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Listen to The Jack Benny Program Audio: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde | Jack Benny - Single Episodes - 1941-1942 | Audio

station description THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM The Jack Benny Program aired from May 2, 1932 until June 2... read more
Jack Benny - Single Episodes - 1941-1942 | Old Time Radio Show | Audio
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Duration: 30:00
In this episode of The Jack Benny Program, listen as banter between the cast is cut short by a special announcement alerting listeners that Pearl Harbor has just been attacked.
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In this episode of The Jack Benny Program, Jack is criticized by Don and Mary for his poor reenactment of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." However, this historic broadcast is most remembered for being interrupted with a special announcement that Pearl Harbor had been attacked by the Japanese.

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okay, You owe general program brought to you by yellow and yellow, putting tiring Jack, many with Mary lyrics until hair is devastated. Your truly God will the orchestra. But the program with the way a convenient way to buy Jello, ladies and gentlemen, is to get several packages of the time and use them as you want them. And with the new Jello, you can do this without any fear that your supply of jello will lose Flavor and freshness is it stands on the pantry shelf. You can now buy a dozen packages of Jell 01 time. I know that they will all stay at the peak of their goodness until you want. Because today, Jell O's flavor is locked in locked into the yellow particles by an exclusive jello process. Tiny gela particles deliver their full strength flavor to you intact. Now prove it for yourself. Open a package of Jell O. Notice that there's no telltale aroma, no sign of escaping fragrance and flavor. But the instant you dissolve the Jell O, you unlock its captive flavor, and I want it pours in all its original richness. Tomorrow, when you water gel a lot of several packages. Get all of Telus six delicious flavors and always have a full of soften on hand from which to you can keep Jello as long as you please. The flavor doesn't go away. We put it in and it's there to stay. That game ran Karol, played by the orchestra. And now, ladies and gentlemen, it is my very great honor to bring you a man who, last Sunday on this program, gave you what was undoubtedly the finest performance of his acting career. That's right, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. So, without further ado, I give you the only actor in America who can make Jekyll and Hyde sound like Brenda and Co Bina. Yeah, Jack, Benny talking and Don, that may be your idea of a funny introduction, but to ridicule my performance of last Sunday, which everyone hailed as a dramatic nugget that really burns me up. Take it easy, Jack. I thought you played the part well enough, but I happen to see the picture. And I didn't think you were as good as Spencer. Tracy. Oh, you didn't know? Well done. Let me ask you something. Who signs your check every week, Spencer Tracy or the Benny Goose that lays the golden egg. Take that as my fault for the day. But, Jack, you don't seem to understand. Now. When Spencer Tracy plays the part, there was a decided difference between both characters. But when you did it, I couldn't tell your jackal from your high. You can tell your stomach from an eagle what you know about it? A fine pal. You turn out to be not John. And don't call me Jack, But now I won't leave. Address me as Mr Beni and I'll call you Mr Wilton. That clear? I think you're being very childish about the whole matter. Absolutely. Child. Don't try to bring my age down. Flattery won't help. Remember that, Mr Wilson. Mr. Wilson? Who's Mr Wilton? That hulk over yonder. Listen, Mary, you witness my performance last week. What did you think of it? Well, pushed me. I thought you were very good in Georgie Jessel. I wasn't so I was Jenko. Doctor Jekyll's well, in that case, boy Boy, What do you mean? I don't get it. All right. Take the word lovely and fool around with lovely lively. Wow, Benny, let me remind you Mr Wilson of something that you both may have for gotten when I switched from Dr Jekyll to that horrible Mr Hyde. And that gruesome look came over my face. Women in the audience screams. One of them even faded. Well, I won't happen today. They popped that mind. Well, then I guess I can take these bicycle clips off my pants. However, as long human don in such a critical mood, I'd like to point out that Christmas is only 18 days away. Why did you come in mad at everybody? All right, keep it up. Keep it up. You know, I already bought your Christmas present, young lady. But I'm a exchange it for something