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Lucifer goes to Church

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God in Black and White (The Podcast)
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Lucifer is finally going to church and the Devil is in Orbit
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I am Brother Joseph. Welcome back to another episode of Got In Black and White. The Podcast. It's been quite a while since my last installment, but then so many things have happened since then. It's been extremely difficult to determine just where to begin. The contents of these episodes are not and should not be determined by me. I am indeed only a messenger. I have had to wait for the purpose. Mm, Yeah. Would you? No, no, no, no. For me. Me. In my previous episodes, I've been concentrating on the fifth generation of radio frequency, and I've investigated it quite deeply. In the process, I've uncovered a multitude of lies in regard to our move into the future with the newly unleashed Internet. Of all things, I've concluded this evolution to be a tragic industrial revolution orchestrated by world governments and carried out by power hungry and greedy industrialists. You know the sort. I mean, groups and individual extroverts with a need to be looked upon as God they are the devil. They have destroyed this earth once before and they will do it again. Should they not be stopped? They're not bothered about consequences because they believe themselves to be from another planet somewhere else in our solar system and superior to everyone. They do believe this, you know, it is where he is really trying to conquer the very body of creation and all that is good in it, as he has vowed.