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Live Stream 'Gifters' Fall into 3 Categories

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Tyler explains what type of people donate to live streamers.
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obviously that's not the only situation where people give, I find, okay, so I find that People who donate fall into a couple categories category one. Um and this is usually younger audience members, right? People who are watching, who are usually early teenage years with some exceptions. Um they're donating so that the person they're watching, who they're a fan of notices them simple or something says their name says, oh my God, thank you X. Y. Z. And this is the one I have. The biggest problem with. This is the one where I've personally refunded people because I've had parents reach out and say, hey uh my kid donated you $200 2 days ago on my credit card and I've gone, okay, I'll tell you because it's a situation where that kid needs to learn that obviously they can't do that. But also what I'm gonna say no and I know people have said no and so tough ship. But I mean I'm not like I find that the the younger aged people that like that recognition and is literally paying for that recognition comes off to me is very one sided and very manipulative not even on purpose. Like I don't feel, I don't mean to be manipulative, but like obviously if I get a gift, I go thank you so much and that kid is watching and saying like wow, every time he gets a gift, he calls that personnel, I want to have that recognition in some ways. It's manipulative without even meaning to be manipulative. So I think that's a really fun and terrible thing. And speaking of which, um, if you donate to our Patreon, you can get your name um on a post it note behind us. That is the greatest point I've ever heard in my life. It is true though. We do have posted notes. Uh, and if you are in our Patreon, you get your name on a post it note. So get that recognition just, you know, go to your mama's purse. Just that being said really sucked up. I hated american express gross, disgusting grotesque display of, of, of Americanism and, and imperialism and somehow racism. It's somehow somehow it is. But yeah, so that's that's category one. And I find it usually younger kids who donate and you know, I also find, yeah, so that's that, that it's always tough. You know, that's usually not a lot of money that usually it's like a dollar, 99 $2.03 dollars on Tiktok. You can donate a penny. You can donate a rose and the roses is one penny. Damn. That's like tip tipping somebody a penny at a restaurant. Does it just like, fuck you, No, no, no, no. It's just that, that's what they, that's what they have in there. Or they wanted, they want to do it more than once. They might have a dollar of gifts, Right? And they're rather than giving one gift for $1, they'd rather give 100 gifts for one penny, just because they get to do it more there on the screen. More whatever. I mean, wait wait. So when you get donations, are they like in an account that you can then use to donate or is it like, no, it goes in my paypal. So actually, well on Tiktok it goes into Tiktok and then I can withdraw it and it goes directly to Paypal. So there is like a Tiktok account. Yeah, Yeah. Um, and it's just the live, it's like you're live gifts balance or something like that. And then you can use that to buy coins and keep it and donate to other people or you can just ask. Yeah, but that's not, that's not normal. That's that usually just cash out and then use your credit card to buy. Like you would have to connect your coins I believe or your diamonds as they are called. And then to buy coins. My bank, my bank account. The people I bank with actually, um, I can see how many roses I have at any given time. I just have to open the app or something. Um, but yeah, so that's what I was saying. Category one. That's category one. Usually little kids looking for recognition. Category two. Usually older people with jobs who uh, understand what it is and I'm not going to use the guy's real name. He's one, he's someone that has watched me on live for about three years. He might be like my, one of my favorite people that I've ever watched. Jump from platform to platform with you jumped from platform to platform. He, uh, I mean to the point where I never give my personal information to anybody who watches me. He has my phone number. Like it's someone that I, I really like. When I was in Japan, I texted, he was like, yeah, what do you want from Japan? Like I was like, and I got him something and sent it to him. Exactly. Don't even get that test because I hate you anyway. So like he's just from California and, and, and, and I asked him one day he gave me maybe we, he donated like 50 bucks in one stream. And I asked him, I was like, why? I literally just asked him if I was like, why did you do that? You know, you don't need to do that. I was like, you've already given me enough over the course the last three years and he does. And there's times he's given me $100 for a stream, $200 in a stream. Sometimes he gives me nothing. All right. Um, and he was like, well, I understand what this is. This is my form of entertainment, right? I don't go to the movies. I don't even pay for cable. Like I enjoy watching youtube. I enjoy watching Tiktok, I enjoy watching live streams and I don't mind paying for me. He's a good job. He's like, I don't mind paying for my entertainment and you were entertaining me. I understand that this is part of your job, this is part of your income and your income is based on people going, you know what? He's entertaining me for two hours, just like a movie. I can donate some money, right? And he's like, that's how it works. Like it's the same way that if you have a museum where it's like a pay what you can technically, you can pay nothing. But you understand that they function because people choose to pay something. And so he had a very, he just, it was very clearly, he understood, he's like, I'm paying for entertainment and I appreciate what you do and