cheaper. Something keeper? Yeah, they don't dig a bargain. Dayton that deep? Well, you work more than I did. Ah, I go along with you. Do that one more month. Livingston. There will be a Oh, hello, Donna. Almost of any G with that performance you gave last week. Common weal. Thank Senate. I'm glad you liked it. Not only me, my whole family thought you were wonderful. That's nice. I'm glad someone appreciated me. Listen, Jacque, the trouble with you is the minute. You do something halfway good. It goes, like in your hand. Mr. Benny was wonderful. Quiet to hear you talk back. Anyone would think you were the biggest ham in Hollywood. Oh, I'd like to see a bigger one, by golly thing. Well, thanks, Dennis. You try anyway. You thought I was good. Marvelous. What? Forman, I love kids. I'm making not my Christmas list today. So before singing your song, how about throwing out a few hints? What would you like, Uncle Jack to get you? Well, I thought of a few things, but they're pretty inventive. Just name your one person in the cat to deserve the best way to get my pencil here. Now, what do you want then? It Well, I'd like to have a nice, great suit with pinstripes. Okay. One gray to with pin, right? Anything else? Well, I'd love to have a grand piano to practice my songs on. Okay. One brand. Are you sure you got leading that pencil? Mr Beni? Yes, Yes. What else you want, Dennis? Well, I've always wanted one of those toys Birds on a stick when you're swinging around your head. Okay. One bird on now what else you want? Stop with your just trying to make Donna me jealous. Dennis isn't going to get all that stuff. Getting something you want. He I wonder what it is. I'll give you a hint, kid. Fried for heaven. Faith. Now go ahead with your song, Dennis. Okay, hold it a minute. Come in, Benny. Yeah. I want to congratulate you on your performances, Mr Hyde. Last week I was so frightened my hair stood on End your hair. One hair right there. Stand up, German here. Well, I suppose if you only got one here, you might have a name for things. Way, you way, way you way. Ramble loathe. I know, Ladies and gentlemen, lay a special announcement. The entire regular personnel of the sheriffs and police officer has been placed on a two platoon basis with 12 hour shift. All auxiliary personnel has been directed to stand by for emergency service instructions. The regular county defense program. This functioning in an orderly manner. And citizens are urged to remain calm and avoid all unnecessary confusion. Because of hysteria, citizen volunteers are asked to go quietly to their nearest police or fire stations and offer their services If they wish to help. There is no immediate cause for alarm. And coolness will accomplish more than anything else. That was a medley of everything I love and all the things you are sung by Dentist Aid. Very good dentist. Or what? The idea of singing two songs today. Well, Mr Benny, I've got two girls, and I thought I dedicated number to each of them to girls. That's modern youth for you. You know, Dennis, when I was your age, I was satisfied with only one girl. Guthy Bagel. Quit. Ah! Ah! He was a dream. That's a girl. You because you cut you with Buster Keaton. I never sued her. I just told her to get a brace up. Anyway, I was talking to Dennis. Whatever happened to your girl, Mr Benny? Dusty? All I went into bought herbal and she went away to veterinary college Way Thought drifted apart. One of the biggest horse doctors in Northern Illinois doing very well to do you keep in touch with their Mr Benny. Do you have a right tour? Oh, once in a while, when he has a cold or something. I had a touch of the flu a couple of weeks ago, and he sent me some pill that was biggest date. Falls on some liniment to rub on my withers. One thing about gusty, though I never get a bill from er Well, look who's here by executives. Have a foul. Don't Jackson or pal. Meaning Harris. Let me ask you something. Did you or did you not go into the Brown Derby after last Sunday show and tell people that my acting was putrid last Sunday? Maybe I did. I say that lots of times. Well, you did. You told everybody at your table and I was very bad on Jekyll and Hyde. How do you know? Because I've got a waiter there. That five for me. Naturally. You couldn't tip a waiter. Get there waiting on you, Marry. That's a little arrangement between Andre and me. Yeah, I could. A nomad waiter with by his much fell in my wearing a false mustache. I told him not to overdo it. Anyway, Phil, you did run down my performance. Yeah, but I changed my mind about that. You know, I met one of the greatest dramatic actors in this time last night, and he said you were great. I thought you were terrific washing Well know somebody. Well, ma'am, that little if I don't get Glenn Miller in my stocking Christmas morning, I level write another letter to Santa. And is it at me? Mr. Harris, you