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Mark Suster does not like Google UX.. or SEO??!!!

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We respectfully disagree here at vurbl. We are making audio FINDABLE in a way its never been findable on google search - and we provide a GREAT result :).
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fooling yourself. If I could say so. Does Google do what's best for the user? Bullshit. You know? Shit. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Let's answer that question. What Google does is they optimize ads so that you can't find what you really want to find anymore or in S e o. You click on someone who's nothing more than an aggregator for themselves to make money. And I will tell you this story, which is like, anything I go to find any product I go to find. I go to find, you know, I wanna find, like, nutrition products or I wanna find you know, what is the best biking shorts or I wanna find, like anything that I'm interested in and I click on it is some damn version of like someone who aggregate six other e commerce sites and then has a click referral to that so they could make my can't find like it's not a good user experience. Google is not good honestly, to the user at all. There are optimized around how they make the most money for their shareholders in themselves. I love Google, but but you need to be honest about what it is. Well, you know, my pushback there is I can't speak to your bike shorts or really to the past, you know, decades go to find a hotel, go to find, like, a flight, go to find a doctor, go to find go find any category and tell me if you really find it on Google. But I sat in there for 10 years, and it has become the Kool Aid drinking the Kool Aid and watching the decisions and pitching products and saying to Patrick, who at the time was our CFO. And, you know, I haven't been there since Ruth's been there, and I've heard things have changed. And but, you know, I pitch projects to Patrick, and I remember really well and this is not, you know, the e commerce. But it was the Arab spring, and during the Arab spring they had shut off access to satellite TV and they shut off access to the Internet. They restored access to the Internet, but no one could get their news from satellite TV. We're going to start streaming Al Jazeera, you know, on the Internet, which hadn't really been done before, and Patrick bless his heart was just like, Look, I was like, It's got tons of costs, no revenues. And he's like this company. Need to think of it as half movement, half public company. And, like I heard that over and over. And like, I greatly admire Google. I greatly admire them as a company, and I think they have the best and brightest people out there. So you have no pushback from me. But to pretend that their goal is really to benefit the user, I think is misguided. If you were the you know, the king and waving your magic wand toe mix metaphors.