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Limetown Episode One: What We Know

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Ten years ago, three hundred people vanished into thin air. Lia Haddock sets out to find out why- and finds more than she bargained for.
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out into the facility not being allowed. What do you mean? They're not being allowed? Who's not allowing them? Samantha. Well we can't get anyone to speak to us right now but we can see that there is a sizable security presence on the other side of the fence and there seems to be an ongoing conversation. Can someone tell us what's happening to people? Sorry, we're being told to clear the area now there seems to be a lot of confusion. The reason or reasons for their denied access remains a point of contention. The next morning there was no visible activity within the community. No one on the grounds that I can see, but there does appear to be a large smoldering bonfire. I guess there's one large stake in the ground hard to make out from here. What I'm looking at for the next two days, lime town was dormant. All attempts at contact failed and on the morning of February 11 the security team left their post. Police officers on the scene were prevented presumably by their superiors from stopping the security team for questioning. The security at the front gate is now driving away from the facility. Sir, can you tell me what is happening? The gate to Lime Town was left open. What the world discovered was the complete disappearance of every man, woman and child in Lime town. 327 people officer. What can you tell us about the investigation? Where is everyone? Let me ask you again. Everybody's here, nobody's here. What do you mean by that? Everybody's just the story exploded, gaining international attention. Our top story from the United States this evening. Go get your land. So you've just been listening to an indecipherable line. They need to check those cases have checked the caves okay enough, with no mercy and loss of black. And then just as suddenly as the story of lime Town landed, it evaporated back into the 24 hour news cycle swallowed by the first legal same sex marriage in san Francisco. The announcement of successful human cloning in south Korea war in Iraq or in Afghanistan marriages scandals, whether drugs, the story of Lime Town became a tragedy among countless other tragedies. A ghost story you can barely remember. My name is Leah Haddock and I am an investigative reporter with a P. R. I was 17 years old. As the events of lime town unfolded and I became somewhat of a lime town news junkie. In the spirit of full disclosure, it is also a personal story to me as an uncle on my father's side. Granted when I only ever heard stories about never met beyond infancy. Dr Emil Haddock is counted as one of the missing. Yeah, all things considered, it's fair to say that Lime Town and the questions that left in my family played a large part and why I became a reporter in the first place. The infamous photo of the devastated father collapsed to his knees outside the gates of Lime Town, his hands pulling his hair and outrage and confusion hangs on the wall above my desk.