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Nightfall Radio "Do you know where your..." Nightfall Radio "Do you know where your..."
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The Best Old Time Radio Episodes of All Time Before the television, the radio was the primary medium for news, entertainment, and every kind of narrative. While the boom of television didn't render the radio obsolete, the golden age of radio narratives was replaced by sitcoms, variety shows, and network news shows. Relive the heyday of radio with Vurbl as we bring you the best old time radio episodes of all time from classic shows like Dragnet, Command Performance, and Fibber McGee and Molly. Vurbl The Best of Old Time Radio
Audio of the Best Nightfall Radio Episodes Listen now to some of CBC Radio's most horrifying and intriguing episodes of Nightfall. These eerie tales of murder, mystery, and other haunting themes were broadcasted in the early 1980s as part of a radio drama series for fans of horror and the supernatural. The original show was dropped by several stations after listeners' complaints that it was too terrifying. Listen in, if you dare! Nightfall CBC | Old Time Radio | Old Time Radio Show | Audio
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Listen to the graphic horror play by Bill Gray, "Gerald". A child, Gerald, has an evil imaginary friend, Tom. As a team, Tom captures the souls of those Gerald has killed. Gerald's parents fail to notice his sociopathic tendencies, even when their dog and his friend Ricky, are found tortured and killed. Let the actors and ominous music carry you away into this dark tale.

Listen to thousands of Old Time Radio shows and episodes. Have you heard an amazing nostalgic moment from Listen to Audio of Nightfall CBC Old Time Radio: Gerald | Vurbl? You can quickly make snippets of your favorite moments from Nightfall CBC | Old Time Radio or clip out those classic Old Time Radio commercials for a window into advertising history. Make a playlist of your favorite episodes and highlights and share it with your friends and family. Download the Vurbl app and listen, snip or save Listen to Audio of Nightfall CBC Old Time Radio: Gerald | Vurbl.
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from National Public Radio NPR Playhouse Presents in the dream You are falling. Lost in the listening distance. Dark locks, Nightfall. Good evening. Do you know where your Children are? Do you know what they're thinking about when they're thinking about you? Do you know where your parents are? Play by Bill Graves called zero hero. I only want you. Why? That man over there wants to talk. What are you talking about? There's no one there. Not there. There, waving it. Oh, yeah? Well, he's not waving at me. No want. Hey, where you going? He's coming over here. I don't want to talk to you. Talk to me. I don't like that guy. Come on, Ricky. Were you working? Come on back. Um, hi. Uh, a guard. Get back for supper. So I know I can't do that. No, please don't. I got that. I couldn't do it. So I went over the garage with him and had a look. It looks pretty bad even to me. You know how much I know about cars? Dad? Mom. Bloody What? I guess so. But you've hardly touched the food world I thought you loved. Yeah, I guess I'm not hungry. Give me You clearly. All right, son, You look at the pale. I'm all right, Dad. Just come alive, Okay? Some TV. Thank Sure. Not like you can't even bribe him into taking enough. He's growing happens wall kids eventually. I hope so. But he seems to be acting, so Oh, I don't know. The last few days, he just seems so much quieter than usual. Hetzel. He'll be all right, Sara. Well, I better finish up and get back to that sermon. Nearly finished. And I can just simply figure out exactly how to put it when I tell him about the new A. I know you drink your teeth. I'm getting up. Anyway. It's probably one of the women in the eggs. Every when he tells me they've been having trouble with the bake sale. Too many butter tarts. Hello. Oh, hi, Betty. How are you? What? No. Oh, dear Lord, I don't know who help with anyone do a thing like that. Oh, no. Gerald Heart will be broken. He had a dog on his life. All right? Yes. Thanks for calling, Betty. All right, Thanks. Goodbye. Alex. What is it? Something happened to tell. Yeah, Tom Bean killed. That was very tokens. She phone call me in her backyard about an hour ago. He have been killed by someone. She called that. I thought maybe he was still alive. That said he'd bean tortured. It wasn't hard at all that time. But what did you want to do it more? Did