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Listen to Lore's Aaron Mahnke Tell The Creepiest Doll Story

From Audio: Episode 15: Unboxed
Last Played: October 21, 2021
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Listen in as Aaron Mahnke, from the Lore podcast, covers one of the creepiest doll stories from paranormal history.
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thomas and mini Otto were well off and well traveled couple who had a deep love of the arts. They were natives of Key west florida and in 18 98 they completed building a brand new home there on Eaton Street. Two years after moving in, the couple welcomed their third child to the family. A son they named robert Eugene. They called him jean. And the family quickly settled into their leisurely lifestyle in the keys. They had more than enough money and they spent it on convenience, which included a staff of caretakers around the house. Cooks and maids were always at the ready, including a woman from Jamaica who worked as little jeans nurse. Mhm. History doesn't remember her name. If you were a woman in 1904, that's pretty common. Unfortunately, if your skin color wasn't pale any European, those chances dropped even more. So we don't know her name, but we do know that she loved Gene. She spent hours with him every day. She traveled with the ottos on their journeys around the country, caring for him like a turn of the century version of an uptown Manhattan nanny. She was close to him and that's probably why she gave him the doll. It was big about the size of a four year old boy. In fact, it was filled with straw, hand sewn and dressed in a white sailor's uniform and jean loved it. He took it everywhere with him on travels abroad and on day trips into town with his mother. It was said that jean even sometimes wore a similar outfit and the two seemed like siblings. Gene called the doll robert using his own first name and their relationship got off to a storybook start. The doll had its own chair near the dining room table and jean would sneak little pieces of food to it as the family ate during bath times, The doll would be placed on a dry towel near the tub while jean played in the water with toy boats and corks and all the usual things that little kids love to do. And at the end of the night, jean would bring robert to bed with him and the two of them would be tucked in together. Everything about this is normal. My own Children do similar things naming their dolls and bringing them along for car rides. But for jean, that's where the normality stopped because not long after settling into a routine with his new toy, things got weird. And according to most reports, it all started with the talking. Gene's parents would often hear their son's voice coming from his bedroom as he played, even though he was in there alone. It would always sound like he was in deep conversation with someone else. First they would hear his voice sweet and tiny and then another voice would reply different and rougher than his own. Oftentimes. The second voice would sound insistent while jeans would almost sound unnerved and flustered. Of course, jeans parents assumed it was a game and that he was simply playing make believe. But over time they began to 2nd guess that presumption. During a few of these apparent conversations, jean's mother would quietly approach the boy's room and then without warning, she would burst into the room. Inside it was said she found her son cowering in a corner of the room, arms wrapped around his knees while robert. The doll sat on the bed or chair. She couldn't be sure, but it seemed to her like the doll was glaring at the boy. Things escalated from there. The ottos awoke on a number of occasions to the sound of jean screaming in his bedroom. They would rush to his room only to find him sitting on the bed, furniture in the room overturned, and his belongings strewn about. According to jean robert, was to blame robert. The doll glaring at him from the foot of the bed, robert did. It became a common phrase around the auto house. After that. They didn't believe their son, of course, but the boy blamed the doll for most of the unusual activity when his parents found toys that appeared to have been mutilated or broken, jean said that robert had done it. Sometimes the autos could hear giggling from somewhere else in the house. Sometimes this happened at night, and each time when Gene was supposed to be in bed, dishes and silverware were often found thrown about on the dining room floor clothing would be found on the floor, appearing to have been shredded by some unknown person. Sometimes servants would enter unused guest rooms only to find that the bedding had been disturbed and pushed off to the carpet. The staff would even find themselves locked out of the house when making their nightly rounds if Gene was clearly not at fault. Sometimes the servants themselves were blamed for the disturbances. As a result, turnover at the house was high, with a constant rotation of servants coming and going. One constant through it all, though, was robert, the unusual doll in the white suit, and, according to some reports, he did more than make a mess he may have killed. Yeah.
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