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Danny Gonzalez Spends $13K on a YouTube Ads: GONE WRONG!

From Audio: #213 - Danny Gonzalez
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Last Played: October 15, 2021
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Hila and Ethan Klein talk Danny Gonzalez's legendary video and experiment where he tries to see how to make the best YouTube ad. The twist? Danny was inspired by the strange Instagram game ads he covers in his very videos. Ads are where YouTubers make their money, after all, but what kind of person even clicks on them?
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Um my favorite video of yours is when you spent $13,000 on ads promoting your channel and you gained 40 subscribers. That was fucking awesome. Yeah, that's pretty epic. Um total, Great, great use of money. $325 per subscriber. That makes me wonder about how someone like Tai Lopez, I guess he's selling a product and get like a whole thing, but I just wonder, it just makes me think, how do people make money doing that? Because when I do the ads on Youtube, I bounce the fuck out immediately. I know, yeah, that's something I didn't really think about before. I made that video, but it's like, I don't think I've ever clicked on a Youtube ad. Once ever ever or like even an instagram ad or anything like that, because that's the reason I made them because of those instagram game ads. And it's like, I don't know, well, I don't know what kind of person you have to be to click on them, but I don't think I've ever met anyone like that. So I don't know how that works there out there apparently, because there, I mean, thank God they're out there because we're all making money because of them, you know what I mean? But damn, it's a good point. Have any of you guys ever, I mean, there's a bunch of people on the call. Have any of you guys ever seen anything and clicked ever. Like I sometimes you see a car commercial and you're like, cool Lincoln. I would never buy Lincoln, No, but there have been adds that like I'll watch all the way through because I'm like, oh, this is an interesting ad. But then the second it's over, I'm like, okay, I forget about it immediately. They got you. Then they got you. But he made this video where he was like, uh, he's like week one normal dude, week to cool dude, week three wizard trying to get people to sign up. That was the worst performing one, right? Yes, I think so. So I think that one was the worst and then was the second one, the like the normal one and then the one that performed the best, me spanking myself, thinking himself aggressively on a green screen. So that one of the best was the test was like, so I do a series about like bad instagram ads and like, I'm sure you guys have seen like bad game ads where they're just like the weirdest phrasing and like really graphic stuff to try to get you to download the game. So I was like, I'm gonna make two ads that are really weird and one that is like a, just a genuine ad for my channel and see which one does better. And yeah, one where I'm just like spanking myself that's me on a green screen. I'm spanking myself and the version of me that's getting spanked as begging the viewer to please subscribe to my channel to make him stop spanking me and that one that one did perform the best I think because people were just so shocked that they were like, I got to click on this guy's channel to figure out what else is his content is about. I would almost because you were running that for like a long time. I would almost be embarrassed because you're like, I want you to know why I'm doing this, but you won't find out for a little bit Because he was starting to get a bunch of people being like, fuck this guy, fuck these ads. The ads were going out to millions of people. He only got 40 subscribers from it. That was crazy. Yeah, it was all I do feel like there's a good chunk of like Youtube's viewership that will never watch my videos forever because they just like I also people you lost like Yeah, that's interesting. Yeah, I think that video did pretty well. I made up for it in subscribers because a lot of people saw the video that never saw the ads. But I do have to wonder about the people that saw that video saw the ads and like, we'll never fuck with me again. Yeah. Which is, you know, kind of ironic since you're actually just paying their favorite creators so that they can continue doing it. But I know and I got a lot of comments to that were like, stop giving me ads. I don't want any more ads on Youtube. And it's like, well, you know that if it wasn't my ad it would just be somebody else, right? I'm not in control of all ads on Youtube. But it's so interesting. You can actually buy Mendham for like, I do wonder how much Ty Lopez spent, but for what? 100 you spent like $13,000. If you spend $100,000 on just blasting your video out to everybody on youtube, you become a total meat, like an international meme 100,000 best marketing ever by Lopez. Yeah, we'll talk about that guy. I wonder how that worked out for him. I feel like, I mean he must have made a good amount of, he was like selling a program or something right About it. He just bought, he just bought Pier one. You know Pierre 1? They Went bankrupt. He bought the whole company for 31 million. Yeah, he's doing good. Did I just go to Pier 1? Ty Lopez owns Pier one. I Went to some core store that was going out of business. I think it was peer one. However, not heard of that. It's just the weirdest shit ever. I mean I talked about it with Cody. Oh and he's like, I don't know how that's gonna work out for him but he thinks it's a great weight. So that's outdoor furniture. What is it? What the pier one cell like bullshit. Just a bunch of crap. It was just like interior just furniture. Yeah, it's like one of those stories you walk in and just a bunch of crap everywhere and you walk through and you're like a candy cane with candy canes in a actually, I'm not. So I just went to pier one. I'm pretty sure that that boat, that little same thing and that picture frame right there. There you go. That's exactly what I would expect to find the Caroline because we just went there because it's going out of business. So we were like, let's clean up. Yeah, I still haven't put a picture in the picture frame, but I think it's a nice friend.
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