I enjoyed it and here you go. Don't worry about anything. He's listening right now. I hope so. Hi buddy, you know who you are? Um, I don't know who you are, but hey, um, but yeah, so he, he gets it right. He got it. And um, it's, I find it interesting that like, you know, and so there is a group of people that literally just get it and say, you know, what do I need to know? But they're entertaining me and their live for two hours, three hours, four hours at a time and for all that time I can give a couple of bucks and if everyone does that, then this person can make a living doing that and that's great. Well let me ask you this. So, so when you're live streaming and alexander, Aaron Alabaster Alistair comes in and doesn't donate, are you like, what the fuck, nope, Okay, literally, no, and, and, and maybe some people are, but I genuinely, now I genuinely like him because he also participates and I always tell people, uh, and I know a lot of people always say that gifts are always appreciated, never required. I would rather have somebody come in every single stream and participate and talk and chat and talk to other people and help the community be fun than come in, stay silent and donate and leave. I really would and, and obviously if you're gonna donate like $1000 I appreciate that more, but if you're just gonna like donate a couple of bucks or really be a driving member of the community in my chat, I would rather you be a driving member of the community my chat. What's the biggest donation you ever got? Uh in one stream I made $2800. $2,800. Yes, in about an hour and a half. It was one person for the most part who came in and donated a ton. I don't know why, I still don't know why, I never saw that guy again, I never saw him again. Wait, so that was the 2800 was all from one dude Or I would say 2000, it was from one dude and keep in mind I get 2800. They took about 50%. Like the platform takes about 50%. So that guy who gave me two grand probably spent after that was afterwards, I got 2800, so he spent probably four grand and then everyone else together. Because what happens when like these streams tend to snowball and this was this was maybe four years ago, this was this was one of my very first streams to which was like this is live streaming, this is amazing. And I never came close to that ever again. I was like oh sh it it's like now I'm like if I make like 30 bucks, I'm like yeah. Um But yeah, I mean he came in and just like it's snowballed, People were like what? Oh my god, let's get him up to like more, let's get him up to more, let's get him up to more. And like people like just like rallied behind this guy like a freaking like it was like sucking that scene from Braveheart and everyone's like you never saw Braveheart? Damn. But I like to say Mel Gibson's Braveheart because it sounds like you're saying Mel Gibson's Braveheart, I'm so happy for you. I don't know, I don't have a response to that, there's no no response needed, I just perfect. I like some people are like you've never seen Mel Gibson's Braveheart. No, I haven't. Oh my God, have you? Um It's not it's not even supposed to be that funny. I just like it. I love it. Um Anyway, we're gonna let it go. Um So yeah, so that's the other that's the that's the other category, right? So we talked about the little kids that kind of get manipulated into into streaming. We talked about the people that really get it. And then the third category is legitimately um these like big shark donators who they want that like that. This is what I kind of alluded to before, where it's like, they want the recognition of when you come in, they want to be the guy. Is there a category of like, other streamers? Yeah. Or does that not happen that much? No, I mean it does. Um you know, there's also like, you know, other streamers that come in and support. And like when I donate, I usually donate to people that I feel are doing something cool. They're doing something unique. What like, what even if they're playing music and I like the music, right? Strumming guitar, or like strumming a guitar or doing something unique like that. I don't I tried at the beginning of the pandemic. I was like, I want to live stream. I have a bunch of DJ equipment at home. I used to do. I used to be a vinyl DJ once a week at a bar and feeling no big deal. Um And I still have all the gear at my house. And so I was like, oh, cool, I'll just set up like a, I'll just set up the gear and I'll just like DJ live on instagram and I did it once one person watched. And I was just like, I had fun because deejaying is just fun playing music, playing records. Um, but uh, I never did it again. I mean, it's so tough to start live streaming because when you don't have an audience, it's really weird. It just feels weird when no one's really watching. Once you get a lot of people, it's, it's very easy. I mean, at least doing what I was doing, you can have a good time on your own, but just like talking to your phone, hoping that people come in is really weird. So that's, that's where I'm, I don't have like a stage talent. I don't, I can't, I mean I can play the guitar, but not well enough, but not well enough for anyone to want to listen to me. I can't sing. I can't do anything that would warrant watching me on live. So I, I interact with people. I go on rants and tangents. I talk to people and I tell jokes and we do a lot of things. We play games, we play video games online. Yeah. I used to play video games on life. Um, but that's a dime a dozen, everyone knows that. Um, but now when I do Tiktok lives, uh, you know, we'll have Certain, well, game nights where we play games, we'll have a wheel where it's like, oh, if anyone gives a gift over 200 coins, you got to spin the wheel on the wheel has all these fun things that can be either like and ask me anything or I have to do 10 push ups or I have to do like sing a song or I have to like, or I follow you back or you become a mod in the stream. Like there's so it's just kind of like, it's a fun, like incentive, but it doesn't drive the stream because other than that we're just talking and.