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Lost On Which Plug-ins To Use?

From Audio: FMP 022 – ill-esha
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Yes, you can make the basic sound and put a drum beat together, but can you make it interesting and polished? Here are some great tips.
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okay, a few of your favorite V STS or plug ins. Well, serum is kind of like the everybody loves serum, and I mean, there's good reason. It's It's sort of the one since that does it all. It's super easy use. I've taught people how to use it in, like, six or seven minutes flat. Um, Gladiator, as I mentioned before, It's just a really innovative, weird technology that people still haven't used much since. So I think that it creates, um, really unique textured sounds. Um, the plug in that's like the newest Blufgan that I'm loving right now is portal by output, and that's a granular effect. It's really it's really just quite complex and creates again. I'm a big texture person, so I'm always looking for ways to create more interesting layers and noises and just what you'd call a little Polish bits, you know, and I think that that's something when your experience, that's that's kind of where you look because we know how to make the basic sounds. We know how to put a drumbeat together. But how do you get that extra like somebody the other day called it the 10th Listen, stuff like stuff that you don't notice right away. So portal has been really, really great. Um, for that. And I've also been exploring similar but different effects that there's one called Remnant and one called tantrum. They're very small companies, but they're just, like, granular delays and distortions and just very interesting, very visually pleasing as well. And that's something that's nice. I mean, when I started, we didn't have these nice interfaces. Everything was just complicated and annoying looking. And now you have these beautiful like visual interfaces. And I'm really excited about that because I think it gives Mawr sort of intuitive artistic people a better connection with the technology. Much more approachable than trying to draw lines, connect things, and yeah, just like just type numbers. And yeah, exactly. Um, so do you use vocoder? And if so, what do you You know, I know that the recently discovered, uh, manipulator by Polly verse and isotope uh, vocal synth. Do you use any of those? So the TC Helicon honestly has does so much stuff like that, that up until recently, I didn't explore a lot because especially if I'm performing the vocal citizen is a nightmare. on the CPU, So I've heard that people use it live. I'm not really sure what those people are doing, because for me, I would just destroy my computer. But I use it. I definitely use it in the studio, sometimes for effects. Um, but yeah, I mean, it's interesting because for vocals, I've done all the weird effects, and I almost find that sometimes the best effect is to just do 18 takes and stack them on top of each other like really old fashioned kind of stuff, because I think that's because I do so much crazy stuff when I'm producing my beats. It's like something needs to be normal. Something needs to center you. Something needs to bring you into the core of the track. So if there's too many crazy things happening at once and you know, it could be a little bit much, um, that being said, my studio partner and I have been exploring some weird stuff just to try and stuff and things like recording myself, singing a bunch of notes and then tuning them all back toe one single notes so that you still have my voice kind of going up up and down. But it's one note and then replaying that into a sampler so that I can play a bunch of notes putting them in llegado like holding them so that so that the voice just kind of does its thing as I'm changing notes within it. But I can control with those notes are and still have the weird swings. So we're kind of trying like I'm always trying weird things, but I know that, like some of those plug ins, I just try them and I'm like, Okay, great. Well, there's a nice acapella track, but now I don't wanna put anything else around because there's so much going on.
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