to watch her disabled child and like do homework with and help them with all this other stuff. Right? And so the kid was in a wheelchair apparently because she was like, okay, perfect. I would love to hardball a lot hours everything works. I was like, oh, shoot. Oh, sure it was good pay. It was good pick like you know you you're living in there so your house is covered, it's covered. Exactly, you're taking care of right? And then you get paid on top of that. It's just like, oh shoot. Anyways um she gave me the address where she would they would move to right? And then I said okay, but so I got up here and I got the position. Well did I get to push? I don't remember exactly if that was verified, I don't remember. But anyway, she was like, well I'm gonna need you. The first task would beat. Um I'm gonna need I'm gonna send you money uh so cash this check and this check is going to be for a wheelchair that I want you to buy. And and like keep it until we get there. I was like what? So because her son or her son or daughter remember needed a wheelchair. She wanted me to buy it before they got here before they moved to the house and I was like okay cool. But then before I like did anything as far as like handling with money or anything of that, I asked some friends, I was like this sounds a little sketchy and they're like, oh yeah no this is a Scown. Alright. They're like no this is a scam because usually what they do is they tell you to cash this check and you cast the check and then you send it to a different account or something like that. I don't remember exact process but either way you end up stealing from the bank like it's oh do you know what I mean? Like it's not really like the money is not from anybody's account or you're already she's giving you stolen money per se money. Yeah, pretty much. And then once it gets in your account then you're the for officer because Yeah. Exactly. Damn. Yeah. And I was just like, oh that makes sense because why wouldn't she just come when they move here? Go and get by the wheelchair herself? Yeah. How is he going to travel? He already has his which he's sitting in his will drink. I hope that's what, but it was all types of fucked up. And I ended up like stopped communicating with them and deleting the whole like nanny app thing. Oh my God, how long did this go on? Like how long were you communicating with this week's weeks? Because she was like telling me about the kid details about the family and I was just like, oh my gosh, and I thought I had a job. So I was like not really. Look, I love you thought I had a job so I wasn't looking, you know
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