better have a good excuse for coming in late today. Well, I'm sorry, Jackson, but I was out shopping. Say, Mary, you know what? I'm getting hours for Christmas this year. Now what I wrote, I wrote, you know, for the way size of life or Roadster for Christmas and calls it a road. All right, I'll put wheels on it. Jackson, copy. Go call me Jackson. I'm Mr Benny. Do you and everybody else on this program except Dennis? You mean I can call you Jack? Yes. Until I make up with the other. What burns me up. I worked my head off on that play last weekend. Did a swell job. You should did Jack on this little episode shows me who my friends are telling Jack. After all, I had a follow a pretty good actor in that park. Spencer. Tracy. Why would never have even tried it if we both had won the Academy Award. Wait a minute. When did you ever win the Academy Award? And another thing I said, When did you ever win the Academy Award? And another when you win the Academy Award? I wish I had a brother. What? I have you in a I get that takes care of you. You said Jackie Dennis. Just Jack, not whole. Put what? I think I got a good mind to go home. Oh, for goodness sake, Jack, will you stop acting like a baby? You ought to know the whole thing was a rib. Oh, you're as a matter of fact, I like your performance in Jekyll and Hyde so much, but not a sequel, Toe. Well, ain't you the fat little no power can? What? Your role and Jack Jack not get this as a favor to me. I want you to play the leading part of this problem. I'll tell him when he comes in, you can keep your own sequel. But you've got to help me out, Jack. There's no one else in the cast with sufficient dramatic ability. Toe Hamlet. Look, I'm not going to dramatic Well, I don, I'll do it. I thought you were mad at him. Never mind. You'd go over Niagara Falls in a Dixie Cup of someone told you with dramatic what's dramatic about a Dixie Cup, Don, you say you written a sequel to Jekyll and Hyde? Yes, Jack, but my play is called Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll. Oh, that sounds interesting. Is the script Thank their second down. I'll give you a buildup. Corn, please. On our ladies, gentlemen. Mr Don Wilson, that eminent American author has written another of its famous one act plays. Take it down. The scene is the residence of Mr and Mrs Homer D Hide in the thriving little town of Upper Place in the And it is 7:30 p.m. Curtain using 7. 30. And Homer isn't home yet. I wanted to Orson Buggy broke down. Yeah, I hope is one of his moods. Ah, here he comes now. Good evening. Home, a dear, you're a little late on you. All right? I'm late. I'll be late. Any kind of be like Are you going to kiss me, darling? Yes. Gets me every night and kiss Kiss you with this umbrella. I'm going back tonight. You haven't even said hello to the plans on a one way Daddy Children way. You did not take your teeth out. Assume that they grow in. I'm going up there. Homer down. And you haven't had your dinner yet. They're not gonna let me not get home. Maybe at least have some dessert. What kind of I won't tell you, but I'm sure you like it Here. Have a did. Very well. Cry it by Eat it and decide. I don't like it. Someone will be dead dealing with the dirt. I do hope you like this. It's not what was happening to me at Oslo and block. Oh, Oh, thank you. May may. Oh, my Dolly. That tasted so good. What is the name of that tempting and economical dessert with a new lock in here? And it comes in stick delicious flavors way. Well, congratulations. You wrote a wonderful place, But, Jack, without you, it would have been impossible. You even better in the last week, all I wouldn't say that. Well, how about a band number Pill? Okay, Down D come in. Well, Mr Benny, you did it again. Were you scared looking, Herman? He just won't go down. What ahead he's got that the only person I ever saw with brown eyes. Another war Bulletin Shanghai The Japanese took over the American Shanghai Power and Light Company this morning. A bulletin from New York, the Japanese news agency, broadcast tonight the Japanese foreign minister singing Noriega talking on some of US Ambassador Joseph grew and handed to him Japan's reply to Secretary of State Cordell Hull's terms for peace in the Pacific. This news came hours after the bombing of Honolulu. We return you now to Hollywood, that mango for weekend in Havana, played by blotto Harris. And that goes for the whole orchestra on our ladies and gentlemen. I would like to announce that next week is a special attraction. G Mr. Benny, I can't get over the way you played Mr High just now. Drill Day, Dennis off State that crazy last year. Send shivers right through me, kid. Dr. Jackson, had you ever learned to do that? Well, you just have to get into the mood and feel it. You have to imagine that you're a raving maniac. When was the first time ever did that crazy laugh, Jack. Last year, Canon 