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The Maverick's star 22-year-old Luka Doncic is suffering from a neck strain, and Dallas is suffering with him. After taking a big loss to the Clippers in Game 4 Sunday night, will the Mav's be able to pull through and make it to the next round of the playoffs?
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cast. I'm joined now by steve, alexander, steve, what's going on man. Sunday was a it was a pretty wild day, we had a lot going on. The braves were rained out which actually kind of worked in our favor I think matt it took something off of our plate. But the Indy 500 was I'm from Indianapolis. It's a big deal for me and my family. And uh castro Castro neves won his fourth Indy 500 on NBC and it was pretty awesome. Pretty cool. Nice. Well yeah, I was also a pretty massive day of basketball. Big weekend of basketball as well. So let's dive into some of these playoff series steve and we'll start in the west. Let's get this one out of the way for you, shall we? The clippers Dusted the Mavs on Sunday Night, 106-81, for Kawhi Leonard on 11 of 15, shooting 20 for paul, George, 15 for Reggie Jackson, Luca dodges playing through a next strange shoots nine for 24 from the field over five from the free throw line, Stevie's 13 of 32 in the series from the stripe. And man, when we were talking on friday things were looking really good for your Dallas Mavericks steve and the clippers flipped some kind of switch and we suddenly have ourselves a series and we suddenly have ourselves some very restless and I would say nervous Dallas Mavericks fans yourself included. I think that's fair Lucas neck thing is a little scary, clearly is bothering him. If you watch the game, he was wincing the whole time, you could tell he was in some pain and the clippers are better. They're a better team than they showed in those first two games. And Dallas probably isn't as good of a team as they showed in those first two games. I think that was a kind of a case of you saw the best the Mavericks could play, you really saw the worst the clippers could play in those two games and the clippers would come back and made it a tied up series. So that game was disappointing for me as a Luca mavs guy. You know, my buddy, Zach was over here. We sat, I sat in this chair, we had the big screen fired up after a long day of basketball in the race and everything and we were all set to finish off the evening with that and it it really wasn't even worth watching. And by the end of by the end of it we had actually turned off the game and turned on the Tiger Woods documentary. So yeah. Well yeah, I mean, you know, it's a rough night for Dallas when their best highlight may have been Boban marjanovic getting the mop and knocking the basketball out when it was stuck by the shot clock. I don't know if you're still watching at that point steve but A notable moment there for Dallas. Kwai, Leonard is 24 for 32 the last two games. Nicolas Batum into the starting lineup seems to have been a big, big move for the club.