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"Look!" said my wife with horror... "There's been a terrible crash!"

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Snippet from Greg's Flying Carpet podcast, "Mayhem Beneath our Wings"
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beneath our wings. Clear prop. Mhm. Mhm, Yeah. Mhm. Mm, Yeah. Mhm. Look, said Jean, with horror, there's been a terrible crash glancing downward. There was just time for me to glimpse carnage on the highway to go to the Red Mountain Freeway just east of Phoenix. A few 100 ft below us. Flames and blackened vehicles littered the roadway as we crossed low on final approach to land at Falcon Field. Stunned, I reported the shocking sight to Falcon Tower, only to receive some impassive answer like Thanks for the report or I'll check on it. Obviously, the controller had no idea of the magnitude of the highway pile up, which we found very disturbing. Do you think we should report the accident to the police? I asked Jean after landing. Surely they know about it by now, she replied, with all those vehicles involved, some on fire and smoke billowing into the sky. Boy, am I glad we were flying today, not driving. Surely there were fatalities all the way home. We'd fretted about it and for days afterwards, scan the newspapers for details on the horrific accident. But to our surprise, we never found any mention of it.