80 lost three races in a role. Never mind. When they caught him, he was going down the grandstand like a fever. You would be mad to. Let's forget it now. I started to announce ladies and gentleman next week in the special attraction. You know, Mr Benny, I'd like to learn how to do that. Laughter. I can scare my girlfriend. Oh, it's easy. Dinner. Yeah. We should show me how to do it, Mr Benny. Oh, I don't. Come on, Jackson, do that laugh force again. Well, look, Dennis, here's the way you do it. You've got a screw up your face and get it all distorted. Then you rip open your tie and shirt. Well, don't you have too much of your hair? My hair? You know those three Harmond? That's not important anyway, Dennis, once you're in this movie, you read a menacing Ryan and then laugh. I'll get this. I'm going out for a war. A nice, long walk. And when I come back, someone will be dead. Dr. Bagel Walking in a three to take it easy. Take it easy or cold steel, Jack and I'll snap your draw back in place. All right, now brace yourself. Okay, Thanks. Don Dennis, the next time you want me to show you something regular programs over. Like don't fall for killing off. I wasn't showing all well. I got a few left over from last week. Fish back in the camp. And now, ladies and gentlemen, as I started one hour before I dislocated my jaw. Next week of a special attraction, Benny Stock Company is going to present. Oh, now what? Hello? Almost dependent in Rochester. What do you want, boss? Is no use. I tried and tried. Not. Can't get Carmichael go sleep processes that forebears got to go to sleep. He supposed to been in hibernation over 10 days ago. Carmichael doesn't get the sweet by the middle of this month and be a rack in the spring. Where is he now? Wire were taken away from Oh, come now, boys around. I mean, you've got to get to sleep now. Rockets or use a little a little psychology on him. Some warm milk, him some warm milk, put on his pajamas and brush his teeth. Would you mind repeating that slowly, please? I give him some warm milk, put on his pajamas. Oh, and brushes P. What have you afraid of that? Bears as gentle as a lamb. He wouldn't bite you. You weren't there? No. Why? A lot of single use band aids in the U. S. Rochester. Listen, Carmichael doesn't hate you. He likes you. He liked everybody that way. Nothing happened to the gas man. Carmichael doesn't eat people. You want to see that letter? He wrote. What letter? Dear Santa, please send a boy to read the meter. Stop making things up now. You keep Carmichael in bed when I hold out thing Rockabye baby toe that will put him to sleep. Okay. Song along. Oh, say balls. Now What, are you coming home within tonight? Yeah, well, now finish up the wild up long. I got to get that bear to sleep before Christmas or you want a President Playbill. Oh, my dog. While you're looking through the December magazines in search of an idea by Martha Christmas present keep an eye open for this month's jello page. A full page of jello treats illustrated in such rich, glowing colors that it makes your mouth water. Just a look at it. One of the deserts is Carl, Jack Benny, Special apricot ring and honestly, friends. I think it's just about the grandest looking desert jello ever made. It's an easy recipe to justice are one package of lemon jello and 114 cups of hot water. Next, add a dash of salt and 3/4 of a cup of Salem from the camp. Sliced apricots, then chill until thickened, unfold in 2.5. Tops of the sliced paper cuts themselves when molded. Server. The garnishing of whipped cream if kat quarters and green maraschino Cherries And there it is a golden listing mold of juicy sliced apricots and sunny lemon jello candy per constant lemon jello are being featured by many grocers all next week, so get them both and make up this delicious treat. General makes any gelatin recipe tastes extra good because it's a locked in flavor. Gives you all the flavor, always the last number of the 10th program in the current yellow theories, and we will be with you again next Sunday night at the same time. Well, Mary, you wanna have dinner at my house tonight? No, thanks. I've had so much of that duck on a bigger crack and Guthy don't pay any attention or dusty. Goodnight, folks. Tomorrow, when you visit your gross is look at the shelf where you always see those familiar packages of Jello right beside them or very near them. You'll spy another Tello product, Jello puddings in three grand flavors. Chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch. You might try Jello butterscotch pudding. It's a smooth, this cream and simply full of rich golden butterscotch flavor of putting that your whole family will want to enjoy again and again. So when you order Jello order jello pudding, too, they're just like Grandma's, only more so. This is the National Broadcasting Company.
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