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The NCAA Tournament is the best event in sports. What a magical night we had. An epic of all epics to close out the national semis on Saturday. Jalen Suggs' deeeeep, banked-in 3-pointer to win in OT and keep Gonzaga undefeated is a highlight for the ages.
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Oh gosh, Fantastic With Timmy gives the lead about Suggs stepping up just magnificent into the right side of the floor, defended by Kiss. But now drives leans in. The runner comes up short, choosing the rebounds and puts an end. We're tied at 93 seconds. Left here. Sucks the other way. Pull up three for the win here. Yeah, Santa size of the championship game. He grown from 40 of the puzzle. The Bulldogs. Wow. Play for a national championship. Okay, he said. Can the ball in his hands in the paint. Floater short. Got it back. Times three. Gonzaga has time to do something for the win next season. Remote No are now.