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Lizards and Wizards: The Physiology of Trauma

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This episode may not be appropriate for all audiences. Parental discretion is advised.For the month of February, Michelle and Seth are reviewing an overview of the Trauma from a psychological and physiology perspective After this month, Michelle and I will like expand future series that look at the impact of trauma in specific situations. But for now.. let's talk about this conversation.*NOTE: I will just make not that at times the conversation may veer off but if quickly regained. We had some people join the Facebook Live to essentially mock and make fun of the something at hand. Most of these had been edited out but if you know Michele become flustered at times it may have been attributed to that. Regardless, I think we covered a LOT of ground and set continued to lay the groundwork of where these series and episodes will likely lead.This episode is the second episode of the "Trauma Trials." The goal in this series is to discuss and examine what trauma is and provide information regarding its impact on everyday people (i.e. provide an overview). After providing a fairly open overview of trauma last week, we center on the physiologically of the brain. Understand, Michelle and I are not "currently" doctors. Michelles working on a PsyD and I have two master's but not a doctorate. Please keep this in mind as listen.We spend about the first 20 minutes of the stow checking in regarding our mental minutes and then jump into reviewing the past episode and goals of the many series coming. From there, we then dive head first into physiology of the brain; depending it into two primary parts: Lizard Brain vs. Wizard Brain. It's a festinating discussion regarding what's happening in your mind when you encountered or have been recently experiencing trauma.*Resources: Much of today's conversation was pulled from multiple sources. In fact, Seth sometimes read directly from a couple. So here's some books you may wan to check out:"Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body In the Healing of Trauma" - Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D."Transformative Care: A Trauma-Focused Approach to Caregiving"- Rhote, Aubrey, GentryVideo: Intruction to Trauma Informed Care- Dr. Robert Rhoton"Trauma Treatment Tookbox: 165 Brain-Changing Tips, Tools and Handouts to Move Therapy Forward" -Jennifer SweetinAs always, I'm sure we only scratched the series of this topic. As a result, we want to hear from you and what you think would be the most helpful! There are ways of engaging our community as well as providing feedback and suggestions to the hosts!If you get involved with Mental, check out:***NEW website:***Hotline: Call or text: 314-690-5005***Interested in bonus content + direct access?:***Merch: New website and merch coming soon!