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Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather

Last Played: June 10, 2021
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After Logan Paul went 8 round with Floyd Mayweather in a widely televised boxing match, listen in to the hosts break down Paul and Mayweather's problematic pasts, the money at stake, and how platforms allow for controversial people to remain successful.
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and we're back. Madison is arrested, relaxed, prepared to tell me some more cursed content. I'm at least one of those things. Uh we are now going to pivot our discussion to discuss Logan paul's pivot into boxing. Logan paul, a master self marketer who is accrued over 66 million social media followers. He seriously believes he is capable of putting a tear in Mayweather's cloak of invincibility, Logan paul and Floyd Mayweather announced this big pay per view fight. This is not a new thing for Logan paul. He's been on the pay per view boxing scene for months now. I think the paul brothers general turned towards pay per view boxing that's kind of floated up into my feet and I was like, why nobody, who's an actual boxer is going to want to fight? These absolute Judd's Okay, but enter Floyd Mayweather, none other than other undefeated like 50. So like in his career, and this is the only fact I know about sports and he's like he retired and came out of retirement for this to fight Logan paul. I feel like we should maybe digress for just a minute for a brief Floyd Mayweather. I see. Why am I Wikipedia article Floyd. Mayweather has been accused of violence against women at least, and when I say at least, I really mean at least seven times and has been convicted of violence against women at least twice. So two terrible people beating each other up is um, what happened this weekend and they weren't just beating each other up there, beating each other up for um money Boy, Mayweather has likened the match to legal bank robbery and has claimed that he stands to make $100 million. While Logan paul claimed to figure somewhere in the 20 mil range, given the source that's likely uh an inflated figure. But still, we are talking about some serious money at stake for both of these guys truly love when terrible people just make a shit ton of money being terrible. Both Logan paul and Floyd Mayweather have been using the other person's history as like fuel for the fight. So they did a press conference with Mayweather. Yeah. Where Floyd. Mayweather said he was going to make Logan paul pay for what he did in Japan and paul like firing back in the beef. Said that we all know what Floyd Mayweather did to his wife know some mutual grossness that these acts of violence to varying degrees. Nuanced people are are being reduced by their perpetrators as like fun barbs to throw in a fight to make them more money. This really gross. Like tongue and cheek winking at assault. Domestic abuse. Yeah. Also I feel, I realize we have not. The fight is fake. Oh yeah, of course it's not even a real fight rights exhibition, right? And Logan paul, there's the left hook by my weather, wow Logan paul hands down going for the canyon. Logan Paul went eight rounds with Floyd Mayweather, which I know what my mother is retired but that he had to be going easy on him. But Logan paul gets to say he went eight rounds with Floyd Mayweather and in the end did not lose and Floyd Mayweather gets the very visible reality that he probably could have completely demolished Logan paul and instead we'll take his very large check and go home. Thank you very much. The worst people are the best at gamifying our attention spans. And they're also I will go to my grave screaming that it's unfair to just be like these are bozo's who got lucky and got famous. Yeah, but with the other half of my chest, I will go to my grave screaming that these platforms and the systems that support the platforms, they allow for the rise of a certain type of creator. They allow for the success of a certain type of person and they allow for that person to fuck up over and over and over again and still be the thing that the algorithm and thus the people see and want to see more of and the paul brothers saw perfectly into that category. I mean both Floyd, Mayweather and the paul brothers in a lot of ways kind of strike back at the notion of um cancel culture and it's just going to keep working for them. And I think that's what's so frustrating about once you kind of reach a certain level of fame on the internet or your audience has kind of chosen to ride or die with you. Is the platforms either can't hold you accountable or have no will to hold you accountable because your success is their success. There's a piece from the Washington post a few years ago that I think about often on this topic about how it was an internal report sourced from like Youtube video moderators. And basically the company policy internally was to give preferential treatment to Logan paul, to steven crowder, to pew, die pie to these big creators, these tent poles for the platform who were actively violating the platform's terms of service in a way that might have gotten a smaller creator acts, but Youtube needs those guys and when I say those guys, I mean any number of a morpheus blob of human who has come to fill that space, like there will always be, I think that's also what's frustrating about all this is so many times the platform kind of makes it seem like, oh, it's just the algorithm or it's just what people are clicking on and that is literally never true. There is active support being given by companies like Youtube to people like the paul brothers and there's no way to have any kind of checks and balances on that preferential treatment. It all just comes out like six years after the fact and now we are stuck with, you know, Logan paul is probably going to run for president in like 10 years, you know, he is, you know, he is, it's gonna be, it might be a joke campaign and it might not, but that piece of shit is running for office. Do you watch Dangelo Wallace Is videos ever? Um I don't, but you have told me multiple times about D'angelo Wallace and I I love, I love how much you love him. The paul brothers are Youtube's most infamous sibling duo, Jake paul is the younger brother and he is definitely the worst side of the parent, is not just about Youtuber, who's been in the string of run ins with the law, culminating in an FBI raid. It's a lot. So basically, I just want to look at how the heck we got here and I did an interview with him earlier this year and he talked a lot about how being a black creator means he never gets a second chance and how that looms over his head constantly as he makes these videos about very sensitive topics and how that's such a fear and that there's a real clash in, in, in living with that, while making content about people who truly think that there is no repercussions for anything ever. The amount of chances that are given to people, to white people, to white men.
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