you? What? Oh, no, I didn't tell anyone. He told me Not so I didn't write. Have you got me? Really? I don't think I could say that. What? Is it again? No, no, I couldn't it call you something else? No, I couldn't call you that. That's silly. Why don't Why don't I call you Tom after my dog like that? Okay. Fucking I thought you were taking a nap. I was, But it wasn't card all of a sudden. Gerald? General, I've got some bad news. It's about home. Oh, yes. Have you seen him? I read about this morning, but he didn't come back for supper. But he never misses. Who does he? My usual. Gerald. Um, comes being killed. Who? But he he was killed hit by a car. Oh, they killed him, huh? So I gather, uh, I am very sorry job. Oh, that's OK, Dad. Calm was almost 12 years old. That's pretty old for a dog, isn't it? I mean, your God of all day soon, anyway, wouldn't. And, you know, it was getting kind of line a couple of days ago, I saw him walk right into the couch in the living room. I didn't even feel it. That's probably has car. Got it. Everybody's gotta die. Sooner or later, they dead like it says in the Bible. So I guess even dogs got a guy too. Right, Dad? Way over here. Evening, Larry. Night tonight. Surprised That found you Always say one Friday. Here. Sit down. Thank you. Here I I already did. Draft. Thanks, but only one Larry. I must be a good example to my flop. Alex, I Yeah, I got a problem. Your family's OK about the dorms. I know you're dead. Set against trying to do it. So busy. Some of the guys one I can't agree to any kind of flying guy. What? I was wondering if maybe you and I I don't know, Take a look around before anybody else gets killed. I think things like that can get very dangerous worry. Didn't think. Yes, yes, I'll think about it. You know, it's only, but it's hard to imagine how anybody could disturb Larry. I can't figure out how a man sold could become so twisted. You sure it's some guy doing what seems to be no question about animals? So it's a man, if you can call him that. You Carol? Is that you? Ricky? Ricky, You there? Over here by the dream. Oh, it's dark out here tonight, isn't it? I could hardly see if you're here yet. Jill, you better have something good to show me. If my mom knew I was this time, unlike she doesn't know, does she? Course not. Not like this. Your parents know euros. Are you kidding? This league have find out of my tree. Whom wish I had a three. I was living a lot easier, you know? Yeah. Going out on the trees there. Okay, let's go. Just over this way. What's this all about, anyway? What? Going to show me? It's something that I have to do. Remember that man who was talk to me after baseball? Yeah, well, she'll be able to do something kind of strange but it's pretty neat. Aka while nothing like that Guiding the crease. I'll go on. Oh, boy, It's OK. He's really just over here. I'll show you what happens. No. Well, some wild animal comes over crisis. Get back down there. Any wild animals here? We're too close to town. Yeah, well, it's probably good. Whatever it is, it is a promise. Okay. Okay. Now we stop here. Wait for what? We thought we were going. Wait a minute. Here he is. Hi, Tom. Who he doesn't do. Here he is. I brought him like U E o. Okay, That one's really different than the others. Calm. I'm glad you could come. The voice mothers in the waiting room. All right, Joe, do you think maybe a wolf for gone? I don't think so. I treated animals before. Nothing like the boy was mine. Corn If, but almost surgically. Alex, there was nothing I could go. He was gone before. I I'm Joe. Do you think what happened to Ricky was the same as with dogs? I don't know, but from what I heard, it sounds pretty similar. I guess I was hoping to be able to put it down to an animal attack. I think that way it was all much too precise. Liberace Looking to be a man, I think. Watch word. Oh, yeah. We need a better somehow and more. A bigger something. I liked it the best so far. Hey, come. I was wondering, What do you do with them after I give it to you? That's what my father says he does. But I got Oh, how come ripping screams like that I hear you say would be all right. How come you scream? Oh, I see. Yeah. Well, you coming down? Yeah. Oh, God. Just a minute. Goodness of waited till morning, Alex. So we've got to find out who is responsible. But Cheryl won't know. I know he got quiz. All the kids. I know that they've seen anybody strange. It's going to be hard on him, Alex. He and Ricky have been best friends for you. It's hard on all of us, Gerald. When was the last time you saw Ricky Evans? Nikki, Uh, long after news, I guess. Right after school. Through all together. Now I want you to remember, think really carefully. Did you see anyone? Strength? Anyone You didn't know in the neighborhood? No. Are you sure? This is very important. You're dead. It was nobody I saw except the other foods. What's the matter? What's going on? Something terrible has happened. Ricky, your friend Ricky has passed away. Earlier tonight, he had Ricky was hurt very badly and he died. What happened to hurt him? We don't. No one's sure. Some people think it might be the same. Dad, what do you think you'll go now? Now that he's dead? Well, im unsure you. He'll go to heaven. Now I I know this is upsetting for you, but that's okay. Dead mom. He shouldn't cry you. He's just gone somewhere else. Everybody has to die, right? Just like in the Bible, right? Yeah, that's right. Can I go to my room now? I've got a testimony. I don't want to be kind for it. Are you all right? You feel all right? Your mom, You in the morning? Good. I would like more. Readable is in shock. It's not just that Harold been acting not himself lately. He seems less active than used to be. And so much time alone in this room. That's pretty normal for a boy his age. I know that there is something different. Look at her. Ricky's death hasn't fazed the middle. That's more than sure. Huber's lately. Nothing seems to make him laugh or cry. When this is all over, I have a talk with him when what is all over. Well, Larry and I and a couple of others have decided from a small group. See if we can't find out who's who killed Ricky. Perhaps, but they haven't turned up anything. So why, Alec? There's something seriously wrong with your son. That must come first. None of your business is my business. Every Sunday, I in that pulpit tell people about the basic goodness of man and then come from things like this happen. I've got to stop it. Yeah, I've got to know why. Right here, Larry. More or less over there, That clearing. Just make it out. Well, that's phone. Looks like you've been dragged the ways and then propped up these trees here. Well, if there's anything to the business of criminals returning to the scene of the crime somehow though I doubt it. Alec, Any idea who was my be? I mean, I think it might be somebody from I won't even let myself consider it. But whoever it is a sick person. I don't know why or how people can. You can find a way to explain it, Larry. Yeah, well, it sure doesn't make any sense. Why does he let it happen? Why does God of love take away an innocent and by the hand of someone so twisted? I can't find the logic sometimes, Larry. Every I don't understand. Sometimes I just hope we find the bastard before he does anything else. What was that? I thought I heard a noise gets past big oak. Can't see. Don't know enough. Move. Look, just over there. Hey, 30 again. Right over. That way, I'll go take a look. You stay here. If it's anything else, I'll try and get him between Larry. Just take care, right? Just a raccoon. You better come on. OK, look, I got a gun here now. Why don't you just come out? Hi, Mr Johnson. Are you gonna shoot me? What? What the hell are you doing here? Don't you know there's a curfew on? You're not supposed to be out here. We just thought we'd help out Hagen shooting, Mr Johnson? Don't be ridiculous. Of course you scared me. Have that? What do you mean? Hey, who else is out here with you? My friend called. Yeah. Where is he hiding? Know where he is? Right here. Just All right. You tell your friend to come on out to get you out of your father's waiting for me, and I don't think he's gonna be happy finding Tom. Come on out. Let's go. You don't understand, Mr Johnson. You can't, Economist. He wants to, and that does He doesn't want you to right now. But here, come on over. And you can see candidates, you know. Look, I better stop this. Help Congress, like leading. Very. What happened? Okay. Yeah, I got it. Yeah. Here. Yeah. Wow. That's nice. Is Ricky okay? I'm gonna get back up the tree. Speak back in form are going. You're coming up one. Oh. So I guess we'll see them all when we Oh, there's Dad. You sure came back that are there. Hi, Tom. He'd seen three. What? Tonight. Okay, well, I better talk to Dad for Wait for me, Okay? Dad? That Is that you? Gerald? Over here. Dad, What are you doing out at this time of night? I told you there was a curfew, and I expected you to understand. All right? No, it is not all right. There's some maniac loose in the neighborhood, and I don't want you outside in the middle. Carol, what are you doing out here? Nothing. Just fooling around again. That's been going on here. Okay, so good, man. I'll tell you what happened. I guess you better. Well, uh, something horrible has happened. And somebody hurt you. No, it's cool. Now. You better come and look in the road. You just come and look, Dad, it'll be easier. All right? And there, you know what's going on. Okay, Tom. What? Who you talking to? Com. He's a friend of mine. But you can see him in this. Oh, my God. All these pants. Great. He said might let you see him on account of your special. Like is what are you do I confirm or this turbulence? Faith, Reverend. God in heaven or not much point in calling the Reverend. You see, the doesn't never did. In fact, Jill, what you know of this creature, Gerald knows me very well. Go you are. I could see right through. So you can Yeah, Dad. Tom, Just guys from one of the places you go after you die taking the place of hellfire. It's all food. What have you done to my son? Saying, not easily convinced, are you? But perhaps I am your Satan. I do take the souls of your people. I'm not a soul, really, But something you would think of So he will come in many disguises. Your faith is right about one thing. There is life after death. Many other worlds exist on many different planes. After leaving this life, people belong to one mother and then from there to another and so on. I come from one of these other worlds, a very different world from this one. And you come here and cheer. Well, yes. But with reason on my world, there are advantages to having certain kinds of power. A long time ago, I discovered that a life energy what you might call a soul would be absorbed in such a way as to add to that power. So every now and then, when I am in need of a kind of strength I visit your world. I'm afraid I may have been the cause of some of your religious superstitions. What have you done to my son? Nothing much. A little training, a lending of some power. You think I'm not ableto work completely alone possessing my son? That's not really true. But I didn't need generals help. As you can see, there is so little of me that I could actually bring to your world that I would have problems doing two things at once. So as I am disposing someone, Gerald catches the soul as they move in. The confusion between this life and the next of confusion intensified by surprise and plain General jail. Get out of your quickly. There is one tragedy with my business here. Unfortunately, when I take soul, it's identities. It ceases to exist. So perhaps Reverend, there is a hell after all. Nothing. A brief good rapper. A complete and nothing to know that you know. No, No. Yeah, yeah, I got a boy. This was really strong, but he dealt. That's all. We needed me. Have it now. No, I'm keeping for myself. You can It's my turn now. Tom. I know how to do it now, All of it. I'll keep the mall like this one. It makes me feel really, really Come. You better go away now. You don't belong here. This is my world. I think I could hurt you if I wanted to. Oh, you, It's me, Mom. Hey, Mom, come on down. Scared for a minute. I've got something I want to show you. You have just heard Gerald five. Bill Gray. Featured tonight in his first radio role was Danny Hyon as Gerald, with Mary Perry as Sarah and Neil Denard as Alex. You heard Billy May. Richard says Ricky, with Eric Peterson as Larry. John Stocker played the doctor as well as the mysterious Tom are recording. Engineer is Brian Paper, with sound effects by Matt Wilcox, and our production assistant is a GSD. Tonight's program was produced and directed by the series executive producer Bill Howell. And now here is a final word from your host. Hello again. Next week's nightfall features a new play on a team that is becoming uncomfortably familiar to regular listeners that is finding missing bodies. Use these on Jim. What these instruments for? You shouldn't play with them, honey. You might cut yourself there. Is something wrong, honey. I don't know what it is, but I think they blew it. He wasn't special enough. I think they're so worried about Mr Big. They made a mistake and they killed him. That's silly, honey. Dr. Drew, it is not the kind of person I want to see my husband. Honey, there's nothing I can do with Novak either. I see my husband now before they clean up the evidence, or I'm going to stick this helpful in your innocent little special services And you play by Martin Kinch Directed by PAUL Mills Next week, a nightfall Until then, Careful of the Edge one for the distribution of this NPR Playhouse presentations were provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This is NPR National Public Radio.